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List of federal judges appointed by Warren G. Harding

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Title: List of federal judges appointed by Warren G. Harding  
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List of federal judges appointed by Warren G. Harding

Following is a list of all United States federal judges appointed by President Warren G. Harding during his presidency.[1] In total Harding appointed four Justices to the Supreme Court of the United States (including one Chief Justice), 6 judges to the United States Courts of Appeals, and 42 judges to the United States district courts.

United States Supreme Court Justices

Justice Seat State Began active
Ended active
Ended senior
Butler, PiercePierce Butler Seat 10 Minnesota
Sanford, Edward TerryEdward Terry Sanford Seat 8 Tennessee
Sutherland, GeorgeGeorge Sutherland Seat 6 Utah
Taft, William HowardWilliam Howard Taft Chief Justice Ohio

Courts of Appeals

Judge Circuit Began active
Ended active
Ended senior
Kenyon, William S.William S. Kenyon Eighth
Lewis, Robert E.Robert E. Lewis Eighth [2]
Mayer, Julius MarshuetzJulius Marshuetz Mayer Second
Rose, John CarterJohn Carter Rose Fourth
Rudkin, Frank H.Frank H. Rudkin Ninth
Waddill, Jr., EdmundEdmund Waddill, Jr. Fourth

District courts

Judge Court
[Note 1]
Began active
Ended active
Ended senior
Atwell, William HawleyWilliam Hawley Atwell N.D. Tex.
Baker, William EliWilliam Eli Baker N.D.W.Va. [3]
Barrett, William HaleWilliam Hale Barrett S.D. Ga.
Bondy, WilliamWilliam Bondy S.D.N.Y.
Brewster, Elisha HumeElisha Hume Brewster D. Mass.
Campbell, Marcus BeachMarcus Beach Campbell E.D.N.Y.
Cant, William AlexanderWilliam Alexander Cant D. Minn. [4]
Cliffe, Adam C.Adam C. Cliffe N.D. Ill.
Gibson, Robert MurrayRobert Murray Gibson W.D. Pa.
Goddard, Henry W.Henry W. Goddard S.D.N.Y.
Gore, John J.John J. Gore M.D. Tenn.
Groner, Duncan LawrenceDuncan Lawrence Groner E.D. Va.
Hickenlooper, SmithSmith Hickenlooper S.D. Ohio
Hicks, XenophonXenophon Hicks M.D. Tenn.
E.D. Tenn.
Hoehling, Jr., Adolph A.Adolph A. Hoehling, Jr. D.D.C.
Inch, Robert AlexanderRobert Alexander Inch E.D.N.Y. [5]
Jacobs, Fred ClintonFred Clinton Jacobs D. Ariz.
James, William P.William P. James S.D. Cal.
Jones, Paul J.Paul J. Jones N.D. Ohio
Kennedy, Thomas BlakeThomas Blake Kennedy D. Wyo.
Lindley, Walter C.Walter C. Lindley E.D. Ill.
Lowell, James ArnoldJames Arnold Lowell D. Mass.
Luse, Claude ZethClaude Zeth Luse W.D. Wis. [6]
McClintic, George WarwickGeorge Warwick McClintic S.D.W.Va.
McGee, John FranklinJohn Franklin McGee D. Minn.
McKeehan, Charles LouisCharles Louis McKeehan E.D. Pa.
Miller, AndrewAndrew Miller D.N.D.
Morris, George FranklinGeorge Franklin Morris D.N.H.
Partridge, John SlaterJohn Slater Partridge N.D. Cal.
Peters, John A.John A. Peters D. Me.
Phillips, Orie LeonOrie Leon Phillips D.N.M.
Reeves, Albert L.Albert L. Reeves W.D. Mo.
Ross, John WilliamJohn William Ross W.D. Tenn.
Runyon, William NelsonWilliam Nelson Runyon D.N.J.
Schoonmaker, Frederic PalenFrederic Palen Schoonmaker W.D. Pa.
Scott, George CromwellGeorge Cromwell Scott N.D. Iowa
Simons, Charles CasperCharles Casper Simons E.D. Mich.
Soper, Morris AmesMorris Ames Soper D. Md.
Symes, John FosterJohn Foster Symes D. Colo.
Webster, J. StanleyJ. Stanley Webster E.D. Wash. [7]
Wilkerson, James HerbertJames Herbert Wilkerson N.D. Ill.
Winslow, Francis A.Francis A. Winslow S.D.N.Y.

Specialty courts

United States Court of Customs Appeals

Judge Began active
Ended active
Bland, Oscar EdwardOscar Edward Bland 1923 1951
Hatfield, Charles SherrodCharles Sherrod Hatfield 1923 1950



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