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List of centenarians (medical professionals)

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Title: List of centenarians (medical professionals)  
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Subject: Longevity, ERIBA, List of Jamaican supercentenarians, List of Irish supercentenarians, Gerontology
Collection: Centenarians, Lists of Centenarians, Lists of People by Age
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List of centenarians (medical professionals)

The following is a list of centenarians – specifically, people who became famous as medical professionals – known for reasons other than their longevity. For more lists, see lists of centenarians.

Name Lifespan Age Notability
BagshawElizabeth Bagshaw 1881–1982 100 Canadian physician and director of the first birth control clinic in Canada[1]
BennettMyra Bennett 1890–1990 100 Canadian nurse[2]
BingRichard Bing 1909–2010 101 German-born American cardiologist[3]
BłeńskaWanda Błeńska 1911–2014 103 Polish physician and missionary[4]
BonnellSadie Bonnell 1888–1993 105 British FANY ambulance driver who won the Military Medal[5]
ConvitJacinto Convit 1913–2014 100 Venezuelan epidemiologist[6]
DenmarkLeila Denmark 1898–2012 114 American pediatrician who helped develop the pertussis vaccine[7]
DepalmaAnthony F. DePalma 1904–2005 100 American orthopedic surgeon, father of Brian De Palma[8]
Douglas-WilsonIan Douglas-Wilson 1912–2013 101 British physician[9]
FahrniGordon S. Fahrni 1887–1995 108 Canadian physician and expert on goitre[10]
FranklandWilliam Frankland 1912– 102 British immunologist[11]
GodberSir George Godber 1908–2009 100 Chief Medical Officer of the United Kingdom[12]
HartPhilip D'Arcy Hart 1900–2006 106 British epidemiologist[13]
HäßlerErich Häßler 1899–2005 106 German pediatrician[14]
HolyokeEdward Augustus Holyoke 1728–1829 100 American physician[15]
JonesKeith Jones 1911–2012 100 Australian medical practitioner and surgeon[16]
KelseyMavis Kelsey 1912–2013 101 American internist and clinic founder[17]
KernDavid Morris Kern 1909–2013 103 American pharmacist and businessman[18]
MyrickHannah Myrick 1871–1973 101–102 American superintendent of the New England Hospital for Women and Children[19]
Oldham KelseyFrances Oldham Kelsey 1914– 100 Canadian-born American pharmacologist[20]
PlattSir Harry Platt, 1st Baronet 1886–1986 100 English orthopaedic surgeon, President of the Royal Society of Medicine and the Royal College of Surgeons of England[21]
RasettiFranco Rasetti 1901–2001 100 Italian physician[22]
RobertsonJennie Smillie Robertson 1878–1981 103 Canadian physician, first female surgeon in Canada[23]
RohmerPaul Rohmer 1876–1977 100 French pediatrician and biologist[24]
TangTang Yuhan 1913–2014 101 Hong Kong oncologist[25]
UglovFyodor Uglov 1904–2008 103 Russian surgeon[26]
YlppoArvo Ylppö 1887–1992 104 Finnish pediatrician[27]


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