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List of contract bridge people

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Title: List of contract bridge people  
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Subject: Contract bridge, Easley Blackwood, Sr., Bobby Wolff
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List of contract bridge people

This list is a compilation of contract bridge players, writers, administrators and personalities who have been recognized for their skills, achievements or contributions to the game as identified by various specific sources.

People recognized by bridge organizations

American Contract Bridge League

Hall of Fame

The first bridge Hall of Fame was inaugurated by The Bridge World in 1964 and invested nine members between then and 1966 after which it ceased sponsorship. The American Contract Bridge League adopted the concept to recognize the achievements and contributions of those residing in its territory (USA, Canada, Mexico and Bermuda) and inaugurated its own Hall of Fame[1] in 1995 by accepting the original nine and adding eight others that year.[2] New members have been added annually in three categories:

  • Open Award for living individuals who have achieved prominence in the game of bridge and have an outstanding tournament record[3]
  • von Zedtwitz Award is given to living or deceased individual who has achieved prominence in the game of bridge and has an outstanding tournament record but who may not have been in the limelight for a significant period of time; someone who would have been elected to the Hall of Fame in their time, before the institution was created.[3]
  • Blackwood Award for a major contributor to the game outside of playing.

Nominees in the Open category must have attained the age of 60 by 1 January of the year of the induction ceremony. The primary basis for consideration in the Open and von Zedtwitz categories is the player’s North American and international record and achievements as a member and representative of the ACBL. An individual’s personal history, whether good or bad, should be considered in nominating candidates or selecting recipients.
—ACBL Hall of Fame charter, ACBL's Foundation for the Preservation and Advancement of Bridge

Since 2008, the Hall of Fame charter[3] has been administered by the ACBL's Foundation for the Preservation and Advancement of Bridge.[4]

Most influential personalities

In 2012, the American Contract Bridge League celebrated the 75th anniversary of its creation by the merger of the American Bridge League and the United States Bridge Association in October 1937.[5] In partial recognition, the League published a list of the 52[lower-alpha 1] most influential personalities during its history.[6]

Criteria included:

  • contributions to bidding theory that have stood the test of time;
  • contributions to bridge literature of enduring importance;
  • contributions to law, regulation or administration making bridge more accessible or more fun;
  • charisma that has broadened the appeal of bridge to non-players.

Selections were not limited to ACBL members or North American residents.

Canadian Bridge Federation – Hall of Fame

The CBF Hall of Fame in 2010 to recognize the achievements and contributions of Canadian bridge personalities.

European Bridge League – Awards and Distinctions

The European Bridge League (EBL) is a confederation of national bridge organizations for European countries, established 1947.

  • Honorary Titles
  • Plaques
  • Medals. Since 1975, the EBL recognizes distinguished bridge people at the three olpympian medal levels.[7]

World Bridge Federation – Awards and Distinctions

The World Bridge Federation (WBF) is the world governing body for bridge, established in 1958.

  • Women Stars
  • Titles
  • Medals
  • Hall of Fame
  • Plaques
  • Youth Awards

People recognized in bridge books

Numerous biographical entries are contained in the Encyclopedia of Bridge[8] (1935), the various editions of the The Official Encyclopedia of Bridge (1964–2011), The Bridge Players' Encyclopedia[9] (1967), and in the British Bridge Almanack (2004).[10]

In addition, the following books provide biographical information about bridge people as of the date of publication.

Aces All by Guy Ramsey (1955)

In the Foreword of Aces All,[11] Ramsey writes that "it is a book about some, though by no means all, of the leading players of today and the immediate yesterday..." He presents biographies of the following (all either British or playing in Britain):

The Bridge Immortals by Victor Mollo (1968)

The Bridge Immortals[12] gives brief biographies of the "greatest bridge people living today", listed here in alphabetical order.

World Class by Marc Smith (1999)

World Class: conversations with the bridge masters[13] features "the crème de la crème of the world of bridge" in their own words. Here is Smith's classification of his interviews.

All-time Greats:

Stars of Today:

Women Stars:

Rising Stars:

  • Boye Brogeland
  • Fred Gitelman
  • Jason Hackett and Justin Hackett
  • Morten Lund Madsen

Star Writers:

British Bridge Almanack by Peter Hasenson (2004)

The Editor's Choice[14] nominations are listed alphabetically as follows:

19 Greatest Partnerships of the last 30 Years

16 Greatest Female Partnerships of All Time

  • Carla Arnolds & Bep Vriend
  • Daniela von Arnim & Sabine Auken
  • Véronique Bessis & Catherine D'Ovidio
  • Marisa Bianchi & Anna Valenti
  • Mildred Breed & Shawn Quinn
  • Sally Brock & Sandra Landy
  • Bénédicte Cronier & Sylvie Willard
  • Pat Davies & Nicola Smith
  • Lynn Deas & Beth Palmer
  • Joan Durran & Jane Priday
  • Maria Erhart & Doris Fischer
  • Fritzi Gordon & Rixi Markus
  • Emma Jean Hawes & Dorothy Hayden Truscott
  • Karen McCallum & Kerri Sanborn
  • Jacqui Mitchell & Gail Moss Greenberg
  • Judy Radin & Kathie Wei

Point leaders

American Contract Bridge League

Players of the Decade - ACBL Master Point Leaders from 2000 to 2009

European Bridge League

Lists of the top European Master Points (EMP) holders in various categories and for various periods

World Bridge Federation

The World Bridge Federation measures achievement in tournament play by a dual system of Master Points and Placing Points[15] and provides ranked lists in Open, Women, and Seniors categories.[16] Short colloquialisms like "Fulvio Fantoni is number one in the world" refer to the WBF Open Ranking. It ranks by Master Points those all-time players whose Placing Points accord "World Grand Master" status. MPs decay but PPs do not, so retired and deceased World Grand Masters remain on the list but drift toward the bottom.

Other listings

Video interviews

The Hall of Fame. Additional links to videos of bridge personalities and events are also listed.

  • Mike Becker ACBL Hall of Fame
  • David Berkowitz ACBL Hall of Fame
  • David Berkowitz at ACBL Hall of Fame induction
  • Boye Brogeland interviewed by John Carruthers
  • John Carruthers interviewed by Bridge Kids
  • Gabriel Chagas and Zia Mahmood on money-bridge
  • Larry Cohen at David Berkowitz's ACBL Hall of Fame induction
  • Larry Cohen and Jeff Meckstroth at a cruise lecture
  • Billy Eisenberg ACBL Hall of Fame
  • Audrey Grant
  • Henry Francis ACBL Hall of Fame
  • Benito Garozzo interviewed by Audrey Grant
  • Fred Gitleman interviewed by Bridge Kids
  • Bobby Goldman interviewed by Audrey Grant
  • Joe Grue interviewed by Gavin Wolpert
  • Fred Hamilton ACBL Hall of Fame
  • Bobby Hamman interviewed by Audrey Grant
  • Bobby Hamman ACBL Hall of Fame
  • Bobby Hamman interviewed by Bridge Kids
  • Eddie Kantar interviewed by Audrey Grant
  • Eddie Kantar ACBL Hall of Fame
  • Edgar Kaplan interviewed by Audrey Grant
  • Sami Kehela ACBL Hall of Fame
  • Betty Ann Kennedy ACBL Hall of Fame
  • Mark Lair ACBL Hall of Fame
  • Sidney Lazard ACBL Hall of Fame
  • Bobby Levin interviewed by Audrey Grant
  • Bobby Levin interviewed by Bridge Topics
  • Zia Mahmood interviewed by Audrey Grant
  • Zia Mahmood ACBL Hall of Fame
  • Jan Martel ACBL Hall of Fame
  • Jeff Meckstroth interviewed by Audrey Grant
  • Jeff Meckstroth interviewed by Bridge Kids
  • Jeff Meckstroth interviewed by Bridge Topics
  • Mark Molson interviewed by Audrey Grant
  • Eric Murray ACBL Hall of Fame
  • Aileen Osofsky ACBL Hall of Fame
  • Mike Passell ACBL Hall of Fame
  • George Rapee interviewed by Audrey Grant
  • Barry Rigal interviewed by John Carruthers
  • Eric Rodwell interviewed by Mark Horton 1
  • Eric Rodwell interviewed by Mark Horton 2
  • Steve Robinson ACBL Hall of Fame
  • Kerri Sanborn ACBL Hall of Fame
  • Alan Sontag ACBL Hall of Fame
  • Alfred Sheinwold interviewed by Audrey Grant
  • Katherine Wei-Sender interviewed by Audrey Grant
  • Peter Weichsel ACBL Hall of Fame

Others not listed above

Bridge in fiction

Famous people and bridge

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