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List of airports in Japan


List of airports in Japan

Aircraft at Terminal 3 of Fukuoka Airport

This is a list of airports in Japan, grouped by classification and sorted by location.

Japan is an island country in East Asia. Located in the Pacific Ocean, Japan lies to the east of China, North Korea, South Korea, Russia, and the Sea of Japan, stretching from the Sea of Okhotsk in the north to the East China Sea and Taiwan in the south. Japan is an archipelago of 6,852 islands. The four largest islands, accounting for 97% of the land area, are Honshū, Hokkaidō, Kyūshū and Shikoku. The capital of Japan is Tokyo. As of February 2012, Japan had 98 total airports, with 28 operated by the central government, and 67 by local governments.[1]


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Airport classifications

In Japan, airports serving civil aviation routes are governed by the Aeronautical Law for safety purposes, by the Noise Prevention Law for noise prevention purposes and by the Airport Development Law for economic development purposes.[2] The latter law groups such airports into four legal classifications:[3]

  • Hub/First Class airports (拠点空港) serve a hub role in domestic or international transportation. They are subdivided into privately managed airports (the three largest international airports), national airports (run by the central government) and special regional airports (hubs run by prefectural or municipal governments).
  • Regional/Second Class airports (地方管理空港) are other prefectural/municipal airports that the central government deems important to national aviation.
  • Joint-use/Third Class airports (共用空港) are those shared between civil aviation and the Japan Self-Defense Forces.
  • Other airports (その他の空港) fall outside the above categories.

Some airports in Japan do not fall under the scope of the Japanese airport statutes. These include the three major U.S. military air bases in Japan (Kadena Air Base, MCAS Iwakuni and Yokota Air Base) and certain smaller aerodromes for firefighting, corporate or other special purposes.[2] In 2001, the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries, which receives 20% of the public-works construction budget, commenced a scheme to build airfields predominantly for airlifting vegetables. Kasaoka Airfield was one of nine airfields constructed; however it was later determined that flying vegetables to Okayama from Kasaoka took just as long due to loading and unloading, and cost approximately six times as much as road transport.


Airport names shown in bold indicate the airport has scheduled service on commercial airlines.
Municipality Prefecture Island ICAO IATA Airport name Coordinates
Izumisano / Tajiri / Sennan Osaka Honshū RJBB KIX Kansai International Airport
Narita Chiba Honshū RJAA NRT Narita International Airport
Tokoname Aichi Honshū RJGG NGO Chūbu International Airport (Centrair)
Ōta Tokyo Honshū RJTT HND Tokyo International Airport (Haneda)
Toyonaka / Ikeda / Itami Osaka / Hyōgo Honshū RJOO ITM Osaka International Airport (Itami)
Akita Akita Honshū RJSK AXT Akita Airport
Asahikawa Hokkaidō Hokkaidō RJEC AKJ Asahikawa Airport
Chitose Hokkaidō Hokkaidō RJCC CTS New Chitose Airport
Fukuoka Fukuoka Kyūshū RJFF FUK Fukuoka Airport
Hakodate Hokkaidō Hokkaidō RJCH HKD Hakodate Airport
Higashine Yamagata Honshū RJSC GAJ Yamagata Airport
Kirishima Kagoshima Kyūshū RJFK KOJ Kagoshima Airport
Kitakyūshū Fukuoka Kyūshū RJFR KKJ Kitakyūshū Airport
Kunisaki Ōita Kyūshū RJFO OIT Oita Airport
Kushiro Hokkaidō Hokkaidō RJCK KUH Kushiro Airport
Mashiki Kumamoto Kyūshū RJFT KMJ Kumamoto Airport
Matsuyama Ehime Shikoku RJOM MYJ Matsuyama Airport
Mihara Hiroshima Honshū RJOA HIJ Hiroshima Airport
Miyazaki Miyazaki Kyūshū RJFM KMI Miyazaki Airport
Naha Okinawa Okinawa ROAH OKA Naha Airport/Naha Air Base
Nankoku Kōchi Shikoku RJOK KCZ Kōchi Airport
Natori Miyagi Honshū RJSS SDJ Sendai Airport
Niigata Niigata Honshū RJSN KIJ Niigata Airport
Obihiro Hokkaidō Hokkaidō RJCB OBO Tokachi-Obihiro Airport (Obihiro)
Ōmura Nagasaki Kyūshū RJFU NGS Nagasaki Airport
Takamatsu Kagawa Shikoku RJOT TAK Takamatsu Airport
Ube Yamaguchi Honshū RJDC UBJ Yamaguchi Ube Airport
Wakkanai Hokkaidō Hokkaidō RJCW WKJ Wakkanai Airport
Yao Osaka Honshū RJOY Yao Airport
Aguni Okinawa Aguni RORA AGJ Aguni Airport
Amami Kagoshima Amami Ōshima RJKA ASJ Amami Airport
Aomori Aomori Honshū RJSA AOJ Aomori Airport
Gotō / Fukue Nagasaki Fukue RJFE FUJ Fukue Airport
Hachijō Tokyo Hachijōjima RJTH HAC Hachijojima Airport
Hanamaki Iwate Honshū RJSI HNA Hanamaki Airport
Harue Fukui Honshū RJNF FKJ Fukui Airport
Hikawa Shimane Honshū RJOC IZO Izumo Airport
Ie Okinawa Iejima RORE IEJ Iejima Airport
Iki Nagasaki Iki RJDB IKI Iki Airport
Ishigaki Okinawa Ishigaki ROIG ISG New Ishigaki Airport
Izu Ōshima Tokyo Izu Ōshima RJTO OIM Oshima Airport
Kawasoe Saga Kyūshū RJFS HSG Saga Airport
Kikai Kagoshima Kyūshū RJKI KKX Kikai Airport
Kita Akita Akita Honshū RJSR ONJ Odate-Noshiro Airport
Kitadaitō Okinawa Kitadaitō RORK KTD Kitadaito Airport
Kobe Hyōgo Honshū RJBE UKB Kobe Airport
Kōzushima Tokyo Kōzushima RJAZ Kōzushima Airport
Kumejima Okinawa Kumejima ROKJ UEO Kumejima Airport
Makinohara / Shimada Shizuoka Honshū RJNS FSZ Shizuoka Airport
Masuda Shimane Honshū RJOW IWJ Iwami Airport
Matsumoto Nagano Honshū RJAF MMJ Matsumoto Airport
Memanbetsu Hokkaidō Hokkaidō RJCM MMB Memanbetsu Airport
Minamidaitō Okinawa Minamidaitō ROMD MMD Minami-Daito Airport (New Minamidaito)
Miyakojima Okinawa Shimojishima RORS SHI Shimojishima Airport
Miyakojima Okinawa Miyakojima ROMY MMY Miyako Airport
Miyakejima Tokyo Miyakejima RJTQ MYE Miyakejima Airport
Monbetsu Hokkaidō Hokkaidō RJEB MBE Monbetsu Airport (Okhotsk-Monbetsu)
Nakashibetsu Hokkaidō Hokkaidō RJCN SHB Nakashibetsu Airport
Niijima Tokyo Niijima RJAN Niijima Airport
Ojika Nagasaki Ojika RJDO Ojika Airport (Nagasaki Ojika)
Okayama Okayama Honshū RJOB OKJ Okayama Airport
Okinoshima Shimane Dōgo RJNO OKI Oki Airport
Okushiri Hokkaidō Okushiri RJEO OIR Okushiri Airport
Rebun Hokkaidō Rebun RJCR RBJ Rebun Airport
Rishirifuji Hokkaidō Rishiri RJER RIS Rishiri Airport
Sado Niigata Sado RJSD SDS Sado Airport
Sakata Yamagata Honshū RJSY SYO Shonai Airport
Shinkamigoto Nagasaki Kyūshū RJDK Kamigoto Airport
Shirahama Wakayama Honshū RJBD SHM Nanki-Shirahama Airport
Taketomi Okinawa Hateruma RORH HTR Hateruma Airport
Tamakawa Fukushima Honshū RJSF FKS Fukushima Airport
Tanegashima Kagoshima Kyūshū RJFG TNE New Tanegashima Airport
Tarama Okinawa Tarama RORT TRA Tarama Airport
Tokunoshima Kagoshima Kyūshū RJKN TKN Tokunoshima Airport
Tottori Tottori Honshū RJOR TTJ Tottori Airport
Toyama Toyama Honshū RJNT TOY Toyama Airport
Tsushima Nagasaki Tsushima RJDT TSJ Tsushima Airport
Wadomari Kagoshima Kyūshū RJKB OKE Okinoerabu Airport
Wajima Ishikawa Honshū RJNW NTQ Noto Airport
Yakushima Kagoshima Yakushima RJFC KUM Yakushima Airport
Yonaguni Okinawa Yonaguni ROYN OGN Yonaguni Airport
Yoron Kagoshima Yoronjima RORY RNJ Yoron Airport
Zamami Okinawa Fukaji ROKR KJP Kerama Airport
Amakusa Kumamoto Kyūshū RJDA Amakusa Airfield
Bungo-ōno Ōita Kyūshū ROIT Oitakenou Airfield
Chōfu Tokyo Honshū RJTF Chofu Airport
Hiroshima Hiroshima Honshū RJBH HIW Hiroshima-Nishi Airport
Komatsu Ishikawa Honshū RJNK KMQ Komatsu Airport
Makurazaki Kagoshima Kyūshū Makurazaki Airfield
Matsushige Tokushima Shikoku RJOS TKS Tokushima Airport
Minami Torishima Tokyo Honshū RJAM MUS Minami Torishima Airport
Misawa Aomori Honshū RJSM MSJ Misawa Airport / Misawa Air Base (USAF)
Nagoya Aichi Honshū RJNA NKM Nagoya Airfield / Komaki Air Base (JASDF)
Okayama Okayama Honshū RJBK Kōnan Airport (Kounan)
Okegawa Saitama Honshū Honda Airport
Sapporo Hokkaidō Hokkaidō RJCO OKD Okadama Airport (Sapporo Okadama)
Teshikaga Hokkaidō Hokkaidō Teshikaga Airfield
Toyooka Hyōgo Honshū RJBT TJH Tajima Airport
Yonago Tottori Honshū RJOH YGJ Miho-Yonago Airport
Military Airports
Asahikawa Hokkaidō Hokkaidō RJCA Asahikawa Air Field (JGSDF)
Ashiya Fukuoka Kyūshū RJFA Ashiya Air Field (JASDF)
Ayase Kanagawa Honshū RJTA NJA NAF Atsugi (US Navy / JMSDF)
Chitose Hokkaidō Hokkaidō RJCJ Chitose Air Base (JASDF)
Fussa Tokyo Honshū RJTY OKO Yokota Air Base (US Air Force)
Gifu Gifu Honshū RJNG Gifu Air Field (JASDF)
Ginowan Okinawa Okinawa ROTM MCAS Futenma (US Marine Corps)
Hachinohe Aomori Honshū RJSH Hachinohe Air Base (JMSDF)
Hamamatsu Shizuoka Honshū RJNH Hamamatsu Air Base (JASDF)
Hōfu Yamaguchi Honshū RJOF Hōfu Air Field (JASDF)
Iruma Saitama Honshū RJTJ Iruma Air Base (JASDF)
Ise Mie Honshū RJOE Akeno Air Field (JGSDF)
Iwakuni Yamaguchi Honshū RJOI MCAS Iwakuni (US Marine Corps)
Kamimine Saga Kyūshū RJDM Metabaru Air Field (JGSDF)
Kanoya Kagoshima Kyūshū RJFY Kanoya Air Field (JMSDF)
Kasaoka Okayama Honshū Kasaoka Airfield
Kasumigaura Ibaraki Honshū RJAK Kasumigaura Air Field (JGSDF)
Kisarazu Chiba Honshū RJTK Kisarazu Air Field (JGSDF)
Matsushima Miyagi Honshū RJST Matsushima Air Field (JASDF)
Mutsu Aomori Honshū RJSO Ōminato Air Field
Obihiro Hokkaidō Hokkaidō RJCT Tokachi Airfield (JGSDF) (formerly Obihiro Airport)[4]
Ogasawara Tokyo Honshū RJAW IWO North Field (Iwo Jima Air Base)
Okinawa Okinawa Okinawa RODN DNA Kadena Air Base (USAF)
Omitama Ibaraki Honshū RJAH Ibaraki Airport (Hyakuri Airfield) (JASDF)
Sendai Miyagi Honshū RJSU Kasuminome Air Field (JGSDF)
Shimofusa Chiba Honshū RJTL Shimofusa Air Base (JMSDF)
Shimonoseki Yamaguchi Honshū RJOZ Ozuki Air Field (JMSDF)
Shintomi Miyazaki Kyūshū RJFN Nyutabaru Air Base (JASDF)
Tachikawa Tokyo Honshū RJTC Tachikawa Airfield
Tateyama Chiba Honshū RJTE Tateyama Air Field (JMSDF)
Tsuiki Toyama Honshū RJFZ Tsuiki Air Field (JASDF)
Utsunomiya Tochigi Honshū RJTU Utsunomiya Air Field (JGSDF)
Yaizu Shizuoka Honshū RJNY Shizuhama Air Base (JASDF)
Ishigaki Okinawa Ishigaki ROIG ISG Ishigaki Airport (codes now used by New Ishigaki Airport)
Kokura Minami-ku Fukuoka Kyūshū RJFR KKJ Kokura Airport (codes now used by Kitakyūshū Airport)
Natsu Island Tokyo Natsu Yokosuka naval airfield


City served Prefecture Island ICAO Heliport name Operator Pad data Coordinates
Komatsushima Tokushima Shikoku RJOP Komatsushima Heliport JMSDF 85 ft (26 m) AMSL, 250 m × 45 m (820 ft × 148 ft), asphalt concrete
Kōtō Tokyo Honshū RJTI Tokyo Heliport Tokyo Municipal Government 16 ft (5 m) AMSL, 90 m × 30 m (295 ft × 98 ft), asphalt concrete
Maebashi Gunma Honshū RJTS Soumagahara Heliport JSDF-G 1,306 ft (398 m) AMSL, 500 m × 30 m (1,640 ft × 98 ft), asphalt concrete
Maizuru Kyoto Honshū RJBM Maizuru Heliport JMSDF 19 ft (6 m) AMSL, 400 m × 45 m (1,312 ft × 148 ft), asphalt concrete
Zama Kanagawa Honshū RJTR Camp Zama Kastner Army Heliport US Army 367 ft (112 m) AMSL, 457 m × 16 m (1,499 ft × 52 ft), asphalt

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