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List of bridges in Switzerland

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Title: List of bridges in Switzerland  
Author: World Heritage Encyclopedia
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Subject: Lists of bridges, List of bridges in Austria, List of bridges in Greece, List of bridges in Armenia, List of bridges in the Czech Republic
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List of bridges in Switzerland

This list of bridges in Switzerland lists bridges of particular historical, scenic, architectural or engineering interest. Road and railway bridges, viaducts, aqueducts and footbridges are included.

Name Canton Locality Date Image Notes
Auguetbrücke Bern Muri bei Bern and Belp 1836 Footbridge across the Aare
Bahnhofbrücke Zürich Zürich Zürich 1847 Road bridge over Limmat
Brusio spiral viaduct Graubünden Brusio 1908 Railway viaduct
Castielertobel Viaduct Graubünden Castiel and Calfreisen 1914 Railway viaduct
Eglisau railway bridge Zürich Eglisau 1897 Railway bridge over the Rhine
Ganter Bridge Valais Brig 1890 Railway bridge over the Ganter
Gründjitobel Viaduct Graubünden Langwies 1913 Railway bridge over the Gründjitobelbach
Gueuroz Bridge Valais Vernayaz and Salvan 1934 Footbridge over the Trient
Hans Wilsdorf Bridge Geneva Geneva 2012 Footbridge over the Arve
Hardbrücke Zürich Zürich 1972 Road bridge over the Limmat
Holzbrücke Bad Säckingen Aargau Stein 1700 Now footbridge across the Rhine
Kapellbrücke Lucerne Lucerne 1994 (Rebuilt) Footbridge across the Reuss
Koblenz Aare railway bridge Aargau Koblenz and Leuggern 1892 Railway bridge across the Aare
Landwasser Viaduct Graubünden Schmitten and Filisur 1902 Railway viaduct across Landwasser
Langwieser Viaduct Graubünden Langwies 1914 Railway viaduct over the Plessur
Lorraine railway viaduct Bern Bern 1941 Railway viaduct across the Aare
Melide causeway Ticino Lake Lugano 1848 Road and rail crossing of Lake Lugano
Münsterbrücke Zürich Zürich Zürich 1838 Railway bridge over the Limmat
Neubrügg Bern Bern 1469 Footbridge over the Aare
Nydeggbrücke Bern Bern 1840 Road bridge over the Aare
Quaibrücke (Zürich) Zürich Zürich 1887 Road and tramway bridge over the Limmat
Rathausbrücke Zürich Zürich Zürich 1893 Footbridge over the Limmat
Salginatobel Bridge Graubünden Schiers 1930 Road bridge over a valley
Schmittentobel Viaduct Graubünden Schmitten 1903 Railway viaduct
Schwandbach Bridge Bern Bern 1933 Road bridge
Seedamm Schwyz and St Gallen Lake Zurich 1878 Road and rail crossing of Lake Zurich
Solis Viaduct Graubünden Solis 1902 Railway viaduct over the Albula
Spreuer Bridge Lucerne Lucerne 1566 (rebuilt) Wooden footbridge across the Reuss
Sunniberg Bridge Graubünden Klosters 1998 ] Road bridge
Teufelsbrücke Uri Airolo and Göschenen 1958 Road bridge over the Reuss
Trift Bridge Bern Gadmen 2009 Suspension footbridge across the Triftsee
Untertorbrücke Bern Bern 1489 Road bridge across the Aare
Viaduc de Chillon Vaud Montreux 1969 Road viaduct
Waldshut–Koblenz Rhine Bridge Aargau Koblenz 1873 Railway bridge across the Rhine
Wiesen Viaduct Graubünden Wiesen 1909 Railway viaduct over the Landwasser
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