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List of governors of pre-independence Sudan

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Title: List of governors of pre-independence Sudan  
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Subject: History of Sudan, Timeline of Sudanese history, Sudanese Armed Forces, List of Vice-Presidents of South Sudan, Vice President of Sudan
Collection: History of Sudan, Sudan-Related Lists
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List of governors of pre-independence Sudan

(Dates in italics indicate de facto continuation of office)

Term Incumbent Notes
Egyptian Sudan
November 1820 to 1821 Isma'il, Supreme Commander
April 1821 to September 1824 Muhammad Bey, Supreme Commander
September 1824 to May 1825 Osman Bey, Supreme Commander
May 1825 to March 1826 Mahu Bey Orfali, Supreme Commander
March 1826 to June 1838 Ali Khurshid Pasha, Hakimadar Governor-General
June 1838 to 6 October 1843 Ahmad Pasha abu Wadan, Hakimadar Governor-General
6 October 1843 to 1844 ..., Hakimadar Governor-General
1844 to 1845 Ahmad Pasha al-Manikli, Commander
1845 to 1849 Khalid Pasha (Husru Abu Amud), Hakimadar Governor-General
1849 to 1850 ..., Hakimadar Governor-General
1850 to January 1851 Abd al-Latif Pasha, Hakimadar Governor-General
January 1851 to May 1852 Rustum Pasha Cerkes, Hakimadar Governor-General
May 1852 to 1853 Ismail Pasha Abu Jabal, Hakimadar Governor-General
1853 to 1854 Salim Pasha Sayib, Hakimadar Governor-General
July 1854 to November 1854 Ali Pasha Sirri Arnavut, Hakimadar Governor-General
November 1854 to 1855 ..., Hakimadar Governor-General
1855 to 1857 Ali Pasha Jarkis, Hakimadar Governor-General
1857 to 1858 Arakil Bey al-Armani Mudir'umum, acting Hakimadar acting Governor-General
1859 to 1861 Hasan Bey Salamah, Hakimadar Governor-General
1861 to 1862 Muhammad Bey Rasileh, Hakimadar Governor-General
1862 to 1865 Musa Pasha Hamdi, Hakimadar Governor-General
1865 to November 1865 Omar Bey Fahri, acting Hakimadar acting Governor-General
November 1865 to 1866 Jaafar Pasha Sadiq, Hakimadar Governor-General
1866 to 5 February 1871 Jaafar Pasha Mazhar, Hakimadar Governor-General
5 February 1871 to October 1872 Ahmad Mumtaz Pasha, Hakimadar Governor-General
October 1872 to 1872 Edhem Pasha al-Arifi at-Atqalawi, acting Hakimadar acting Governor-General
1872 to 18 May 1877 Ismail Pasha Aiyub, Hakimadar Governor-General
May 1877 to December 1879 Charles George Gordon (Gordon Pasha), Hakimadar Governor-General, 1st time
December 1879 to February 1882 Mahummad Ra'uf Pasha, Hakimadar Governor-General
February 1882 to May 1882 Muhammad Nadi Pasha, acting Hakimadar acting Governor-General
May 1882 to March 1883 Abd al-Qadir Pasha Hailmi, Hakimadar Governor-General
March 1883 to 5 November 1883 Ala ad-Din, Hakimadar Governor-General
5 November 1883 to 18 February 1884 William Hicks (Hicks Pasha), Hakimadar Governor-General
18 February 1884 to 26 January 1885 Charles George Gordon (Gordon Pasha), Hakimadar Governor-General, 2nd time; Killed in the Battle of Khartoum
26 January 1885 - 2 October 1898 Territory of Egyptian Sudan under complete control of Mahdiya (Mahdist State)
British Military Administration
2 September 1898 to 19 January 1899 Herbert Kitchener, 1st Earl Kitchener, Military Governor
Anglo-Egyptian Sudan (condominium)
19 January 1899 to 22 December 1899 Herbert Kitchener, 1st Earl Kitchener, Governor-General
22 December 1899 to 31 December 1916 Sir Francis Reginald Wingate, Governor-General
1 January 1917 to 20 November 1924 Sir Lee Oliver Fitzmaurice Stack, Governor-General Assassinated in Cairo
21 November 1924 to 5 January 1925 Wasey Sterry, acting Governor-General
5 January 1925 to 6 July 1926 Sir Geoffrey Francis Archer, Governor-General
31 October 1926 to 10 January 1934 Sir John Loader Maffey, Governor-General
10 January 1934 to 19 October 1940 Sir George Stewart Symes, Governor-General
19 October 1940 to 8 April 1947 Sir Hubert Jervoise Huddleston, Governor-General
8 April 1947 to 29 March 1954 Sir Robert George Howe, Governor-General
29 March 1954 to 12 December 1955 Sir Alexander Knox Helm, Governor-General
1 January 1956 Independence as Republic of Sudan

For continuation after independence, see: List of heads of state of Sudan

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