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List of active military aircraft of the Philippines

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Title: List of active military aircraft of the Philippines  
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List of active military aircraft of the Philippines

Air Force

Aircraft Photo Origin Role Version Quantity Note
Trainer Aircraft
Lead in Trainer
Aermacchi S-211  Italy Light attack aircraft / Advanced trainer AS-211 3 (+2)[1] 25 aircraft, including one partially completed airframe for spare parts and 15 assembled locally by Philippine Aerospace Development Corporation.[2] Due to accidents, 13 remain in inventory. S.211 models were locally upgraded to AS-211 "Warrior" standard for ground-attack missions. Several more airframes stored, waiting for reactivation.[2]Three more will be reactivated as jet trainers - aimed at increasing the number of aerial assets needed to screen and train prospective FA-50 pilots.[1]
Aermacchi SF-260  Italy Light attack aircraft
Primary trainer
18 older SF.260M & SF.260W models (designated as "MP" and "WP" respectively) were retrofitted with the Allison 250-B17D turboprop engine and are configured for light attack.[3] 8 older trainer SF.260TPs from the 1990s are augmented with 18 new trainer SF-260Fs (designated "FH") in 2012.[4]
KAI FA-50 Fighting Eagle  South Korea Lead-in fighter trainer / Multirole Fighter FA-50PH 0 (+12) Contract signed on March 28, 2014. The first two of the FA-50 will be delivered after 18 months of the contract. The next two will be after 12 months of the first delivery. The remaining eight will be delivered in staggered basis after two months until 2017.[5]
North American Rockwell OV-10 Bronco  United States Light attack aircraft / Surveillance aircraft OV-10
6 in active service 6-8 for scraps and operational Some OV-10A were upgraded to OV-10M (SLEP) with four-bladed propellers.[6] Five OV-10Cs provided by Thailand in 2003-2004. Upgraded to deliver Paveway LGB. The last official count was 8,[7] but all are grounded since one unit met an accident June 2013.[8]
Transport Aircraft
EADS CASA C-295  Spain Medium lift aircraft CN295 0 (+3) 3 on order[9]
Fokker F27 Friendship  Netherlands VIP Transport
Maritime patrol aircraft
Medium tactical transport
7 aircraft still owned by PAF but only 3 remain active.[10]
Fokker F28 Fellowship  Netherlands VIP Transport Mk 3000 1 primary presidential aircraft[11][12]
GAF N-22 Nomad  Australia Light transport aircraft N-22B 3[13] 20 Nomads only 3 in service
IAe NC-212 Aviocar  Indonesia Light lift aircraft NC-212i 0 (+2) PT Air Indonesia (Persero) was awarded by the Philippine government a contract for the procurement of two aircraft NC212i.[14]
Lockheed C-130 Hercules  United States Heavy tactical transport aircraft C-130B
0 (+2)
1 C-130B and 2 C-130Hs.[15] The US will be donating two units.[16] There are also plans to get 2 C-130Ts from the US Department of Defense.[17]
Surveillance Aircraft
Rockwell International Turbo Commander  United States Surveillance aircraft 690 1[15]
Trainer Aircraft
Cessna T-41 Mescalero  United States Primary pilot trainer T-41B
Fourteen T-41D, plus fifteen T-41B from South Korea added 2009[18]
Utility Aircraft
Cessna 210 Centurion  United States Light utility aircraft LC-210 1 Cloud seeding Aircraft[19]
Combat Helicopter
AgustaWestland AW109 Power  Italy Attack Helicopter / Armed Scout Helicopter AW-109E 0 (+8) The contract is signed on October 30, 2013.[20] Deliveries will start in 2014.[21]
Bell UH-1 Iroquois  United States Combat utility helicopter UH-1H/V
Huey II
50 (+9)
10 (+11)
Probably more units are active and at least 10 units are in storage for spares. PAF acquired license and was able to upgrade 2 units into Huey-2s in 2005. 46 units were counted to have been received by the PAF since the year 2000.[22] 4 Huey II units are delivered to the Air Force as of July 2014[23] and 3 more are expected to be delivered within the next months.
McDonnell Douglas MD 500 Defender  United States Scout / Light Attack Helicopter MD-520MG 25[15]
Search and Rescue Helicopter
Bell 205  United States Search and rescue helicopter 205A 8[15]
PZL W-3 Sokół  Poland SAR / Utility helicopter W-3A 7[24] Operated by the 505th Search and Rescue Group.[25]
Sikorsky S-76  United States Combat SAR helicopter & Air ambulance S-76A/AUH-76A 10[15] The PAF originally received 17 aircraft.
Transport Helicopter
Bell 412  United States VIP transport helicopter
Combat utility helicopter
412EP 5 (+3)
0 (+5)
5 aircraft are currently operated by the 250th Presidential Airlift Wing for VIP transport.[26] 8 units are ordered from Canada, 5 of which will be configured for combat utility operations with the remaining 3 to be configured for VIP transport.[27]
Sikorsky S-70 Black Hawk  United States VIP transport helicopter S-70A-5 1[28] Two delivered in 1984.


Aircraft Photo Origin Role Version Quantity Note
Fixed-wing Aircraft
Beechcraft Queen Air  United States Utility aircraft 3 [29]
Cessna 150  United States Utility aircraft 1
Cessna 172 Skyhawk  United States Utility aircraft 172L
Cessna 206  United States Utility aircraft 2
Cessna 421 Golden Eagle  United States Utility aircraft 421B 2 [29]


Unmanned Aerial Vehicles
Unmanned Aircraft System (UAS)  Philippines Small surveillance aircraft 2 The first drone is known as Raptor and the second drone is Knight Falcon.[30]

Coast Guard

Aircraft Photo Origin Role Version Quantity Note
Fixed-wing Aircraft
BN-2 Islander  United Kingdom Maritime patrol aircraft / Light transport aircraft 3
Eurocopter EC145  France Search and Rescue Helicopter 0(+2) On order[31]
MBB Bo 105  Germany Utility helicopter 2

Naval Air Group

Aircraft Photo Origin Role Version Quantity Note
Fixed-wing Aircraft
BN-2 Islander  United Kingdom Maritime patrol aircraft / Light transport aircraft BN-2A 6[15] more stored awaiting re-activation
Cessna 172 Skyhawk  United States Trainer aircraft 172F[32]
AgustaWestland AW109 Power  Italy Multi-purpose naval helicopter AW-109E 3 (+2)[33] Initially, 3 units arrived last December 10, 2013.[34] The 2 remaining armed versions are expected before the end of 2014.[35]
MBB Bo 105  Germany Utility helicopter Bo 105C 4[15] more stored awaiting re-activation
Robinson R22  United States Training helicopter R22 Beta II[32] 1[32]

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