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List of members of the European Parliament for Italy, 1989–94


List of members of the European Parliament for Italy, 1989–94

This is a list of the 81 members of the European Parliament for Italy during the 1989 to 1994 session.


Name National party EP Group
Adelaide Aglietta      Rainbow Greens for Europe      G
Gianfranco Amendola      Rainbow Greens for Europe      G
Gianni Baget Bozzo      Socialist Party      SOC
Roberto Barzanti      Communist Party      UEL
Virginio Bettini [1]      Rainbow Greens for Europe      G
Vincenzo Bettiza      Liberal Party      SOC
Rosaria Bindi      Christian Democracy      EPP
Andrea Bonetti      Christian Democracy      EPP
Rinaldo Bontempi      Communist Party      UEL
Franco Borgo      Christian Democracy      EPP
Antonio Cariglia      Democratic Socialist Party      SOC
Pierre Carniti      Socialist Party      SOC
Carlo Casini      Christian Democracy      EPP
Maria Luisa Cassanmagnago Cerretti      Christian Democracy      EPP
Luciana Castellina      Communist Party      UEL
Anna Catasta      Communist Party      UEL
Adriana Ceci      Communist Party      UEL
Mauro Chiabrando      Christian Democracy      EPP
Luigi Alberto Colajanni      Communist Party      UEL
Emilio Colombo      Christian Democracy      EPP
Felice Contu      Christian Democracy      EPP
Maria Teresa Coppo Gavazzi [2]      Christian Democracy      EPP
Francesco Corleone [3]      Rainbow Greens for Europe      G
Bettino Craxi      Socialist Party      SOC
Joachim Dalsass      South Tyrolean People's Party      EPP
Biagio De Giovanni      Communist Party      UEL
Aldo De Matteo [4]      Christian Democracy      EPP
Cesare De Picolli      Communist Party      UEL
Lorenzo De Vitto [5]      Christian Democracy      EPP
Mario Dido' [6]      Socialist Party      SOC
Maurice Duverger      Communist Party      UEL
Enrico Falqui      Rainbow Greens for Europe      G
Antonio Fantini      Christian Democracy      EPP
Giulio Fantuzzi      Communist Party      UEL
Giuliano Ferrara [7]      Socialist Party      SOC
Enrico Ferri      Democratic Socialist Party      SOC
Gianfranco Fini [8]      Social Movement      NI
Arnaldo Forlani      Christian Democracy      EPP
Roberto Formigoni [9]      Christian Democracy      EPP
Mario Forte      Christian Democracy      EPP
Gerardo Gaibisso      Christian Democracy      EPP
Giulio Cesare Gallenzi      Christian Democracy      EPP
Jas Gawronski Polo Laico LIB
Giovanni Goria [10]      Christian Democracy      EPP
Francesco Guidolin      Christian Democracy      EPP
Franco Iacono      Socialist Party      SOC
Renzo Imbeni      Communist Party      UEL
Antonio Iodice      Christian Democracy      EPP
Lelio Lagorio      Socialist Party      SOC
[11]      Republican Party LIB
Francesco Lamanna [12]      Christian Democracy      EPP
Alexander Langer      Rainbow Greens for Europe      G
Antonio La Pergola      Socialist Party      SOC
Nereo Laroni      Liberal Party      SOC
Salvatore Lima [13]      Christian Democracy      EPP
Calogero Lo Giudice      Christian Democracy      EPP
Maria Magnani Noya      Socialist Party      SOC
Agostino Mantovani [14]      Christian Democracy      EPP
Vincenzo Mattina      Socialist Party      SOC
Eugenio Melandri      Proletarian Democracy      G
Mario Melis      Sardinian Action PartyValdostan Union      RWG
Alberto Michelini      Christian Democracy      EPP
Luigi Moretti      Lombard League      ARC
Giuseppe Mottola      Christian Democracy      EPP
Cristiana Muscardini      Social Movement      NI
Pasqualina Napoletano      Communist Party      UEL
Vito Napoli [15]      Christian Democracy      EPP
[16]      Communist Party      UEL
Achille Occhetto      Communist Party      UEL
Marco Pannella Polo Laico NI
Eolo Parodi [17]      Christian Democracy      EPP
Ferrucio Pisoni      Christian Democracy      EPP
Nino Pisoni      Christian Democracy      EPP
Giacomo Porrazzini      Communist Party      UEL
Andrea Raggio      Communist Party      UEL
Giuseppe Rauti      Social Movement      NI
Tullio Eugenio Regge      Communist Party      UEL
Edoardo Ronchi [18]      Rainbow Greens for Europe      G
Giorgio Rossetti      Communist Party      UEL
Mario Giovanni Guerriero Ruffini [19]      Christian Democracy      EPP
Gabriele Sboarina      Christian Democracy      EPP
Roberto Speciale      Communist Party      UEL
Francesco Enrico Speroni [20]      Lombard League      NI
Marco Taradash      Radical Party      G
Giuseppe Tatarella [21]      Social Movement      NI
Renzo Trivelli      Communist Party      UEL
Dacia Valent      Communist Party      UEL
Luciano Vecchi      Communist Party      UEL
Luigi Vertemati      Socialist Party      SOC
Bruno Visentini      Republican Party LIB


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  20. ^ Resigned on 11 May 1994, replaced by Gipo Farassino on 19 May 1994.
  21. ^ Resigned on 18 October 1989, replaced by Antonio Mazzone on 26 October 1989.
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