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List of lieutenant governors of British Columbia

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Title: List of lieutenant governors of British Columbia  
Author: World Heritage Encyclopedia
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Subject: Queen's Bench, Judith Guichon, List of lieutenant governors of Saskatchewan, Crown Collection, Succession to the Throne Act 1937
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List of lieutenant governors of British Columbia

The following is a list of the Lieutenant Governors of British Columbia. Though the present day office of the lieutenant governor in British Columbia came into being only upon the province's entry into Canadian Confederation in 1871, the post is a continuation from the first governorship of Vancouver Island in 1849, although without the same executive powers as Governors had. There were also colonial Lieutenant-Governors whose job was that of deputy to the Governor.

Lieutenant Governors of British Columbia, 1871-present

# Image Name Governor from Governor until
Lieutenant Governors under Queen Victoria (1871 – 1901):
1. Sir KCMG 1871 1876
2. Albert Norton Richards QC 1876 1881
3. Clement Francis Cornwall JP 1881 1887
4. Hugh Nelson 1887 1892
5. Edgar Dewdney PC 1892 1897
6. Thomas Robert McInnes 1897 1900
7. Sir Henri-Gustave Joly de Lotbinière PC KCMG 1900
Governors under Edward VII (1901 – 1910):
7. cont... 1906
8. James Dunsmuir 1906 1909
9. Thomas Wilson Paterson 1909
Governors under (1910 – 1936):
9. cont... 1914
10. Sir Francis Stillman Barnard KCMG 1914 1919
11. Edward Gawler Prior PC 1919 1920
12. Walter Cameron Nichol 1920 1926
13. Robert Randolph Bruce 1926 1931
14. John William Fordham Johnson 1931
Governors under Edward VIII (1936):
14. cont... 1936
15. Eric Werge Hamber 1936
Governors under (1936 – 1952):
15. cont... 1941
16. William Culham Woodward 1941 1946
17. CMG 1946 1950
18. Clarence Wallace CBE 1950
Governors under Elizabeth II (1952 – present):
18. cont... 1955
19. Frank Mackenzie Ross CMG MC 1955 1960
20. PC VC CC CB DSO MC CD 1960 1968
21. John Robert Nicholson PC OBE QC 1968 1973
22. Walter Stewart Owen OC QC 1973 1978
23. Henry Pybus Bell-Irving OC DSO OBE OBC ED CD 1978 1983
24. Robert Gordon Rogers 1983 1988
25. David Lam OC CVO OBC 1988 1995
26. Garde Gardom OBC QC 1995 2001
27. Iona Campagnolo PC OC OBC 2001 2007
28. Steven Point OBC 2007 2012
29. Judith Guichon OBC 2012

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