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List of members of the European Parliament for Italy, 2004–09


List of members of the European Parliament for Italy, 2004–09

The five constituencies for European elections

This is a list of the 78 members of the European Parliament for Italy in the 2004 to 2009 session.

The names in dark blue are MEPs that had already been elected in the European Parliament.


Name National party EP Group Consitituency
Agnoletto Vittorio      Communist Refoundation Party      EUL–NGL North-West
Albertini Gabriele      Forward Italy      EPP–ED North-West
Bonsignore Vito      Union of Christian and Centre Democrats      EPP–ED North-West
Borghezio Mario      North League      IND&DEM North-West
Chiesa Giulietto      Italy of Values      ELDR North-West
Fatuzzo Carlo      Pensioners' Party      EPP–ED North-West
Ferrari Francesco      Democratic Party      ELDR North-West
Frassoni Monica      Federation of the Greens      G–EFA North-West
Gawronski Jas      Forward Italy      EPP–ED North-West
La Russa Romano Maria      National Alliance      UEN North-West
Locatelli Pia Elda      Democratic Party      PES North-West
Mantovani Mario      Forward Italy      EPP–ED North-West
Mauro Mario      Forward Italy      EPP–ED North-West
Muscardini Cristina      National Alliance      UEN North-West
Pannella Marco      Italian Radicals      ELDR North-West
Panzeri Pier Antonio      Democratic Party      PES North-West
Podestà Guido      Forward Italy      EPP–ED North-West
Rizzo Marco      Party of Communists      EUL–NGL North-West
Rivera Giovanni      Democratic Party      NI North-West
Speroni Francesco      North League      IND&DEM North-West
Susta Gianluca      Democratic Party      ELDR North-West
Toia Patrizia      Democratic Party      ELDR North-West
Berlato Sergio      National Alliance      UEN North-East
Berlinguer Giovanni      Democratic Party      PES North-East
Bossi Umberto      North League      IND&DEM North-East
Braghetto Iles      Union of Christian and Centre Democrats      EPP–ED North-East
Brunetta Renato      Forward Italy      EPP–ED North-East
Cappato Marco      Italian Radicals      ELDR North-East
Carollo Giorgio      Forward Italy      EPP–ED North-East
Costa Paolo      Democratic Party      ELDR North-East
Ebner Michl      People's Party (South Tyrol)      EPP–ED North-East
Gobbo Gian Paolo      North League      UEN North-East
Gottardi Donata      Democratic Party      PES North-East
Kusstatscher Sepp      Federation of the Greens      G–EFA North-East
Musacchio Roberto      Communist Refoundation Party      EUL–NGL North-East
Prodi Vittorio      Democratic Party      ELDR North-East
Sartori Amalia      Forward Italy      EPP–ED North-East
Zani Mauro      Democratic Party      PES North-East
Angelilli Roberta      National Alliance      UEN Central
Antnazzi Alfredo      Forward Italy      EPP–ED Central
Alessandro Battilocchio      New Socialist Party      PES Central
Casini Carlo      Union of Christian and Centre Democrats      EPP–ED Central
Foglietta Alessandro      National Alliance      UEN Central
Gruber Lilli      Independent      PES Central
Guidoni Umberto      Party of Communists      EUL–NGL Central
Mrgantini Luisa      Communist Refoundation Party      EUL–NGL Central
Mussolini Alessandra      Social Alternative      Non-Inscrits Central
Napoletano Pasqualina      Democratic Party      PES Central
Pistelli Lapo      Democratic Party      ELDR Central
Sacconi Guido      Democratic Party      PES Central
Sbarbati Luciana      European Republicans Movement      ELDR Central
Tajani Antonio      Forward Italy      EPP–ED Central
Zappalà Stefano      Forward Italy      EPP–ED Central
Zingaretti Nicola      Democratic Party      PES Central
Aita Vincenzo      Communist Refoundation Party      EUL–NGL Southern
Andria Alfonso      Democratic Party      ELDR Southern
De Michelis Gianni      New Socialist Party      PES Southern
Gargani Giuseppe      Forward Italy      EPP–ED Southern
Lavarra Vincenzo      Democratic Party      PES Southern
Losco Andrea      Democratic Party      ELDR Southern
Occhetto Achille      Independent      PES Southern
Patriciello Aldo      Union of Christian and Centre Democrats      EPP–ED Southern
Pirilli Umberto      National Alliance      UEN Southern
Pittella Giovanni      Democratic Party      PES Southern
Poli Bortone Adriana      National Alliance      UEN Southern
Romagnoli Luca      Tricolour Flame      Non-Inscrits Southern
Tatarella Salvatore      National Alliance      UEN Southern
Ventre Riccardo      Forward Italy      EPP–ED Southern
Veneto Armando      UDEUR Populars for the South      EPP–ED Southern
Veraldi Donato Tommaso      Democratic Party      ELDR Southern
Vernola Marcello      Forward Italy      EPP–ED Southern
Castiglione Giuseppe      Forward Italy      EPP–ED Islands
Catania Giusto      Communist Refoundation Party      EUL–NGL Islands
Cocilovo Luigi      Democratic Party      ELDR Islands
Fava Claudio      Democratic Party      PES Islands
Lombardo Raffaele      Movement for Autonomy      EPP–ED Islands
Musumeci Nello      Sicilian Alliance      UEN Islands
Musotto Francesco      Forward Italy      EPP–ED Islands

Former members

Name Constituency Party Group
Pier Luigi Bersani North-West Party of European Socialists
Fausto Bertinotti Southern European United Left - Nordic Green Left
Emma Bonino North-East Alliance of Liberals and Democrats for Europe
Mercedes Bresso North-West Party of European Socialists
Lorenzo Cesa Southern European People's Party
Paolo Cirino Pomicino Southern European People's Party
Massimo D'Alema Southern Party of European Socialists
Antonio De Poli North-East European People's Party
Ottaviano Del Turco Southern Party of European Socialists
Antonio Di Pietro Southern Alliance of Liberals and Democrats for Europe
Armando Dionisi Central European People's Party
Enrico Letta North-East Alliance of Liberals and Democrats for Europe
Giovanni Procacci Southern Alliance of Liberals and Democrats for Europe
Matteo Salvini North-West Independence and Democracy
Michele Santoro Southern Party of European Socialists


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