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List of banks in Ethiopia

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Title: List of banks in Ethiopia  
Author: World Heritage Encyclopedia
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Subject: List of banks in Equatorial Guinea, List of banks in Eritrea, List of banks in Lesotho, List of banks in Swaziland, List of banks in Guinea-Bissau
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List of banks in Ethiopia

This is a list of banks in Ethiopia.[1]

Bank Name Web Site Year Est. No of Branches SWIFT Profit in EB (2013/14)
1 Abay Bank S.C. 2010 79 ABAYETAA 75,000,000.00
2 Addis International Bank 2011 18 ABSCETAA 60,000,000.00
3 Awash International Bank 1994 156 AWINETAA 861,000,000.00
4 Bank of Abyssinia 1996 103 ABYSETAA 351,300,000.00
5 Berhan International Bank 2010 46 BERHETAA 131,000,000.00
6 Bunna International Bank 2009 68 BUNAETAA 109,000,000.00
7 Commercial Bank of Ethiopia 1963 864[2] CBETETAA 9,700,000,000.00
8 Construction and Business Bank 1983 106 COUUETAA 110,000,000.00
9 Cooperative Bank of Oromia 2005 111[3] CBORETA 485,000,000.00
10 Dashen Bank 2003 141[4] DASHETAA 928,000,000.00
11 Debub Global Bank 2012 32 DEGAETAA 19,000,000.00
12 Development Bank of Ethiopia 1909 43 BEETETAA 491,000,000.00
13 Enat Bank 2013 7 ENATETAA 39,000,000.00
14 Lion International Bank 2006 60 LIBSETAA 128,000,000.00
15 Nib International Bank 1999 91 NIBIETTA 420,000,000.80
16 Oromia International Bank 2008 115 ORIRETAA 205,000,000.40
17 United Bank 1998 100[5] UNTDETAA 350,000,000.00
18 Wegagaen Bank 1997 98 WEGAETAA 394 ,000,000.30
19 Zemen Bank 2009 1 ZEMEETAA 131,000,000.00
Total 2239 14,425,000,000.00

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  • Website of the National Bank of Ethiopia

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