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List of bridges and tunnels on the National Register of Historic Places in New York

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Title: List of bridges and tunnels on the National Register of Historic Places in New York  
Author: World Heritage Encyclopedia
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Subject: Skinners Falls–Milanville Bridge, National Register of Historic Places in New York, Fort Washington Presbyterian Church, Johnson City Square Deal Arch, Solvay Public Library
Publisher: World Heritage Encyclopedia

List of bridges and tunnels on the National Register of Historic Places in New York

This is a list of bridges and tunnels on the National Register of Historic Places in the U.S. state of New York.[1]

Name Image Built Listed Location County Type
69th Street Transfer Bridge 1911 2003-06-26 New York
New York
Allan Teator Road Stone Arch Bridge 1892 2008-01-09 West Durham
Andrews Street Bridge 1893 1984-10-11 Rochester
Ashokan-Turnwood Covered Bridge 1885, 1939 2000-07-20 Olivebridge
Ulster covered bridge
Atlantic Avenue Tunnel Atlantic Avenue Tunnel 1844 1989-09-07 New York City
Kings Cut and cover tunnel
Avon Five Arch Bridge Avon Five Arch Bridge 2012-1-4 Avon
AuSable Chasm Bridge AuSable Chasm Bridge 1933, 1934 1999-11-12 AuSable, Chesterfield
Clinton Steel Arch
Bear Mountain Bridge and Toll House 1923, 1924 1982-11-23 Peekskill, Stony Point
Rockland, Westchester
Beaverkill Covered Bridge Beaverkill Covered Bridge 1865 2007-10-03 Beaverkill
Bedford Creek Bridge ca. 1825 1989-10-18 Hounsfield
Jefferson Stone arch bridge
Beer's Bridge Beer's Bridge ca. 1900, ca. 1925 1999-11-12 Keene Valley
Essex Pratt Pony Truss
Brand Hollow Road Stone Arch Bridge 1892, 1893 2008-04-10 West Durham Greene
Bridge L-158 1883, 1904 1978-11-29 Goldens Bridge
Westchester Whipple through truss
Brooklyn Bridge 1869, 1883 1966-10-15 New York Kings, New York Wire cable suspension bridge
Buskirk Covered Bridge ca. 1850 1978-03-08 Buskirk
Rensselaer, Washington Covered Howe truss
Caneadea Bridge Caneada Bridge 1903 1998-11-19 Caneadea
Allegany Camel Parker Truss
Carpenter's Flats Bridge Carpenter's Flats Bridge 1941 1999-11-12 AuSable, Peru
Clinton Warren Steel Truss
Copeland Covered Bridge Copeland Covered Bridge 1879 1998-08-06 Edinburg
Court Street Bridge 1893 1984-10-11 Rochester
Delaware and Hudson Railroad Bridge 1913 1999-11-12 AuSable, Peru
Clinton Warren Steel Truss Bridge
Double-Span Metal Pratt Truss Bridge Double-Span Metal Pratt Truss Bridge 1877 1983-05-20 Keeseville
Clinton, Essex Truss Bridge
Double-Span Whipple Bowstring Truss Bridge 1870 1980-04-17 Claverack
Columbia Whipple bowstring truss
Downsville Covered Bridge Downsville Covered Bridge 1854 1999-04-29 Downsville
Eagleville Covered Bridge Eagleville Covered Bridge 1858 1978-03-08 Eagleville
Washington Covered Town lattice plank truss
Elm Street Stone Arch Bridge ca. 1900 1996-12-16 Pine Hill
Fitches Covered Bridge Fitches Covered Bridge 1870, 1885 1999-04-29 East Delhi
Frazier Bridge 1894, 1925 1998-12-17 Ticonderoga
Essex Double arched bridge
Grant Mills Covered Bridge 1902 1998-12-17 Hardenbergh
Hadley Parabolic Bridge 1895 1977-03-25 Hadley
Saratoga Semi-deck Lenticular Truss
Hamden Covered Bridge Hamden Covered Bridge 1859 1999-04-29 Hamden
Hankins Stone Arch Bridge 1905 2000-07-27 Hankins
Sullivan Stone arch bridge
Hervey Street Road Stone Arch Bridge 1891 2008-01-09 Hervey Street
High Bridge Aqueduct and Water Tower 1838, 1844, 1872 1972-12-04 New York New York
Holland Tunnel 1920, 1927 1993-11-04 New York New York Cast iron subaqueous tunnel
Hyde Hall Covered Bridge Hyde Hall Covered Bridge 1825 1998-12-17 East Springfield
IRT Broadway Line Viaduct 1900, 1904 1983-09-15 New York
New York
Jones Beach State Park, Causeway and Parkway System Wantagh Parkway Approach 2005-04-28 Wantagh Nassau
Joralemon Street Tunnel Joralemon Street Tunnel 1908 2006-02-09 New York
New York
Kingston-Port Ewen Suspension Bridge 1919, 1921, 1922 1980-04-30 Kingston
Lalino Stone Arch Bridge by 1870 2001-12-28 Middleville
Lower Shavertown Covered Bridge 1877 1999-04-29 Methol
Lower Dock Hill Road Stone Arch Bridge 2010-04-28 Cornwall-on-Hudson
Orange Stone arch bridge
Main Street Bridge Main Street Bridge 1857 1984-10-11 Rochester
Manhattan Bridge 1901, 1909 1983-08-30 New York Kings, New York Suspension
Mill Street Stone Arch Bridge ca. 1897 1996-12-16 Pine Hill
Millanville-Skinners Falls Bridge Mallanville-Skinners Falls Bridge 1904 1988-11-14 Skinners Falls
Sullivan Baltimore truss
Moore Road Stone Arch Bridge 1887 2008-04-10 Cornwallville Greene
Newfield Covered Bridge Newfield Covered Bridge 2000-02-25 Newfield
Newport Stone Arch Bridge Newport Stone Arch Bridge 1853 1992-02-10 Newport
Herkimer Stone arch bridge
Notman Bridge Notman Bridge 1913 1999-11-12 Keene Valley
Essex stone-faced, concrete arch
Old Blenheim Bridge 1834 1966-10-15 North Blenheim
Schoharie Single span double-tunnel
Old City Road Stone Arch Bridge 1898 2001-12-28 Welch Corners
Old State Road Bridge ca. 1890, 1932 1999-11-12 AuSable Chasm
Clinton Pratt Pony Truss Bridge
Oliver Avenue Bridge 1895 1984-07-19 Middletown
Orange Pratt Truss
Ouaquaga Lenticular Truss Bridge 1888 2003-02-20 Ouaquaga
Broome Lenticular Truss Bridge
Palmer Brook Bridge 1938 1999-11-12 AuSable Forks
Clinton stone-faced concrete arch
Perrine's Bridge 1844 1973-04-13 Rosendale Ulster Burr Arch
Pilgrim's Progress Road Bridge Pilgrims Progress Road Bridge ca. 1858 1987-07-09 Rhinebeck
Pond Eddy Bridge Pond Eddy Bridge 1904 1988-11-14 Pond Eddy
Sullivan Pennsylvania truss
Poughkeepsie Railroad Bridge 1876, 1888 1979-02-23 Poughkeepsie
Dutchess Warren Deck-Truss
Queensboro Bridge 1909 1978-12-20 New York New York, Queens Through cantilever truss
Ranney Bridge Ranney Bridge 1902, ca. 1925 1999-11-12 Keene Valley
Essex Pratt Pony Truss Bridge
Raymondville Parabolic Bridge 1886 1984-09-07 Raymondville
St. Lawrence Lenticular Truss
Rexleigh Covered Bridge Rexleigh Covered Bridge 1874 1978-03-08 Jackson
Washington Covered Howe truss
Rockland Road Bridge 1874 2005-12-07 Village of Piermont
Rorig Bridge 1890 1983-09-26 Westfield
Chautauqua Pratt Through Truss
Route 29 Stone Arch Bridge by 1870 2001-01-26 Middleville
Ruhle Road Lenticular Metal Truss Bridge Ruhle Road Lenticular Metal Truss Bridge 2004-09-04 Malta Saratoga
Salisbury Center Covered Bridge Salisbury Covered Bridge 1875 1972-06-19 Salisbury Center
Herkimer Burr Arch Truss
Salisbury Turnpike Bridge Salisbury Turnpike Bridge ca. 1858 1987-07-09 Rhinebeck
Shady Glen Road Stone Arch Bridge 1886 2008-01-09 Cornwallville
Shushan Covered Bridge Shushan Covered Bridge 1858 1978-03-08 Shushan
Washington Covered Town lattice plank truss
Silk Street Bridge ca. 1888 1998-04-30 Newark Valley
Tioga lenticular pony truss
Slater Bridge ca. 1900, ca. 1932 1999-11-12 Keene Valley
Essex Warren pony truss
South Washington Street Parabolic Bridge South Washington Street Parabolic Bridge 1886, 1887 1978-01-30 Binghamton
Broome Lenticular truss
Sparkill Creek Drawbridge Sparkill Creek Drawbridge 1880 1985-03-28 Piermont
Rockland Pratt Pony Truss
Spengler Bridge 1880 1973-02-23 Chatham
Columbia Pratt truss
Stillwater Bridge Stillwater Bridge 1913 1997-11-07 Stillwater
Oswego Pratt through Truss
Stone Arch Bridge Stone Arch Bridge 1843 1999-11-12 Keeseville
Clinton, Essex Stone Arch
Stone Arch Bridge Stone Arch Bridge - Kenoza Lake ca. 1873 1976-12-12 Kenoza Lake
Swing Bridge Swing Bridge 1888 1999-11-12 Keeseville
Clinton, Essex Pedestrian Suspension Bridge
Tioronda Bridge 1869, 1873 1976-10-08 Beacon
Dutchess Bowstring Iron-Truss
Town Line Bridge 2008-5-29 Taylor
Tusten Stone Arch Bridge 1896 2000-07-27 Tusten
Sullivan stone arch bridge
Walton Bridge Walton Bridge 1840, 1925 1999-11-12 Keene
Essex Lenticular Through Truss
Wanakena Footbridge Wanakena Footbridge 1902, 1912 1999-08-19 Fine
St. Lawrence Suspension bridge
Washington Bridge 1886, 1889 1983-09-22 New York
Bronx, New York
Water, Wall, and Pine Streets Lenticular Truss Bridges 1881 1977-10-05 Homer Cortland Lenticular truss
Whipple Cast and Wrought Iron Bowstring Truss Bridge Whipple Cast and Wrought Iron Bowstring Truss Bridge 1867 1971-03-18 Albany
Albany Whipple Iron Bowstring Truss
Wilmington Bridge 1934, 1935 1999-11-12 Wilmington
Essex Stone faced concrete arch
Wood Road Metal Truss Bridge 1897 2005-03-15 Campbell
Woodward Road Stone Arch Bridge 2009-3-9 East Durham
Park Avenue Viaduct
part of Grand Central Terminal
1983-08-11 New York
New York
Ruhle Road Stone Arch Bridge Ruhle Road Stone Bridge ca. 1873
removed 2004-09-04
Malta Saratoga Spandrel arch


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