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List of centenarians (educators, school administrators, social scientists and linguists)

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Title: List of centenarians (educators, school administrators, social scientists and linguists)  
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Subject: Longevity, ERIBA, List of Jamaican supercentenarians, List of Irish supercentenarians, List of Norwegian supercentenarians
Collection: Centenarians, Lists of Centenarians, Lists of People by Age
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List of centenarians (educators, school administrators, social scientists and linguists)

The following is a list of centenarians – specifically, people who became famous as educators, school administrators, social scientists, and linguists – known for reasons other than their longevity. For more lists, see lists of centenarians.

Name Lifespan Age Notability
AaronDaniel Aaron 1912– 102 American academic[1]
AbaevVasily Abaev 1900–2001 100 Ossetian linguist and philologist
AngusHenry Angus 1891–1991 100 Canadian educator, lawyer and administrator
BadleyJohn Haden Badley 1865–1967 102 English educator and founder of the Bedales School
BarzelAnn Barzel 1905–2007 101 American writer, critic and lecturer on dance[2]
BarukHenri Baruk 1897–1999 101 French neuropsychiatrist
BarzunJacques Barzun 1907–2012 104 American historian[3]
Ben-HaimZe'ev Ben-Haim 1907–2013 105 Israeli linguist and former president of The Academy of the Hebrew Language[4]
BergmannMartin S. Bergmann 1913–2014 100 American clinical professor of psychology[5]
BraunlichAlice Braunlich 1888–1989 101 American classical philologist[6]
BonfanteGiuliano Bonfante 1904–2005 101 Italian linguistics expert
BosworthLouise Marion Bosworth 1881–1982 101 American social scientist
BranscombHarvie Branscomb 1894–1998 103 American chancellor of Vanderbilt University[7]
BrownHallie Quinn Brown 1849–1949 100 African American educator and writer
BuchananJune Buchanan 1887–1988 100 American co-founder of Alice Lloyd College[8]
BurkeAmbrose Burke 1895–1998 102 American President of Saint Ambrose University[9]
CampbellElizabeth Campbell 1902–2004 101 American public broadcasting pioneer and educator
Han-sengChen Han-seng 1897–2004 107 Chinese sociologist and economist
ClarkThomas D. Clark 1903–2005 101 American historian
CoaseRonald Coase 1910–2013 102 British economist (Nobel laureate)[10]
CobbStanwood Cobb 1881–1982 101 American Bahá'í educator and author
CooperAnna J. Cooper 1858–1964 105 African American educator and civil rights advocate[11]
CurrentRichard N. Current 1912–2012 100 American historian[12]
DaleNellie Dale 1865–1967 102 British educator[13]
DavisJulia Davis 1891–1993 101 African American educator[14]
DevassiaP. C. Devassia 1906–2006 100 Indian Sanskrit scholar and poet[15]
DirectorAaron Director 1901–2004 102 Ukrainian-American professor
EmeneauMurray Barnson Emeneau 1904–2005 101 American linguist
EngleitnerLeopold Engleitner 1905–2013 107 Austrian lecturer, oldest survivor of Buchenwald, Niederhagen and Ravensbrück concentration camps
GarisMarie de Garis 1910–2010 100 Guernseyian lexicographer[16]
GrosJules Gros 1890–1992 102 Breton linguist
GulickLuther Gulick 1892–1993 100 American social scientist
HallwardBertrand Hallward 1901–2003 102 British first Vice-Chancellor of the University of Nottingham
HodgesFletcher Hodges Jr. 1905–2006 100 American expert on the music of Stephen Foster
HowlandEmily Howland 1827–1929 101 American philanthropist and educator
KozlikJaroslav Kozlík 1907–2012 105 Czech reformer of physical education[17]
KriarasEmmanuel Kriaras 1906–2014 107 Greek lexicographer[18]
KarmiHasan Karmi 1905–2007 101 Palestinian linguist, broadcaster and scholar
KurathHans Kurath 1891–1992 100 Austrian-American linguist
KurnowErnest Kurnow 1912–2014 101 American business professor[19]
LanckoronskaCountess Karolina Lanckorońska 1898–2002 104 Polish art historian and writer
LawtonHarold Lawton 1899–2005 106 British scholar of French literature
LeslauWolf Leslau 1906–2006 100 American leading scholar on Ethiopian languages and culture
Levi-StraussClaude Lévi-Strauss 1908–2009 100 French anthropologist[20]
LoweAdolph Lowe 1893–1995 102 German sociologist and economist
LubetzkySeymour Lubetzky 1898–2003 104 Belarussian-American librarian
ManheimErnest Manheim 1900–2002 102 American sociologist, anthropologist and composer[21]
MaudeHenry Evans Maude 1906–2006 100 British anthropologist[22]
MoralesEduardo Morales Miranda 1910–2012 102 Chilean founder of the Southern University of Chile[23]
Morton-FinneyJohn Morton-Finney 1889–1998 108 African American civil rights activist and lawyer
MuqiaoXue Muqiao 1904–2005 100 Chinese economist
NetanyahuBenzion Netanyahu 1910–2012 102 Polish-born Israeli historian[24]
NyswanderDorothy Nyswander 1894–1998 104 American health educator and advocate
OrozRodolfo Oroz 1895–1997 101 Chilean writer, professor, and philologist[25]
PorteousNorman Porteous 1898–2003 104 British Dean at the University of Edinburgh
ReichmannEva Gabriele Reichmann 1897–1998 101 German historian and sociologist
ReynoldsBarbara Reynolds 1914– 100 British scholar of Italian studies[26]
RiceLaban Lacy Rice 1870–1973 102 American educator, President of Cumberland University
RosenblattLouise Rosenblatt 1904–2005 100 American literary critic and scholar
SandvikOle Mørk Sandvik 1875–1976 101 Norwegian musicologist[27]
SaulnierRaymond J. Saulnier 1908–2009 100 American Chairman of the Council of Economic Advisers[28]
ScalesLaura Scales 1879–1990 110 American Dean at Smith College
ShanidzeAkaki Shanidze 1887–1987 100 Georgian linguist and philologist
ShieldsPeter J. Shields 1862–1962 100 American who helped establish the University of California, Davis
SternTheodore Stern 1912–2013 100 American academic, 16th President of the College of Charleston[29]
TaiwoCornelius Taiwo 1910–2014 103 Nigerian educator[30]
TierneyPatrick Lennox Tierney 1914– 101 American Japanologist[31]
VenkatasubbaiahG. Venkatasubbaiah 1913 – 101 Indian Kannada language lexicographer[32]
XujiFan Xuji 1914 – 101 Chinese Educator and President of Shanghai Jiao Tong University[33]
ZavalaSilvio Zavala 1909–2014 105 Mexican historian[34]
ZelenskiWładysław Żeleński 1903–2006 102 Polish lawyer, historian and publicist
Zhou Youguang 1906– 109 Chinese linguist and father of Pinyin[35]


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