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List of airports in Mongolia

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Title: List of airports in Mongolia  
Author: World Heritage Encyclopedia
Language: English
Subject: Dadal Airport, Khatgal Airport, Mandalgovi Airport, Khujirt Airport, Bulgan Airport, Khovd
Collection: Airports in Mongolia, Lists of Airports by Country, Mongolia Transport-Related Lists
Publisher: World Heritage Encyclopedia

List of airports in Mongolia

The entrance to Chinggis Khaan Airport

This is a list of airports in Mongolia, grouped by type and sorted by location.


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Airport names shown in bold indicate the airport has scheduled service on commercial airlines.
City served Province ICAO IATA Airport name Runway(s)
 International airport
Ulan Bator (capital) ZMUB ULN Chinggis Khaan International Airport
(formerly Buyant Ukhaa Airport)
14/32: 3100m x 60m, Asphalt
15/33: 2000m x 40m, Grass
 Domestic airports
Altai Govi-Altai ZMAT LTI Altai Airport 10/28: 2290m x 60m, Grass
Arvaikheer Övörhkangai ZMAH AVK Arvaikheer Airport 14/32: 2300m x 50m, Grass
Baruun-Urt Sükhbaatar ZMBU UUN Baruun-Urt Airport 18/36: 2200m x 50m, Grass
Baruunturuun Uvs Baruunturuun Airport 01/19: 2200m x 50m, Grass
Bayankhongor Bayankhongor ZMBH BYN Bayankhongor Airport 16L/34R: 2800m x 35m, Asphalt/Concrete
16R/34L: 2100m x 50m, Grass.
Bulgan Bulgan ZMBN UGA Bulgan Airport 13/31: 1900m x 50m, Grass
Bulgan, Khovd Khovd ZMBS HBU Bulgan Airport, Khovd 17/35: 1800m x 40m, Grass
Choibalsan Dornod ZMCD COQ Choibalsan Airport 12/30: 2600m x 40m, Concrete
Dadal Khentii ZMDA Dadal Airport 14/32: 1600m x 40m, Unpaved
Dalanzadgad Ömnögovi ZMDZ DLZ Dalanzadgad Airport 03/21: 2300m x 50m, Concrete
Uliastai Zavkhan ZMDN ULZ Donoi Airport 03/21: 2300m x 50m, Concrete
Kharkhorin Övörkhangai ZMHH KHR Kharkhorin Airport 01/19: 1800x x 50m, Grass
Khatgal Khövsgöl ZMHG n.a. Khatgal Airport 15/33: 2400m x 30m, Unpaved
Khovd Khovd ZMKD HVD Khovd Airport 16L/34R: 2850m x 49m, Asphalt/Concrete
16R/34L: 2000m x 50m, Grass
Khujirt Övörkhangai ZMHU HJT Khujirt Airport 09/27: 2200m x 60m, Grass
Mandalgovi Dundgovi ZMMG MXW Mandalgovi Airport 18/36: 1800m x 40m, Grass
Mörön Khövsgöl ZMMN MXV Mörön Airport 10L/28R: 2440m x 42m, Asphalt/Concrete
10R/28L: 2000m x 40m, Gravel
Ovoot Tolgoi / Nariin Sukhait Ömnögovi ZMGT n.a. Ovoot Airport 2220m x 30m, Concrete
Oyuu Tolgoi Ömnögovi ZMKB n.a. Khanbumbat Airport 15/33: 3250m x 45m, Concrete
Tavan Tolgoi Ömnögovi ZMTT n.a. Tavan Tolgoi Airport 2350m x 30m, Grass
Tosontsengel Zavkhaan ZMTL n.a. Tosontsengel Airport 10/28: 2400m x 50m, Grass
Tsetserleg Arkhangai ZMTG TSZ Tsetserleg Airport 14/32: 1650m x 35m, Grass
Ulaangom Uvs ZMUG ULO Ulaangom Airport 15/19: 1900m x 35m, Grass
Ölgii Bayan Ölgii ZMUL ULG Ölgii Airport 13/31: 2850m x 30m, Concrete
Öndörkhaan Khentii ZMUH UNR Öndörkhaan Airport 06/24: 1800m x 50m, Grass

Future airports

City served Province ICAO IATA Airport name Runway(s)
 International airport
Ulan Bator (capital) Khöshigt Valley Airport

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