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List of airports in Kyrgyzstan


List of airports in Kyrgyzstan

This is a list of airports in Kyrgyzstan, sorted by location.


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Airport names shown in bold indicate the airport has scheduled service on commercial airlines. Out of 86 airports, aerodromes and landing strips ever built in Kyrgyzstan, only the ones with functioning runways are listed below.

City served Province (oblast) ICAO IATA Airport name Coordinates
Bishkek Chuy UCFM FRU (БИШ) Manas International Airport
Osh Osh UCFO OSS (ОШШ) Osh Airport
Jalal-Abad Jalal-Abad UAFJ (ДЖБ) Jalal-Abad Airport
Kazarman Jalal-Abad UAFZ (КЗМ) Kazarman Airport
Kerben Jalal-Abad UAFE (КРФ) Kerben Airport
Toktogul Jalal-Abad UAFX (ТГЛ) Toktogul Airport
Kanysh-Kiya Jalal-Abad - (КШЯ) Kanysh-Kiya Airport
Sakaldy Jalal-Abad - - Sakaldy (Dubar) Aerodrome
Batken Batken UAFB (БАТ) Batken Airport
Isfana Batken UAFI (ИФА) Isfana Airport
Kyzyl-Kiya Batken UAFS (КЫК) Kyzyl-Kiya Airport
Daroot-Korgon Osh - (ДКУ) Daroot-Korgon Airport
Aravan Osh - - Aravan Aerodrome
Madaniyat Osh - - Madaniyat Aerodrome
Yntymak Osh - - Yntymak Aerodrome
Osh (East) Osh - - Osh (East) Aerodrome
Naryn Naryn UAFN (НЫН) Naryn Airport
Talas Talas UAFT (ТЛС) Talas Airport
Pokrovka Talas - - Pokrovka Aerodrome
Tamchy Issyk-Kul UCFL (ИКУ) Tamchy Airport
Karakol Issyk-Kul UCFP (КПЖ) Karakol International Airport
Cholpon-Ata Issyk-Kul UAFG (ЧЛА) Cholpon-Ata Airport
Tamga Issyk-Kul UAFA (ТМГ) Tamga Airport
Tokmok Chuy UAFF (ТКМ) Tokmok Airport
Chatköl Chuy - - Chatköl Aerodrome
Kara-Balta Chuy - - Kara-Balta Aerodrome
Baytik Chuy - - Baytik Aerodrome
Prigorodnyi Chuy - - Prigorodnyi Aerodrome
Kant Chuy UAFW - Kant Air Base

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