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List of cities in Manitoba


List of cities in Manitoba

Cities and towns in Manitoba

A city is an incorporated urban municipality in the Canadian province of Manitoba.[1] In Manitoba, an urban municipality must have a minimum population of 7,500 to be named a city.[2]

Manitoba has 10 cities, including Flin Flon that is partially located within the neighbouring province of Saskatchewan. These cities had a cumulative population of 790,957 and an average population of 79,096 in the 2011 Census.[3] The province's largest and smallest cities are Winnipeg and the Manitoba portion of Flin Flon with populations of 663,617 and 5,363 respectively.[3] The Manitoba portion of Flin Flon once had a population in excess of 7,500 in 1981 when it had 7,894 residents.[4]

Manitoba's newest city is Morden, which changed from a town to a city on August 24, 2012.[5]


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Winnipeg is Manitoba's capital and largest city.
Brandon is Manitoba's second-largest city.
Name Population
Brandon 46,061 41,511 11 76.89 599.1
Dauphin[MB 1] 8,251 7,906 4.4 12.65 652.1
Flin Flon (part)[MB 2] 5,363[MB 3] 5,594 −4.1 13.88[MB 4] 386.4
Morden[MB 5] 7,812 6,571 18.9 16.39 476.7
Portage la Prairie 12,996 12,728 2.1 24.67 526.7
Selkirk 9,834 9,515 3.4 24.87 395.4
Steinbach 13,524 11,066 22.2 25.57 528.9
Thompson 12,829 13,446 −4.6 17.18 746.9
Winkler 10,670 9,106 17.2 17.01 627.2
Winnipeg[MB 6] 663,617 633,451 4.8 464.08 1,430
Total cities 790,957 750,894 5.3 693.19 1,141.0


  1. ^ Dauphin is Manitoba's smallest city by area.
  2. ^ Flin Flon is Manitoba's smallest city by population. The balance of Flin Flon is located within Saskatchewan.
  3. ^ This population does not include 229 in the Saskatchewan portion of Flin Flon. The city's total population in 2011 was 5,592.
  4. ^ This area does not include 2.37 km2 (0.92 sq mi) in the Saskatchewan portion of Flin Flon. The city's total area in 2011 was 16.25 km2 (6.27 sq mi).
  5. ^ Morden is Manitoba's newest city, incorporated August 24, 2012.
  6. ^ Winnipeg is Canada's seventh-largest city and Manitoba's capital and largest city by both population and area. The Winnipeg census metropolitan area (CMA) is formed around the City of Winnipeg.

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