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List of members of the European Parliament for the United Kingdom, 1984–89


List of members of the European Parliament for the United Kingdom, 1984–89


Name National party EP Group Constituency
Gordon Adam      Labour Party      SOC Northumbria
Richard Balfe      Labour Party      SOC London South Inner
Robert Battersby      Conservative Party      EPP Humberside
Christopher Beazley      Conservative Party      EPP Cornwall & Plymouth
Peter Beazley      Conservative Party      EPP Bedfordshire South
Lord Bethell      Conservative Party      EPP London North West
Beata Brookes      Conservative Party      EPP Wales North
Janey Buchan      Labour Party      SOC Glasgow
Bryan Cassidy      Conservative Party      EPP Dorset East & Hampshire West
Barbara Castle      Labour Party      SOC Greater Manchester West
Fred Catherwood      Conservative Party      EPP Cambridgeshire & Bedfordshire North
Kenneth Collins      Labour Party      SOC Strathclyde East
Richard Cottrell      Conservative Party      EPP Bristol
Christine Crawley      Labour Party      SOC Birmingham East
Bob Cryer      Labour Party      SOC Sheffield
David Curry      Conservative Party      EPP Essex North East
Margaret Daly      Conservative Party      EPP Somerset & Dorset West
John de Courcy Ling      Conservative Party      EPP Midlands Central
Basil de Ferranti      Conservative Party      EPP Hampshire Central
Arthur Wellesley      Conservative Party      EPP Surrey West
Baroness Elles      Conservative Party      EPP Thames Valley
James Elles      Conservative Party      EPP Oxford & Buckinghamshire
Michael Elliott      Labour Party      SOC London West
Winifred Ewing      Scottish National Party Highlands and Islands
Sheila Faith      Conservative Party      EPP Cumbria & Lancashire North
Alex Falconer      Labour Party      SOC Scotland Mid & Fife
Glyn Ford      Labour Party      SOC Greater Manchester East
Win Griffiths      Labour Party      SOC Wales South
Michael Hindley      Labour Party      SOC Lancashire East
Geoff Hoon      Labour Party      SOC Derbyshire
Paul Howell      Conservative Party      EPP Norfolk
Les Huckfield      Labour Party      SOC Merseyside East
Stephen Hughes      Labour Party      SOC Durham
John Hume      Social Democratic and Labour Party Northern Ireland
Alasdair Hutton      Conservative Party      EPP Scotland South
Caroline Jackson      Conservative Party      EPP Wiltshire
Christopher Jackson      Conservative Party      EPP Kent East
Michael Kilby      Conservative Party      EPP Nottingham
Alfred Lomas      Labour Party      SOC London North East
John Marshall      Conservative Party      EPP London North
David Martin      Labour Party      SOC Lothians
Michael McGowan      Labour Party      SOC Leeds
Hugh McMahon      Labour Party      SOC Strathclyde West
Edward McMillan-Scott      Conservative Party      EPP York
Tom Megahy      Labour Party      SOC Yorkshire South West
James Moorhouse      Conservative Party      EPP London South & Surrey East
David Morris      Labour Party      SOC Wales Mid & West
Stanley Newens      Labour Party      SOC London Central
Edward Newman      Labour Party      SOC Greater Manchester Central
Bill Newton Dunn      Conservative Party      EPP Lincolnshire
Tom Normanton      Conservative Party      EPP Cheshire East
Charles Towneley Strachey      Conservative Party      EPP Devon
Ian Paisley      Democratic Unionist Party Northern Ireland
Ben Patterson      Conservative Party      EPP Kent West
Andrew Pearce      Conservative Party      EPP Cheshire West
Terry Pitt      Labour Party      SOC Midlands West
Henry Plumb      Conservative Party      EPP Cotswolds
Derek Prag      Conservative Party      EPP Hertfordshire
Peter Price      Conservative Party      EPP London South East
Christopher Prout      Conservative Party      EPP Shropshire & Stafford
James Provan      Conservative Party      EPP Scotland North East
Joyce Quin      Labour Party      SOC Tyne and Wear
Shelagh Roberts      Conservative Party      EPP London South West
James Scott-Hopkins      Conservative Party      EPP Hereford & Worcester
Barry Seal      Labour Party      SOC Yorkshire West
Madron Seligman      Conservative Party      EPP Sussex West
Dr. Alexander Sherlock      Conservative Party      EPP Essex South West
Richard Simmonds      Conservative Party      EPP Wight & Hampshire East
Anthony Simpson      Conservative Party      EPP Northamptonshire
Llewellyn Smith      Labour Party      SOC Wales South East
George Stevenson      Labour Party      SOC Staffordshire East
Kenneth Stewart      Labour Party      SOC Merseyside West
Jack Stewart-Clark      Conservative Party      EPP Sussex East
John Taylor      Ulster Unionist Party Northern Ireland
John Tomlinson      Labour Party      SOC Birmingham West
Carole Tongue      Labour Party      SOC London East
Frederick Tuckman      Conservative Party      EPP Leicester
Amédée Turner      Conservative Party      EPP Suffolk
Peter Vanneck      Conservative Party      EPP Cleveland & Yorkshire North
Michael Welsh      Conservative Party      EPP Lancashire Central
Norman West      Labour Party      SOC Yorkshire South





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