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List of airports in Greece


List of airports in Greece

Map of Greek airports

This is a list of airports in Greece, grouped by type and sorted by location.

Greece, officially the Hellenic Republic, is a country in southeastern Europe, situated on the southern end of the Balkan Peninsula. It has land borders with Albania, the Republic of Macedonia and Bulgaria to the north, and Turkey to the east. The Aegean Sea lies to the east of mainland Greece, the Ionian Sea to the west and the Mediterranean Sea to the south.

Greece is divided into 13 regions (the official regional administrative divisions), including nine on the mainland and four island groups. The regions are further subdivided into 74 regional units. The country has a large number of islands (approximately 1,400, of which 227 are inhabited), including Crete, the Dodecanese, the Cyclades and the Ionian Islands among others.


ICAO location identifiers link to airport's page at Hellenic Civil Aviation Authority.

City served / Location Region ICAO IATA Airport name
ÿ International airports ÿ ÿ ÿ ÿ
Alexandroupoli East Macedonia and Thrace LGAL AXD Alexandroupolis International Airport "Dēmókritos/Democritus"
Athens / Spata Attica LGAV ATH Athens International Airport "Elefthérios Venizélos"
Chania (Souda) Crete LGSA CHQ Chania International Airport "Ioánnis Daskalogiánnis"
Corfu (Kerkira) Ionian Islands LGKR CFU Corfu Island International Airport "Ioánnis Kapodístrias"
Heraklion Crete LGIR HER Heraklion International Airport "Níkos Kazantzákis"
Kalamata Peloponnese LGKL KLX Kalamata International Airport "Captain Vassílis Constantakópoulos"
Kavala / Chrysoupoli East Macedonia and Thrace LGKV KVA Kavala International Airport "Mégas Aléxandros/Alexander the Great"
Kefalonia Ionian Islands LGKF EFL Kefalonia Island International Airport "Ánna Pollátou"
Kos South Aegean LGKO KGS Kos Island International Airport "Hippokrátēs/Hippocrates"
Lemnos North Aegean LGLM LXS Lemnos Island International Airport "Hēphaistos/Hephaestus"
Mytilene, Lesbos North Aegean LGMT MJT Mytilene Island International Airport "Odysséas Elýtis"
Rhodes South Aegean LGRP RHO Rhodes Island International Airport "Diagóras"
Samos North Aegean LGSM SMI Samos Island International Airport "Arístarchos ho Sámios/Aristarchus of Samos"
Thessaloniki / Mikra Central Macedonia LGTS SKG Thessaloniki International Airport "Makedonía/Macedonia"
Zakynthos Ionian Islands LGZA ZTH Zakynthos Island International Airport "Dionýsios Solomós"
ÿ National airports ÿ ÿ ÿ ÿ
Astypalaia South Aegean LGPL JTY Astypalaia Island National Airport "Panaghiá"
Chios North Aegean LGHI JKH Chios Island National Airport "Hómēros/Homer"
Ikaria North Aegean LGIK JIK Ikaria Island National Airport "Íkaros/Icarus"
Ioannina Epirus LGIO IOA Ioannina National Airport "Basileus Pýrrhos/King Pyrrhus"
Kalymnos South Aegean LGKY JKL Kalymnos Island National Airport "Pothaea"
Karpathos South Aegean LGKP AOK Karpathos Island National Airport "Ammopi"
Kastoria West Macedonia LGKA KSO Kastoria National Airport "Aristotélēs/Aristotle"
Kozani West Macedonia LGKZ KZI Kozani National Airport "Phílippos/Philip"
Kithira Attica LGKC KIT Kithira Island National Airport "Aléxandros Aristotélous Onássis"
Milos South Aegean LGML MLO Milos Island National Airport "Áfrodite"
Mykonos South Aegean LGMK JMK Mykonos Island National Airport "Dḗlos"
Naxos South Aegean LGNX JNX Naxos Island National Airport "Apóllōn/Apollo"
Paros South Aegean LGPA PAS Paros Island National Airport "Panteleou Paros Airport"
Patras / Araxos West Greece LGRX GPA Araxos National Airport "Agamémnon"
Preveza, Lefkada (Aktio) Epirus LGPZ PVK Aktion National Airport (Lefkada Airport)
Santorini (Thira) South Aegean LGSR JTR Santorini (Thira) Island National Airport "Zefyros"
Skiathos Thessaly LGSK JSI Skiathos Island National Airport "Aléxandros Papadiamántis"
Skyros Central Greece LGSY SKU Skyros Island National Airport "Aegéo"
Syros South Aegean LGSO JSY Syros Island National Airport "Dēmḗtrios Vikélas/Demetrius Vikelas"
Volos / Nea Anchialos Thessaly LGBL VOL Nea Anchialos National Airport (Volos Central Greece Airport)
ÿ Other public use airports ÿ ÿ ÿ ÿ
Kasos (Kassos) South Aegean LGKS KSJ Kassos Island Public Airport "Agia Marína"
Kastelorizo (Megisti) South Aegean LGKJ KZS Kastelorizo Island Public Airport "Megísti"
Karditsa Thessaly - - Karditsa Myrina Airfield "Myrina"
Leros South Aegean LGLE LRS Leros Island Public Airport "Dodekánisos"
Megara Attica LGMG --- Megara General Aviation Airport
Messolonghi Aetolia-Acarnania - - Messologi Airfield
Sitia Crete LGST JSH Sitia Public Airport "Vitséntzos Kornáros"
ÿ Military airports ÿ ÿ ÿ ÿ
Agrinio West Greece LGAG AGQ Agrinio Airport (now military)
Alexandreia Central Macedonia LGAX --- Alexandreia Airport
Amigdaleon, Kavala Central Macedonia LGKM --- Amigdaleon Airport
Andravida West Greece LGAD PYR Andravida Airport
Elefsina Attica LGEL --- Elefsis Airport
Larissa Thessaly LGLR LRA Larissa National Airport "Thessaly" (public until 1997, now military)
Marathon (Marathonas) Attica LGKN --- Kotroni Airport
Maritsa, Rhodes South Aegean LGRD --- Rhodes Maritsa Airport (public until 1977, now military)
Tanagra Central Greece LGTG --- Tanagra Airport
Tatoi, Decelea Attica LGTT --- Tatoi Airport
Tripoli Peloponnese LGTP --- Tripoli Airport
ÿ Closed airports ÿ ÿ ÿ ÿ
Athens, Hellinikon Attica LGAT ATH Ellinikon International Airport (closed in 2001)
Epitalio, Greece West Greece LGEP --- Epitalio Airport
Kalamata Peloponnese Triodos Airport (closed in 1970)
Kasteli, Heraklion Crete LGTL --- Kasteli Airport
Porto Cheli Peloponnese LGHL PKH Porto Cheli Airport (privately owned, closed in 2008)
Sedes, Thessaloniki Central Macedonia LGSD --- Sedes Airport
Sparti Peloponnese LGSP SPJ Sparti Airport
Stefanovikio Thessaly LGSV --- Stefanovikio Airport
ÿ Planned airports ÿ ÿ ÿ ÿ
Herakleion, Crete Crete ? ? Herakleion-Kastelli International Airport (planned)

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