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List of members of the European Parliament for Greece, 1984–89


List of members of the European Parliament for Greece, 1984–89

This is the list of the members of the European Parliament for Greece in the 1984 to 1989 session. See European Parliament election, 1984 (Greece) for election results.


Name National party EP Group
Dimitrios Adamou[1]      Communist Party      COM
Alékos Alavános      Communist Party      COM
Geórgios Anastasópoulos      New Democracy      EPP
Evangelos Averoff[2]      New Democracy      EPP
Paraskevas Avgerinos      Socialist Movement      SOC
Ioannis Boutos      New Democracy      ED
Efthymios Christodoulou      New Democracy      EPP
Chrysanthos Dimitriadis[3]      National Political Union      ER
Vassilis Ephremidis      Communist Party      COM
Dimitrios Evrigenis[4]      New Democracy      EPP
Nikolaos Gazis      Socialist Movement      SOC
Kyriakos Gerontopoulos[5]      New Democracy      EPP
Marietta Giannakou      New Democracy      EPP
Manolis Glezos[6]      Socialist Movement      SOC
Leonidas Kyrkos[7]      Communist Party      COM
Panayotis Lambrias      New Democracy      EPP
Georgios Mavros      Socialist Movement      SOC
Konstantina Pantazi      Socialist Movement      SOC
Christos Papoutsis      Socialist Movement      SOC
Spyridon Plaskovitis      Socialist Movement      SOC
Georgios Romeos      Socialist Movement      SOC
Ioannis Tzounis      New Democracy      EPP
Grigorios Varfis[8]      Socialist Movement      SOC
Nikolaos Vgenopoulos[9]      Socialist Movement      SOC


  1. ^ Resigned in 1987, replaced by Dimitrios Dessylas on 6 October 1987.
  2. ^ Resigned in 1984, replaced by Konstantinos Stavrou on 27 July 1984.
  3. ^ Resigned in 1988, replaced by Aristides Dimopoulos from 1 August 1988 till 6 February 1989. Dimopoulos was replaced by Spyridon Zournatzis.
  4. ^ Resigned in 1986, replaced by Georgios Saridakis on 28 January 1986.
  5. ^ Resigned in 1989
  6. ^ Resigned in 1985, replaced by Spiridon Kolokotronis on 28 January 1985.
  7. ^ Resigned in 1985, replaced by Konstantinos Filinis on 28 January 1985.
  8. ^ Resigned in 1985, replaced by Leonidas Lagakos on 8 January 1985.
  9. ^ Resigned in 1985, replaced by Nikolaos Papakyriazis on 31 December 1985.
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