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List of banks in Europe

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Title: List of banks in Europe  
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Subject: List of banks in Europe, List of banks in the Faroe Islands, List of banks in Slovenia, List of banks in Andorra, Banque cantonale vaudoise
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List of banks in Europe

This is a list of banks in Europe





 · HSBC Bank Armenia





Central bank

Major banks

Minor banks

More information can be found at

 Bosnia and Herzegovina



Licensed banks

salik banka

Licensed savings banks

Licensed housing savings banks

Other licensed institutions with full authorization

Representative offices of foreign banks


Banking quarter in Aglandjia with the headquarters of Hellenic Bank and Cyprus Popular Bank
Dmitry Medvedev at an opening ceremony of a branch of Russian Commercial Bank Ltd. in Nicosia
Bank of Cyprus new offices in Aglandjia suburb of Nicosia

 Czech Republic

Central bank

Commercial and savings banks

Branch offices of foreign banks





See the exhaustive list of banks operating in France, on the FBF website





Central Bank

Systemic Greek banks

Greek banks with a significant presence domestically and overseas with considerable assets under management, listed in alphabetical order.[1][2]

Other banks incorporated in Greece

  • Aegean Baltic Bank
  • Attica Bank
  • Co-operative Bank of Chania (el)
  • Co-operative Bank of Drama
  • Co-operative Bank of Epirus
  • Co-operative Bank of Evros
  • Co-operative Bank of Karditsa
  • Co-operative Bank of Peloponnese
  • Co-operative Bank of Pieria - Olympic Credit
  • Co-operative Bank of Serres
  • Co-operative Bank of Thessaly
  • Consignment & Loans Fund (TPD, Ταμείο Παρακαταθηκών & Δανείων)
  • Credicom Consumer Finance Bank
  • Investment Bank of Greece
  • Pancretan Co-operative Bank
  • Panellinia Bank

Greek branches of international banks



The headquarters of the Hungarian National Bank



Central bank

Commercial banks

 Isle of Man


Central bank

Major banks

Local banks




Makro Bancas


Makro Bancas




Complete list as of June 6, 2012, based on official lists available at Malta Financial Services Authority [26]




Central bank

Commercial banks


Central bank

Major banks

Savings and other banks

Defunct or merged banks

 Northern Cyprus


Central bank

Commercial banks

Public banks

Savings banks


Central bank

Commercial banks


Central Bank

Major Banks


Central bank

Major banks


 San Marino


Central bank

Commercial banks

Defunct banks



Central banks

Commercial and Savings banks

Branch offices of foreign banks


Central bank

Major banks

Cajas (savings banks)



Defunct or merged banks



Central bank

Major banks

Local banks

 United Kingdom

Central bank

Major banks

Other banks

Previous building societies converted to banks

See Building Society for list of current building societies. In particular, Nationwide Building Society would be included in the top 10 largest UK retail banks if demutualised.

Merged or defunct banks

An extensive list of British banks can be found in Wellings and Gibb, Bibliography of Banking Histories Vol. I: Domestic Banks (1995) ISBN 0 9526727 0 7

  Vatican City


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