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List of companies of Taiwan

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Title: List of companies of Taiwan  
Author: World Heritage Encyclopedia
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Subject: Telecommunications in Taiwan, Index of Taiwan-related articles, Adly, Digital United, Tekom Technologies
Collection: Companies of Taiwan, Lists of Companies by Country, Taiwan-Related Lists
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List of companies of Taiwan

The following is a list of companies based in Taiwan. For inclusion here, there should be an existing WorldHeritage article about the company linked.

By company name


English Chinese Industry Stock code(s)
85C Bakery Cafe 85度C coffee shop TWSE: 2723


English Chinese Industry Stock code(s)
Aeon 宏佳騰機車 ATVs, scooters, and mini-bikes
Accton 智邦科技 Communications and Internet TWSE: 2345
Acer Inc. 宏碁 Computer and Peripheral Equipment LSE: ACID
TWSE: 2353
ADATA 威剛科技股份有限公司 Memory and storage
Adly 愛得利 Scooters and quad-bikes
Advantech Corporation 研華科技 industrial PCs, embedded single board computers TWSE: 2395
Aerospace Industrial Development Corporation 漢翔公司 aerospace research and engineering
Airiti Inc. 華藝數位 Publishing, Database, Indexing, Ebooks, Online books store, Wine
Alchip 世芯電子 Semiconductors
Align 亞拓電器 Electronics
American Megatrends 美商安邁科技股份有限公司 台灣分公司 Computer BIOS, storage, digital signage, digital menu boards
An Feng Steel 安鋒鋼鐵 Iron and Steel
AOC AOC Display Products
AOpen 建碁 Computer and Peripheral Equipment TWSE: 3046
Apacer 宇瞻科技 computer memory and memory-based products, mp3 players
Arphic Technology 文鼎科技 type foundry
Asia Cement Corporation 亞洲水泥股份有限公司 Cement
ASIX 亞信電子 Semiconductors TWSE: 3169
ASUS 華碩電腦 Computer and Peripheral Equipment LSE: ASKD TWSE: 2357
ATEN Technology 宏正自動科技 KVM Switches, USB, IEEE 1394 HUBS, Video Splitters, Printer Switches, Converters & Extenders[1] TWSE: 6277
AU Optronics 友達光電 Optoelectronics NYSE: AUO TWSE: 2409
Avision 虹光 Image Scanner, MFP TWSE: 2380


English Chinese Industry Stock code(s)
Bank of Taiwan 臺灣銀行 Banking, financial and related services
Behavior Tech Computer 英群企業 computer accessories TWSE: 2341
BenQ 明基電通 LCDs, projectors, cell phones
Billion 盛達電業 Communications and Internet TWSE: 3027
Biostar 映德電子 Computer and Peripheral Equipment TWSE: 2399


English Chinese Industry Stock code(s)
C-Media 驊訊電子 sound cards
Chaintech 華東承啟科技 motherboards, video cards, sound cards
Chang Hwa Bank 彰化銀行 Finance and Insurance TWSE: 2801
Cheng Shin Rubber 正新橡膠 Rubber TWSE: 2105
Chi Mei 奇美實業 Optoelectronics TWSE: 3009
Chicony Electronics 群光電子 Computer hardware TWSE: 2385
Chimei Innolux Corporation 奇美電子 TFT-LCD panels TWSE: 3481
China Airlines 中華航空 Shipping and Transportation TWSE: 2610
China Life 中國人壽 Finance and Insurance TWSE: 2823
China Motor Corporation 中華汽車 Automobile TWSE: 2204
China Steel 中國鋼鐵 Iron and Steel TWSE: 2002
Chinatrust Commercial Bank 中國信託 Finance and Insurance TWSE: 2891
Chingwin Publishing Group 青文出版社 Publishing
Chroma ATE 致茂電子 Testing Equipment and Automation System TWSE: 2360
Chun Yuan Steel 春源鋼鐵 Iron and Steel TWSE: 2010
Chunghwa Telecom 中華電信 Communications and Internet TWSE: 2412
CipherLab 欣技 automatic identification and data capture GTSM: 6160
CMC Magnetics 中環集團 Digital media
Coiler 可億隆 RF Repeaters
Compal Electronics 仁寶電腦 Computer and Peripheral Equipment TWSE: 2324
Continental Engineering Corporation 大陸工程 Construction
Cooler Master 訊凱國際 Computer cases, power supplies
CPC Corporation 台灣中油
CSBC Corporation 台灣國際造船 Shipping and Transportation TWSE: 2208
CyberLink 訊連科技 Information Service TWSE: 5203


English Chinese Industry Stock code(s)
D-Link 友訊科技 Communications and Internet TWSE: 2332
Daily Air 德安航空 Shipping and Transportation
DBTel 大霸電子
Delta Electronics 台達電子 Electronic Parts/Components TWSE: 2308
DFI 友通資訊 Computer and Peripheral Equipment TWSE: 2397
Dialogue Technology 江川科技 Ultra Portable Computer
Digital United 數位聯合 Internet Service Provider
Din Tai Fung 鼎泰豐 Food
Dopod 多普達 cellphones
DynaComware 威鋒數位 type foundry


English Chinese Industry Stock code(s)
EZTABLE 易訂網 Internet
Edison-Opto 艾笛森光電 Optoelectronics
Elitegroup Computer Systems 精英電腦 Computer and Peripheral Equipment TWSE: 2331
Epistar 晶元光電 Optoelectronics
Eslite Bookstore 誠品書店 Retail
E.SUN Commercial Bank 玉山商業銀行 Banking, financial and related services
EVA Air 長榮航空 Shipping and Transportation TWSE: 2618
Evergreen Marine 長榮海運 Shipping and Transportation LSE: EGMD TWSE: 2603
Everlight Electronics 億光電子 Optoelectronics


English Chinese Industry Stock code(s)
Far Eastern Textile 遠東紡織 Textiles TWSE: 1402
Faraday Technology 智原科技 Semiconductors TWSE: 3035
FarEasTone 遠傳電信 Communications and Internet TWSE: 4904
Federal Corporation 泰豐集團 Rubber TWSE: 2102
First International Computer 大眾電腦 Computer and Peripheral Equipment TWSE: 3701
First International Telecom 大眾電信 Communications and Internet
Formosa Plastics 台塑企業 Plastics TWSE: 1301
Foxconn 鴻海科技 Electronics LSE: HHPD SEHK: 2038 TWSE: 2354
Front Fareast Industrial 正先實業 Gaming and Information
FSP Group 全漢企業 Power Supply
Fubon Financial Holdings 富邦金控 Finance and Insurance TWSE: 2881


English Chinese Industry Stock code(s)
G.Skill 芝奇國際 Computer hardware
Gamania 遊戲橘子 game distributor
GeIL 友懋科技 RAM, flash memory
Genius 昆盈 Computer Peripheral Equipment
Giant Bicycles 捷安特 Bicycles TWSE: 9921
Gigabyte Technology 技嘉科技 Computer and Peripheral Equipment TWSE: 2376
GigaMedia Limited 戲谷 Gambling and Games NASDAQ: GIGM
Global Unichip Corporation 創意電子 Semiconductors TWSE: 3443
Gloria Material Technology Corp. 榮剛材料科技 Steelmaking GTSM: 5009
Grand Wing Servo-Tech 廣營電子 Electronics


English Chinese Industry Stock code(s)
HannStar Display Corporation 瀚宇彩晶 Optoelectronics TWSE: 6116
HeySong Corporation 黑松 beverages TWSE: 1234
Hi-Touch Imaging Technologies 誠研科技 Computer and Peripheral Equipment TWSE: 3494
HIM International Music 華研國際 Music
Holtek 盛群半導體 Semiconductors TWSE: 6202
Ho-Ping Power Company 和平电力 Electricity
Hotai Motors 和泰汽車 Automobiles TWSE: 2207
Hsin Tung Yang 新東陽 food company specializing in meat products
HTC Corporation 宏達國際電子 Communications, Internet, cellphones TWSE: 2498


English Chinese Industry Stock code(s)
I-View 天鄰科技
In Win Development 迎廣 Computer hardware TWSE: 6117
Infortrend 普安科技 Electronics TWSE: 2495
Insyde Software 系微 GTSM: 6231
International Games System 鈊象電子
InterServ 昱泉 Video Game Development and Art Outsourcing Services
Inventec 英業達 Computer and Peripheral Equipment TWSE: 2356


English Chinese Industry Stock code(s)
Jadever 鈺恆企業 scale manufacturing
JMicron 智微科技 integrated circuits
Jungiery 喬傑立娛樂 entertainment management


English Chinese Industry Stock code(s)
Kenda Rubber Industrial Company 建大輪胎 rubber manufacturing
Kinesis Industry 卜威工業 Bicycle
Kingbright 今台電子 LEDs
KMC Chain Industrial 廣寰科技 roller chain and bicycle chain
KWorld 廣寰科技 PC Multimedia Peripherals
Kymco 光陽機車 motorcycles, scooters, ATV TWSE: 2209


English Chinese Industry Stock code(s)
La New Corporation La New 皮鞋 Footwear
Lanner Inc. 立端科技 Network appliances, IPC, embedded systems TWSE: 6245
Leadtek 麗台科技 Computer and peripheral equipment TWSE: 2465
Lian Li 聯力工業 Computer cases
LiteOn 光寶科技 Computer and peripheral equipment TWSE: 2301
Liuli Gongfang 琉璃工房 Glass making
Luxgen 納智捷汽車 Automobiles


English Chinese Industry Stock code(s)
MAG Innovision 美格科技 Computer and peripheral equipment TWSE: 2358
Mai-Liao Power Corporation 麦寮汽电 Electricity
Mandarin Airlines 華信航空 Shipping and transportation
Ma-tek Inc 閎康科技 Materials Analysis, Failure Analysis, Raman, SERS, Reverse Engineering GTSM: 3587
MediaTek 聯發科技 Semiconductors TWSE: 2454
Mega International Commercial Bank 兆豐銀行 Finance and insurance TWSE: 2886
Merida Bikes 美利達工業 Bikes TWSE: 9914
Micro-Star International 微星科技 Computer and Peripheral Equipment TWSE: 2377
Microtek 全友電腦 Computer and Peripheral Equipment TWSE: 2305
Miniwiz 小智研發 upcycling
MIPRO 嘉強電子 Wireless Microphone Systems
MiTAC 神達電腦 Computer and Peripheral Equipment TWSE: 2315
MStar Semiconductor 晨星半導體 Semiconductors TWSE: 3697
Mustek Systems 鴻友科技 Computer and Peripheral Equipment TWSE: 2361


English Chinese Industry Stock code(s)
Nankang Rubber Tire 南港輪胎 rubber manufacturing
Nuvoton 新唐科技 Semiconductors


English Chinese Industry Stock code(s)


English Chinese Industry Stock code(s)
Pegatron Corporation 和碩聯合科技 Electronics manufacturing services TWSE: 4983 LuxSE: PGAA LuxSE: PGAS
Phalanx Biotech Group 華聯生物科技 Biotechnology
Phison 群聯電子 Computer memory GTSM: 8299
Plustek Inc. 精益科技 Image Scanners, Security Devices
Pou Chen Corporation 寶成工業 Footwear TWSE: 9904
Powerchip Semiconductor 力晶科技 Semiconductors GTSM: 5346
Promise Technology 喬鼎資訊 Computer and peripheral equipment TWSE: 3057


English Chinese Industry Stock code(s)
QNAP Systems, Inc. 威聯通科技 Network storage
Quanta Computer 廣達電腦 Computer and Peripheral Equipment TWSE: 2382


English Chinese Industry Stock code(s)
Ralink 電凌科技 Semiconductors TWSE: 3534
Realtek 瑞昱半導體 Semiconductors TWSE: 2379
Rebar 力霸集團 Construction
Ritek 錸德科技 Optoelectronics TWSE: 2349
Rock Records 滾石唱片 music record labels
Runewaker Entertainment 思維工坊 video games


English Chinese Industry Stock code(s)
Sangean 山進電子 Electronics
Seventeam 七盟電子 Computer and Peripheral Equipment
Shanghai Commercial and Savings Bank 上海商業儲蓄銀行 Banking, financial and related services
Sheico 薛長興企業 Clothing
Shihlin Electric 士林電機 Electric Machineries TWSE: 1503
Shiatzy Chen 夏姿 Luxury goods
Shuttle Inc. 浩鑫電腦 Computer and Peripheral Equipment TWSE: 2405
Silicon Integrated Systems 矽統科技 Semiconductors TWSE: 2363
Silicon Power 廣穎電通 computer hardware
SilverStone Technology 銀欣科技 Computer and Peripheral Equipment
SinoPac Financial Holdings 永豐金控 Financial and Insurance TWSE: 2890
SPARKLE Computer Co., Ltd. 斯博科 computer graphics
SpringSoft 思源科技 Semiconductors TWSE: 2473
SunComm Technology 相光科技 Gsm fixed wireless phone TWSE: 2206
SYM Motors 三陽機車 Automobiles, Motorcycles, Motorized Scooters TWSE: 2206
Synology Inc. 群暉科技 Network storage


English Chinese Industry Stock code(s)
Taiwan Cooperative Bank 合作金庫 Finance and insurance TWSE: 5854
Taiwan Financial Holdings Group 臺灣金控 Banking, financial and related services
Taiwan International Ports Corporation 臺灣港務公司 Shipping
Taiwan Mobile 台灣大哥大 Communications and Internet TWSE: 3045
Taiwan Power Company 台灣電力公司 Electricity
Taiwan Sugar Corporation 台灣糖業公司 Sugar, cosmetics, gas stations
Taiwan Tobacco and Liquor Corporation 台灣菸酒公司 Alcohol and tobacco products
Taiwan Water Corporation 台灣自來水公司 Water supply
Tang Eng Iron Works 唐榮鐵工廠 Iron and steel GTSM: 2035
Tatung Company 大同公司 Electronics TWSE: 2371
TECO 東元電機 Electric machinery TWSE: 1504
Tecom 東訊公司 Communications and Internet TWSE: 2321
Tekom Technologies 智基光電 Optoelectronics GTSM: 6294
Thecus 宏普科技 Hardware storage
Thermaltake 曜越科技 Computer cases
Thinking Electronic 興勤電子 Electronic Parts/Components TWSE: 2428
Thunder Tiger 雷虎科技 Model vehicles TWSE: 8033
Tong Li Publishing 東立出版社 Publishing
TransAsia Airways 復興航空 Shipping and transportation
Transcend 創見資訊 Semiconductors TWSE: 2451
TSMC 台積電 Semiconductors NYSE: TSM TWSE: 2330


English Chinese Industry Stock code(s)
Ulead Systems 友立資訊 sound, photo, movie editing software TWSE: 2487
UMAX Technologies 世成科技 computer hardware
Uni Air 立榮航空 Commercial airline
Uni-President Enterprises Corporation 統一企業 Food TWSE: 1216
Unicorn Hobby Corporation 巨大塑膠 airsoft gun
United Microelectronics Corporation 聯華電子 Semiconductors NYSE: UMC TWSE: 2303
Universal abit 環茂科技 motherboards, video cards
UserJoy Technology 宇峻奧汀 Gaming software GTSM: 3546


English Chinese Industry Stock code(s)
VIA Technologies 威盛電子 Semiconductors TWSE: 2388
Vibo Telecom Inc. 威寶電信 Telecommunications
VIS 世界先進 Semiconductor foundry


English Chinese Industry Stock code(s)
Wan Hai Lines 萬海航運 Shipping and Transportation TWSE: 2615
Wang Film Productions Animation Production
Want Want 旺旺集團 Food
Wei-Chuan Food Corporation 味全 Food TWSE: 1201
Winbond 華邦電子 Semiconductors TWSE: 2344
Wistron 緯創資通 Computer and Peripheral Equipment TWSE: 3231


English Chinese Industry Stock code(s)
XGI Technology 圖誠科技 GPUs, video cards


English Chinese Industry Stock code(s)
Yageo 國巨 Electronic Parts/Components TWSE: 2327
Yahorng 亞弘 Audio, Home appliances, and Health care products TWSE: 6201
Yang Ming Marine Transport Corporation 陽明海運 Shipping and Transportation TWSE: 2609
Yeh-Chiang Technology 業強科技 Electronics GTSM: 6124
Yulon Motor 裕隆汽車 Automobiles TWSE: 2201


English Chinese Industry Stock code(s)
ZyXEL 合勤科技 Communications and Internet TWSE: 2391

Companies based in another country

The following is a list of companies founded or co-founded by Taiwanese expatriates or people of Taiwanese descent based in another country.

Company Name Chinese Founded Founder Headquarters Industry (ICB) Product(s)/Service(s) Stock Codes
Biscom 貝思康 1986 S.K. Ho Chelmsford Computer services fax communication
CatchPlay 威望國際 2007 Wayne Chang San Jose Media movie distribution and production
Garmin 台灣國際航電 1989 Min Kao Olathe Software GPS systems NASDAQ: GRMN
Kingston Technology 金士頓科技 1987 John Tu Fountain Valley Hardware DRAM
Nautica Nautica 1983 David Chu New York Personal goods clothing, design
Newegg 新蛋科技 2001 Fred Chang City of Industry Retail online retailer of computer hardware and software
NVIDIA NVIDIA 英偉達 1993 Jen-Hsun Huang Santa Clara Semiconductors GPUs, chipsets NASDAQ: NVDA
Omni Bank 安利銀行 1979 Cary Ching Alhambra Banks banking, financial services
OmniVision Technologies 豪威科技 1995 Shaw Hong Santa Clara Hardware CMOS sensor NASDAQ: OVTI
Trend Micro 趨勢科技 1988 Steve Chang Tokyo Software antivirus, security software TYO: 4704
ViewSonic 優派 1987 James Chu Walnut Hardware monitors
Vizio 瑞軒科技 2002 William Wang Irvine Leisure goods flat panel TV
Yahoo! 雅虎 1995 Jerry Yang Sunnyvale Computer services Internet search engine, software NASDAQ: YHOO
YouTube YouTube 2005 Steve Chen San Bruno Computer services video website
Zappos Zappos 1999 Tony Hsieh Las Vegas Computer services Online clothing retailer

Former companies

English Chinese Founded Industry Defunct
Bit Corporation 普澤 1984 Gaming 1992
EPoX Electronics
Soyo Group 1985 Electronics 2009

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