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List of federal judges appointed by Benjamin Harrison

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Title: List of federal judges appointed by Benjamin Harrison  
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List of federal judges appointed by Benjamin Harrison

Following is a list of all United States federal judges appointed by President Benjamin Harrison during his presidency.[1] In total Harrison appointed 42 federal judges, including four Justices to the Supreme Court of the United States, ten judges to the United States Courts of Appeals, two judges to the United States circuit courts, and 26 judges to the United States district courts. Because Harrison was in office at the time that Congress eliminated the circuit courts in favor of the Courts of Appeals, he is one of only two Presidents to have appointed judges to both bodies. The other, Grover Cleveland, served both before and after Harrison. Both of Harrison's appointees to the United States circuit courts were reassigned to the corresponding Courts of Appeals when the former were abolished in favor of the latter on June 16, 1891.

United States Supreme Court Justices

Justice Seat State Began active
Ended active
Brewer, David JosiahDavid Josiah Brewer Seat 6 Kansas
Brown, Henry BillingsHenry Billings Brown Seat 3 Michigan
Jackson, Howell EdmundsHowell Edmunds Jackson Seat 1 Tennessee
Shiras, Jr., GeorgeGeorge Shiras, Jr. Seat 10 Pennsylvania

Circuit Court/Courts of Appeals

Judge Circuit Began active
Ended active
Acheson, Marcus WilsonMarcus Wilson Acheson Third [2]
Caldwell, Henry ClayHenry Clay Caldwell Eighth [2]
Dallas, George M.George M. Dallas Third
Gilbert, William BallWilliam Ball Gilbert Ninth
Goff, Jr., NathanNathan Goff, Jr. Fourth
McCormick, Andrew PhelpsAndrew Phelps McCormick Fifth
McKenna, JosephJoseph McKenna Ninth
Putnam, William LeBaronWilliam LeBaron Putnam First
Sanborn, Walter HenryWalter Henry Sanborn Eighth
Shipman, NathanielNathaniel Shipman Second
Taft, William HowardWilliam Howard Taft Sixth
Woods, William AllenWilliam Allen Woods Seventh

District courts

Judge Court
[Note 1]
Began active
Ended active
Aldrich, EdgarEdgar Aldrich D.N.H.
Baker, John HarrisJohn Harris Baker D. Ind.
Beatty, James HelmickJames Helmick Beatty D. Idaho [3]
Bradley, Andrew CoyleAndrew Coyle Bradley D.D.C.
Bryant, David EzekielDavid Ezekiel Bryant E.D. Tex.
Buffington, JosephJoseph Buffington W.D. Pa.
Cole, Charles CleavesCharles Cleaves Cole D.D.C.
Edgerton, Alonzo J.Alonzo J. Edgerton D.S.D. [4]
Green, Edward T.Edward T. Green D.N.J. [5]
Grosscup, Peter StengerPeter Stenger Grosscup N.D. Ill.
Hanford, Cornelius HolgateCornelius Holgate Hanford D. Wash. [6]
Hawley, Thomas PorterThomas Porter Hawley D. Nev.
Knowles, HiramHiram Knowles D. Mont.
McComas, Louis E.Louis E. McComas D.D.C. [7]
Morrow, William W.William W. Morrow N.D. Cal. [8]
Niles, Henry ClayHenry Clay Niles N.D. Miss.
S.D. Miss.
Rector, John B.John B. Rector N.D. Tex.
Reed, James HayJames Hay Reed W.D. Pa.
Ricks, Augustus J.Augustus J. Ricks N.D. Ohio [4]
Riner, John AldenJohn Alden Riner D. Wyo.
Swan, Henry HarrisonHenry Harrison Swan E.D. Mich.
Swayne, CharlesCharles Swayne N.D. Fla. [10]
Thomas, Alfred DelavanAlfred Delavan Thomas D.N.D.
Townsend, William KneelandWilliam Kneeland Townsend D. Conn.
Williams, John A.John A. Williams E.D. Ark.
Woolson, John SimsonJohn Simson Woolson S.D. Iowa [8]

Specialty courts

United States Court of Claims

Judge Began active
Ended active
Peelle, Stanton J.Stanton J. Peelle 1892 1913

United States Customs Court

Judge Began active
Ended active
Ham, Charles H.Charles H. Ham 1890 1902
Jewell, James A.James A. Jewell 1890 1903
Sharpe, George H.George H. Sharpe 1890 1900
Sharretts, Thaddeus S.Thaddeus S. Sharretts 1890 1913
Shurtleff, Ferdinand N.Ferdinand N. Shurtleff 1890 1899
Somerville, Henderson M.Henderson M. Somerville 1890 1915
Stackpole, Joseph LewisJoseph Lewis Stackpole 1890 1891
Tichenor, George C.George C. Tichenor 1890 1902
Wilkinson, Jr., Joseph BiddleJoseph Biddle Wilkinson, Jr. 1890 1900
Lunt, Wilbur FiskWilbur Fisk Lunt 1891 1907





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