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List of digital terrestrial television channels (UK)


List of digital terrestrial television channels (UK)

This is a list of the current channels available on digital terrestrial television in the United Kingdom, those planned for the future, and those that have been removed.

All multiplexed H.222 transports for HDTV (1080i) channels use DVB-T2 256-QAM modulation. Local channels on the LTVmux use DVB-T QPSK modulation. All other transports for PAL (576i), radio and interactive channels use DVB-T 64-QAM modulation.

All HD television channels on the Freeview platform are encoded in H.264 and subject to a MPEG-LA controlled transmission patent licensing tax which is included in the Freeview broadcaster cost and varies on viewership figures. This tax is currently paid via one of three registered licensees, which are the BBC, ITV and BSkyB. The SD channels still use H.262 which doesn't incur any additional transmission costs.

The PSB1 transport (aka BBC A) is used solely for BBC non-HDTV channels. The PSB2 transport (aka D3&4) is used for other broadcasters' non-HDTV channels with spill over onto the less available COM4 (aka SDN), COM5 (aka ARQ A) and COM6 (aka ARQ B) transports. The PSB3 transport (aka BBC B) is used solely for HDTV channels with spill over onto the less available COM7 (aka ARQ C) transport.

LTVmux is series of localised transports at certain transmitter sites carrying local and nationwide channels. Its availability is much less than that of the commercial COM transports. In addition to this, the GImux transport (aka G_MAN) is only available in Greater Manchester. The NImux transport (aka RNI_1) is only available in Northern Ireland.

Many free-to-air channels are promoted as part of the Freeview line-up. Subscription channels require a subscription to a pay TV package such as BT TV with pay-per-view channels requiring a one-off payment to view an event.

Channel sections

General entertainment

General entertainment: Local TV variations

These regional channels are licensed by Ofcom under the Local Digital Television Programme.[1]

General entertainment: Greater Manchester variations

General entertainment: Northern Ireland variations





Text services

Streamed channels

Interactive services for compatible receivers (Internet connection/compatible HD TV/box required).


These are services that are not designed to be channels but do show up on the EPG of the majority of Freeview boxes.

Radio stations

Future channels and events



  • 5 - BT Sport 2 closes on channel 59 [2]
  • 5 - STV Edinburgh on channel 23 (Edinburgh only)[3][4][5]
  • 5 - TBN UK on channel 65[6]
  • 28 - That's Oxford on channel 8 (Oxford only)

Before 2016

  • Bay TV Clywd on channel 23 (Mold only)[7]
  • Bay TV Swansea on channel 23 (Swansea only)[7]
  • BBC One +1[8]
  • BT Sport 1 closes on channel 58 [2]
  • Cambridge Presents on channel 8 (Cambridge only)[9][10]
  • KMTV on channel 8 (Maidstone and Tonbridge only)[11]
  • Made in Teesside on channel 8 (Middlesbrough only)[12]
  • Spike[13]
  • That's Hampshire on channel 8 (Basingstoke only)[11]
  • That's Oxford on channel 8 (Oxford only)[14][15][16]
  • That's Reading on channel 8 (Reading only)[17]
  • That's Salisbury on channel 8 (Salisbury only)[17]
  • That's Surrey on channel 8 (Guildford only)[17]
  • The York Channel on channel 8 (York only)[12]
  • Viva to close on channel 21[13]
  • Yorkshire Coast TV on channel 8 (Scarborough only)[9][10]
  • YourTV Blackpool & Preston on channel 8 (Blackpool and Preston only)[18][19]
  • YourTV Manchester on channel 8 (Manchester only)[20][21]

Channels removed from digital terrestrial television

These are channels that have been removed from digital terrestrial television. This does not include rebranded channels or channels that have ceased broadcasting.














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