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List of Wings of the Royal Air Force

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Title: List of Wings of the Royal Air Force  
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Subject: RAF Southrop, RAF Windrush, Abu Suwayr Air Base, RAF Blenheim Crescent, RAF Chedworth
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List of Wings of the Royal Air Force

Wings within the Royal Air Force have both administrative and tactical applications. Over the years, the structure and role of wings has changed to meet the demands placed on the RAF. Many of the RAF's numbered wings were originally Royal Flying Corps units.

Wings can be found at every station in the RAF and also abroad, deployed on operations.

Wings by number

No. 1 Wing - No. 99 Wing

Wing Date of establishment Date of disestablishment Notes
No. 1 Wing RAF 29 November 1914 Originally Royal Flying Corps
No. 2 Wing RAF 29 November 1914 Originally Royal Flying Corps
No. 3 Wing RAF 1 March 1915 Originally Royal Flying Corps
No. 4 Wing RAF 29 November 1914 Originally Royal Flying Corps
No. 5 Wing RAF 29 November 1914 1966 Originally Royal Flying Corps
No. 6 Wing RAF 20 August 1915 Originally Royal Flying Corps
No. 34 Expeditionary Air Wing (EAW (ISTAR) RAF Waddington)
No. 38 Expeditionary Air Wing (EAW (Air Transport) RAF Lyneham)
No. 39 Wing RAF
No. 40 Wing RAF 5 October 1917 1 April 1920
No. 41 Wing RAF 11 October 1917 15 February 1919
No. 42 Wing RAF
No. 43 Wing RAF
No. 44 Wing RAF
No. 45 Wing RAF
No. 46 Wing RAF
No. 47 Wing RAF
No. 48 Wing RAF
No. 49 Wing RAF
No. 50 Wing RAF Army Co-operation in France 1939-40 - No.s 4, 13, and 16 Squadrons flying Westland Lysanders.[1]
No. 51 Wing RAF
No. 52 Wing RAF October 1939 May 1940
No. 53 Wing RAF
No. 54 Wing RAF
No. 55 Wing RAF
No. 56 Wing RAF
No. 57 Wing RAF
No. 58 Wing RAF
No. 59 Wing RAF
No. 60 Wing RAF
No. 61 Wing RAF
No. 62 Wing RAF
No. 63 Wing RAF
No. 64 Wing RAF
No. 65 Wing RAF
No. 66 Wing RAF
No. 67 Wing RAF
No. 68 Wing RAF
No. 69 Wing RAF
No. 70 Wing RAF in September 1939, comprised Nos. 18 and 57 Squadrons at RAF Upper Heyford as part of No. 2 Group RAF
No. 71 Wing RAF
No. 72 Wing RAF
No. 73 Wing RAF
No. 74 Wing RAF
No. 75 Wing RAF when with the RAF Advanced Air Striking Force in May 1940, consisted of No. 88 Squadron RAF at Mourmelon, No. 103 Squadron RAF at Betheniville, and No. 208 Squadron RAF at Auberive, all three equipped with Fairey Battles.
No. 76 Wing RAF
No. 77 Wing RAF
No. 78 Wing RAF Chain Home technical control wing at RAF Ashburton in Devon.[2]
No. 79 Wing RAF
No. 80 (Signals) Wing RAF [3]
No. 81 Wing RAF
No. 82 Wing RAF
No. 83 Wing RAF the Wing consisted of Nos 107 and 110 Squadrons flying Bristol Blenheims from RAF Wattisham, forming part of No. 2 Group RAF at the outbreak of the Second World War
No. 84 Wing RAF
No. 85 Wing RAF HQ, 85 Wing was at Uetersen, Germany from 1 September 1947 – 31 October 1948.
No. 86 Wing RAF
No. 87 Wing RAF
No. 88 Wing RAF
No. 89 Wing RAF
No. 90 Wing RAF
No. 91 Wing RAF
No. 96 Wing RAF

No. 100 Wing - No. 199 Wing

No. 200 Wing - No. 299 Wing

No. 300 Wing - No. 499 Wing

(a) 14/9/42 - 30/6/43 - (Naval Co-operation) (b) 25/8/43 - 12/8/44 - (General Reconnaissance)links (c) 1 Apr 2006 - c.2009(?) - Expeditionary Air Wing - RAF Kinloss - Maritime Patrol and Surveillance

No. 500 Wing - No. 999 Wing

Expeditionary Air Wings

Formed 1 April 2006, Expeditionary Air Wing (EAW) are found at the following RAF Flying Stations and other airfields:

Force Protection Wings

Formed from RAF Regiment field squadrons, Force Protection (FP) Wings are responsible for defending aircraft and personnel whilst deployed on operations. the overarching Force Protection Force HQ is located at RAF Honington. Each FP Wg is parented by an RAF Station with whom it is usually deployed:

RAF Force Protection Wings were, until April 2004, were known as Tactical Survive To Operate Headquarters (Tac STO HQs).

Miscellaneous Wings

Station-based Wings

A typical Royal Air Force flying station (not training) will have the following integrated wing-based structure:

On a smaller RAF Station, these functions may be termed squadrons but their role is identical.

Specialised Station-based Wings

Some stations has Wings which are customised to their particular role with the RAF:

Tactical Wings

Wings termed 'Tactical' within the Royal Air Force provide are cohesive, specialised units that are usually found in DPM uniform.


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