List of football stadiums in Montenegro

The following is a list of football stadiums in Montenegro, ordered by capacity.

# Stadium Capacity Opened City / Town Home team
1 Stadion pod Goricom 12,000[1] 1945 Podgorica FK Budućnost and Montenegro
2 Gradski stadion (Nikšić) 10,800 n/a Nikšić FK Sutjeska
3 Gradski stadion (Berane) 9,000 n/a Berane FK Berane
4 Gradski stadion (Pljevlja) 8,000 n/a Pljevlja FK Rudar
5 Stadion Trešnjica 7,000 n/a Golubovci FK Zeta
6 Stadion Topolica 6,000 n/a Bar FK Mornar
7 Gradski stadion (Bijelo Polje) 5,000 n/a Bijelo Polje FK Jedinstvo
8 Stadion Obilića Poljana 5,000 n/a Cetinje FK Lovćen
9 Stadion pod Racinom 5,000 n/a Plav FK Jezero
10 Stadion pod Vrmcem 5,000 n/a Kotor FK Bokelj
11 Stadion Lugovi 4,000 n/a Budva FK Mogren
12 Stadion u Parku 4,000 n/a Tivat FK Arsenal
13 Stadion Zlatica 3,000 n/a Podgorica FK Kom
14 Stadion Cvijetni Brijeg 1,500 1997 Podgorica FK Mladost
15 Stadion u Radanovićima 1,500 n/a Radanovići FK Grbalj
16 Stadion na Koniku 1,000 n/a Podgorica FK Ribnica and FK Grafičar
17 Stadion pod Malim Brdom 1,000 n/a Petrovac OFK Petrovac
18 Stadion Prljanije 1,000 1975 Andrijevica FK Komovi
19 Stadion Tuško Polje 1,000 n/a Tuzi FK Dečić
20 Stadion u Lugu 1,000 n/a Kolašin FK Gorštak
21 Stadion u Murinu 1,000 n/a Murino FK Polimlje
22 Stadion Solila 750 n/a Igalo OFK Igalo

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