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List of Washington state agencies

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Title: List of Washington state agencies  
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Subject: Law of Washington, State highways in Washington, Elections in Washington (state), Index of Washington-related articles, 194th Regional Support Wing
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List of Washington state agencies

This List of Washington State agencies, departments, and commissions is a list of the more than 190 state government agencies, departments, and commissions.

The main administrative departments are the:[1]

Others include:

  • Accountancy, State Board of(WBOA)
  • Administrative Hearings, Office of(OAH)
  • Actuary, Office of the State(OSA)
  • African-American Affairs, Washington State Commission on(CAA)
  • Aging & Long Term Care of Eastern Washington (ALTCEW)
  • Agriculture, Department of(AGR)
  • Air National Guard (WAANG)
  • Apple Commission (APPLE)
  • Archaeology & Historic Preservation, Department of (DAHP)
  • Architects, Board of Registration for (BRA)
  • Army National Guard (WAARNG)
  • Arts Commission, Washington State (ARTS)
  • Asian Pacific American Affairs, State of Washington Commission on (CAPAA)
  • Asparagus Commission (ASPAR)
  • Attorney General, Office of the (ATG)
  • Audit and Review Committee, Joint Legislative (JLARC)
  • Auditor, Washington State (SAO)
  • Aviation, Department of Transportation (DOTA)
  • Beef Commission (BEEF)
  • Biodiversity Council (BDC)
  • Blind, Department of Services for the (DSB)
  • Blind, Washington State School for the (WSSB)
  • Blueberry Commission (BLUE)
  • Building Code Council, State (SBCC)
  • Caseload Forecast Council, State of Washington (CFC)
  • Center for Childhood Deafness and Hearing Loss, Washington State (WSD)
  • Citizens Commission on Salaries for Elected Officials, Washington (SALARIES)
  • Civil Legal Aid, Office of (OCLA)
  • Code Reviser Statute Law Committee (SLC)
  • Columbia River Gorge Commission (CRG)
  • Combined Fund Drive (CFD)
  • Commerce, Department of (COM)
  • Community & Technical Colleges, State Board for (SBCTC)
  • Conservation Commission, State (SCC)
  • Corrections, Department of (DOC)
  • County Road Administration Board (CRAB)
  • Court of Appeals(COA)
  • Courts, Administrative Office of the (AOC)
  • Criminal Justice Training Commission, Washington State (CJTC)
  • Dairy Products Commission (DAIRY)
  • Deaf and Hard of Hearing, Office of the (ODHH)
  • Developmental Disabilities Council (DDC)
  • Disability Issues and Employment, Governor's Committee on(GCDE)
  • Early Learning, Department of(DEL)
  • Ecology, Department of (ECY)
  • Economic and Revenue Forecast Council(ERFC)
  • Economic Development Commission(WEDC)
  • Economic Development Finance Authority(WEDFA)
  • Education Research and Data Center(ERDC)
  • Education, State Board of(SBE)
  • Emergency Management Division(EMD)
  • Employment Security, Department of (ESD)
  • Energy Facility Site Evaluation Council(EFSEC)
  • Engineers and Land Surveyors, Board of Registration for(BRELS)
  • Environmental Hearings Office (EHO)
  • Executive Ethics Board (ETHICS)
  • Expenditure Limit Committee (ELC)
  • Extension Energy Program (ENERGY)
  • Family Policy Council (FPC)
  • Financial Institutions, Department of (DFI)
  • Financial Management, Office of (OFM)
  • Fish and Wildlife, Department of (DFW)
  • Forest Practices Appeals Board (FPAB)
  • Forest Practices Board (FPB)
  • Freight Mobility Strategic Investment Board (FMSIB)
  • Fruit Commission (FRUIT)
  • Gambling Commission, Washington State (WSGC)
  • General Administration, Department of (GA)
  • Geographic Information Council, Washington State (WAGIC)
  • Geographic Names, Washington State Board on (WBGN)
  • Governor, Office of the (GOVERNOR)
  • Governor's Office of Indian Affairs (GOIA)
  • Grain Commission (WGC)
  • Growth Management Hearings Boards (GMBH)
  • Hardwoods Commission (WHC)
  • Health Care Authority, Washington State (HCA)
  • Health Care Facilities Authority (WHCFA)
  • Health, Department of (DOH)
  • Health, Washington State Board of (SBOH)
  • Higher Education Coordinating Board (HECB)
  • Higher Education Facilities Authority (WHEFA)
  • Hispanic Affairs, Washington State Commission on (CHA)
  • Historical Society, Eastern Washington State (WSHSEAST)
  • History Museum, State (WSHS)
  • Home Care Referral Registry (HCRR)
  • Horse Racing Commission, Washington State (WHRC)
  • House of Representatives, Washington State (HOUSE)
  • Housing Finance Commission (WSHFC)
  • Human Rights Commission (HRC)
  • Hydraulics Appeals Board (HAB)
  • Indeterminate Sentence Review Board (SRB)
  • Industrial Insurance Appeals, Board of (BIIA)
  • Information Services, Department of (DIS)
  • Insurance Commissioner, Office of the(OIC)
  • Investment Board, Washington State (SIB)
  • Jail Industries Board(JIB)
  • Joint Transportation Committee (JTC)
  • Judicial Conduct, Commission on(CJC)
  • K-20 Education Network (K20)
  • Labor and Industries, Department of (LNI)
  • Labor Relations Office (LABOR)
  • Land Commissioner, Office of the (CPL)
  • Land Use Study Commission(LANDUSE)
  • Landscape Architects, Board of Registration for (BRLA)
  • Law Enforcement Officers and Fire Fighters' Plan 2 Retirement Board (LEOFF)
  • Law Library, State (SLL)
  • Legislative Ethics Board (LEB)
  • Legislative Evaluation and Accountability Program Committee (LEAP)
  • Legislature Customer Service Center (LEGCS)
  • Legislature, State (LEG)
  • Library, State (LIB)
  • Licensing, Department of (DOL)
  • Lieutenant Governor, Office of(LTGOV)
  • Liquor Control Board (LIQ)
  • Lottery,Washington State (LOTTERY)
  • Marine Employees Commission(MAR)
  • Medical Quality Assurance Commission(MQAC)
  • Military Department (MIL)
  • Minority and Justice Commission, State (MJC)
  • Minority and Women's Business Enterprises, Office of (OMWBE)
  • Monitoring Salmon Recovery and Watershed Health, Forum on (MSRWH)
  • National and Community Service, Commission for (WCNCS)
  • Natural Resources, Department of (DNR)
  • Northwest Cherries (CHERRY)
  • Northwest Indian Fisheries Commission (NWIFC)
  • Northwest Power and Conservation Council (NPCC)
  • Ombudsman, Office of the Education (OEO)
  • Ombudsman, Office of the Family and Children's (OFCO)
  • Ombudsman, Open Government (OGO)
  • Parks and Recreation Commission, State (PARKS)
  • Pension Policy, Select Committee on (SCPP)
  • Personnel Resources Board (PRB)
  • Personnel, Department of (DOP)
  • Pesticide Registration, State Commission on (WSCPR)
  • Pharmacy, Board of (BOP)
  • Pilotage Commissioners, Board of (PILOTAGE)
  • Pollution Control Hearings Board (PCHB)
  • Pollution Liability Insurance Agency, Washington State (PLIA)
  • Potato Commission (POTATO)
  • Printing, Department of (PRT)
  • Productivity Board (PB)
  • Professional Educator Standards Board (PESB)
  • Psychology, Board of (PSYCH)
  • Public Defense, Office of (OPD)
  • Public Deposit Protection Commission (PDPC)
  • Public Disclosure Commission (PDC)
  • Public Employees Benefits Board Program (PEBB)
  • Public Employment Relations Commission (PERC)
  • Public Instruction, Office of Superintendent of (OSPI)
  • Public Policy, Washington State Institute for (WSIPP)
  • Public Works Board (PWB)
  • Puget Sound Partnership (PSP)
  • Real Estate Appraiser Commission (REAC)
  • Real Estate Commission (REC)
  • Recreation and Conservation Office (RCO)
  • Red Raspberry Commission (RASP)
  • Redistricting Committee, State (RDC)
  • Regulatory Assistance, Office of (ORA)
  • Retirement Systems, Department of (DRS)
  • Revenue, Department of (DOR)
  • Salaries for Elected Officials, Citizens Commission on (WCCSEO)
  • Salmon Recovery Funding Board (SRFB)
  • Salmon Recovery Office, Governor's (GSRO)
  • School Directors' Association, State (WSSDA)
  • Secretary of State, Office of the (SECSTATE)
  • Seed Potato Commission (SEED)
  • Senate, Washington State (SENATE)
  • Sentencing Guidelines Commission (SGC)
  • Shorelines Hearings Board (SHB)
  • Social and Health Services, Department of (DSHS)
  • Spokane Intercollegiate Research & Technology Institute (SIRTI)
  • State Convention & Trade Center (CTC)
  • State Fire Marshal, Office of the (FIRE)
  • State Patrol, Washington (WSP)
  • Substance Abuse, Governor's Council on (CSA)
  • Supreme Court(SC)
  • Tax Appeals, Board of (BTA)
  • Tax Preferences, Citizen Commission for Performance Measurement of (PMTP)
  • Tobacco Settlement Authority(TOB)
  • Traffic Records Committee (TRC)
  • Traffic Safety Commission (WTSC)
  • Transportation Commission, State (STC)
  • Transportation Improvement Board (TIB)
  • Transportation, Department of (DOT)
  • Treasurer, Office of the State (OST)
  • Tree Fruit Research Commission (TREE)
  • TVW, Public Affairs Network (TVW)
  • Utilities and Transportation Commission (UTC)
  • Veterans Affairs, Department of (DVA)
  • Volunteer Firefighters & Reserve Officers, Board for (BVFF)
  • Washington Wellness (WW)
  • Wine Commission (WINE)
  • Workforce Training and Education Coordinating Board (WFTECB)


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