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List of closed secondary schools in California

This is a list of closed secondary schools in California.

There is noticeable bulge in closures starting about 1979,[1][2][3] the year following passage of Proposition 13. While the change in funding did change the financial reality for these school districts,[4] there are additional attributions for the cause, from declining enrollments at the end of the Baby Boom; to long term property ownership; to population shift (older residents are less likely to be creating new students); or white flight.[5][6] Each of these local decisions were taken by individual school boards (or entities who operated private schools), many of those attributions are discussed in the linked articles.

School name discontinuation

Certain events, such as closure, can result in the discontinuation of a name for a high school. In some cases, the same location has been re-opened with a similar name as the nature of the change.

School Location Date discontinued Currently at this location
Apollo Junior High School Anaheim 1979 Demolished[7][8]
Argyll Academy Los Angeles 1982 All-girls school evolved into co-ed Campbell Hall School under new name
Aviation High School (California) Redondo Beach 1981 Redondo Beach Performing Arts Center
Chester F. Awalt High School Mountain View 1980 Assumed the name of Mountain View High School when the Mountain View Union High School (Castro Street) was closed.
Samuel Ayer High School Milpitas 1980 Milpitas Sports Center, Teen Center and Adult Education Center
Birmingham High School Los Angeles 2009 Renamed Birmingham Community Charter High School
Blackford High School (San Jose) San Jose 1991 Boynton High School continuation school and Harker Middle School (private)
Buchser High School Santa Clara 1981 renamed Santa Clara High School
California Schools for the Deaf and Blind Berkeley 1980 re-opened in 1986 as Clark Kerr Campus, University of California, Berkeley[9]
Camden High School (San Jose, California) San Jose 1980[10] Mostly torn down to make space for a shopping center, portions remain as Camden Community Center
Campbell High School (California) Campbell 1980 Campbell Community Center[11]
Castro Middle School San Jose 2006 Renamed Moreland Middle School
Citrus Union High School Glendora 1958[12] Citrus College remains, high school students subsequently went to Glendora High School
Anderson W. Clark Junior High School Glendale 1983 reopened in 1998 as Clark Magnet High School
Corvallis High School (California) Studio City Osaka Sangyo University of Los Angeles and Bridges Academy
Covington Junior High School, Los Altos Los Altos 1980 demolished in 2001, rebuilt as Covington School (elementary)
Crescent Junior High School Buena Park 1979 Demolished for housing[13]
Crestmoor High School San Bruno 1980 Peninsula High School (San Bruno) continuation school and a municipal courthouse
Edgewood High School, West Covina West Covina 1988 Coronado Continuation School
Ellwood P. Cubberley High School Palo Alto 1979 Cubberley Community Center
Excelsior High School (Norwalk, California) Norwalk 1981 Norwalk Adult School
Harry Ells High School Richmond 1985 LoVonya Dejean Middle School
Granada Hills High School Los Angeles 1994 Renamed Granada Hills Charter High School, now an LAUSD Magnet School
Holy Name Academy Pomona 1949 Pomona Catholic High School
Jacob Riis High School Los Angeles 1965 renamed as Mary McLeod Bethune Junior High School
Kennedy High School, Barstow Barstow 1977 Barstow Junior High School
Kern County High School and Kern County Union High School Bakersfield 1945 renamed as Bakersfield High School in the same location
Fermin Lasuen High School San Pedro 1971
La Palma Junior High School Buena Park 1979 [14][15]
La Sierra High School Sacramento 1983 [16]
Los Angeles Polytechnic High School Los Angeles 1935 renamed John H. Francis Polytechnic High School
Los Nietos Valley Union High School Downey 1919 renamed Downey High School
Lowell High School (Whittier, California) Whittier 1980 Southern California University of Health Sciences[17]
Marina High School San Leandro 1980 converted into a continuation school which lasted until 1989[18] Now Stenzel Park occupies part of the former campus.
Marywood Central Catholic School for Girls, Orange Orange 1980 Diocese of Orange headquarters[19]
Mercy High School, Carmichael Carmichael
Miraleste High School, Palos Verdes Palos Verdes 1991 renamed Miraleste Intermediate School
Monte Vista High School (Whittier)[1] Whittier 1979 Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department Training Center
[2] Los Angeles 1976 Formerly at 7011 South Hoover Street, Mt. Carmel ParkIt can be seen at 1:48 of the trailer.
Mountain View Union High School Mountain View 1980 Closed and demolished for housing. Portions of the campus remain as Eagle Park. Chester F. Awalt High School was then renamed to Mountain View High School.
William N. Neff High School La Mirada 1980 Demolished, now industrial buildings at Alondra Blvd & Trojan Way (Operated as a continuation school until 1989)[21]
Notre Dame High School, San Francisco San Francisco 1981 Notre Dame Senior Plaza
Pacific High School San Leandro 1983 Demolished, now Marina Square Center Outlet Mall[22]
Pius X High School, Downey, California Downey phased out by 1998 St. Matthias High School
Palisades High School Los Angeles Renamed Palisades Charter High School
Pleasant Hill High School Pleasant Hill 1980 reopened in 1997 as Pleasant Hill Middle School
Pomona Catholic Boys High School Pomona 1967 Damien High School
Ravenswood High School East Palo Alto 1976 demolished, now Gateway 101 Shopping Center
Red Hill Middle School, San Anselmo San Anselmo 1985 Red Hill Community Park
Riverview Union High School Antioch 1931 Antioch Historical Society Museum
Rolling Hills High School Rolling Hills Estates 1991 renamed Palos Verdes Peninsula High School in a consolidation of three high schools
Royal Oak High School, Covina Covina now Royal Oak Middle School
Samuel Rogers Middle School San Jose 2006 Easterbrook Discovery School K-8
San Carlos High School San Carlos 1988 demolished for housing
San Francisco Polytechnic High School San Francisco mostly demolished for housing, the gymnasium remains as the home for Acro Sports
Serramonte High School Daly City 1981 Jefferson Union High School District office, Serramonte Del Rey
Sierra High School (Whittier)[3] Whittier 1979 Whittier Adult Center, Sierra Vista Alternative High School
Southern California Christian High School Orange 2000 Olive Elementary School[23][24]
Sunnyvale High School (California) Sunnyvale 1981 The King's Academy (private)
Sunset High School Hayward 1990 Hayward Adult School
Trident Junior High School Anaheim 1979 Gilbert South Continuation High School, Polaris Education Center, Anaheim Adult Education[25][26]
University High School (Oakland, California) Oakland 1948 became first campus of Oakland City College, which moved in 1967, becoming Merritt College. It housed Oakland Technical High School while the original location was retrofitted for earthquakes in the 1970s. Now part of the Children's Hospital and Research Center Oakland
University of San Diego High School San Diego 2005 Campus was demolished. School moved to Del Mar and re-opened as Cathedral Catholic High School
Venice Union Polytechnic High School Los Angeles 1935 renamed Venice High School (Los Angeles, California)
West Los Angeles Baptist High School Los Angeles 2008
Wilmington High School Wilmington, Los Angeles Renamed Phineas Banning High School
Wilson High School, San Francisco San Francisco 1996 Phillip & Sala Burton High School and Leadership High School


List of schools which have changed locations, resulting in closure or reuse of the old campus.

School Location Date moved Currently at this location
John H. Francis Polytechnic High School Los Angeles 1957 has moved three times and has changed name once since its creation in 1897. Most recent move was from what has become Los Angeles Trade-Technical College
Los Angeles High School Los Angeles 1917 now covered by the Hollywood Freeway
Moorpark High School Moorpark 1988
Narbonne High School Harbor City 1957 Alexander Fleming Middle School
Nordhoff High School Ojai 1966 Matilija Junior High School
Oxnard High School Oxnard 1995 Demolished
Paso Robles High School Paso Robles 1981 George H. Flamson Middle School
San Fernando High School San Fernando 1952 San Fernando Junior High School
Sanger Union High School Sanger 2004 Washington Academic Middle School
Santa Maria High School Santa Maria 1920 Ethel Pope Auditorium
St. Matthias High School Downey formerly Huntington Park 1995 Aspire Public Schools
Santa Clara High School Santa Clara 1981 The original downtown location on Bellomy Street has been renamed Buchser Middle School. The former Buchser High School on Benton Street has been renamed Santa Clara High School.
Woodrow Wilson High School (Los Angeles, California) Los Angeles 1970 El Soreno Middle School

Closed and re-opened

School Location Date closed Date re-opened
Branham High School San Jose 1991 re-opened 1999
Juan Cabrillo Middle School Santa Clara 1982 re-opened 1992[27]
Lawndale High School Lawndale 1981 re-opened 1997[28]
Palos Verdes High School Palos Verdes 1991 re-opened 2002


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