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List of mergers and acquisitions by BlackBerry

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Title: List of mergers and acquisitions by BlackBerry  
Author: World Heritage Encyclopedia
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Subject: List of mergers and acquisitions by Facebook, List of mergers and acquisitions by Symantec
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List of mergers and acquisitions by BlackBerry

BlackBerry Ltd. (formerly Research in Motion (RIM)) is a Canadian multinational communications corporation, founded in 1995. It is headquartered in Waterloo, Ontario.


Date Company Business Country Value (USD) References
10 June 2006 Slipstream Data Inc. Data Compression
Undisclosed [1]
23 January 2009 Certicom Cryptography
Undisclosed [2]
30 January 2009 Chalk Media Software
$23,125,000[3] [4]
5 June 2009 Dash Navigation Car Navigation Systems  United States Undisclosed [5]
24 August 2009 Torch Mobile WebKit Mobile Browser
Undisclosed [6]
26 March 2010 Viigo News / Data aggregation
Undisclosed [7]
9 April 2010 QNX Software Systems Unix like OS
$200 million[8] [9][10]
24 August 2010 Cellmania App store software maker  United States Undisclosed [11]
8 September 2010 Documents To Go and other assets Office suite  United States $50 million [12]
2 December 2010 The Astonishing Tribe Interface wizards  Sweden $150 million [13]
14 February 2011 Gist Professional contact manager  United States Undisclosed [14]
25 March 2011 tinyHippos Mobile web development
Undisclosed [15]
27 April 2011 Social calendaring
Undisclosed [16]
7 June 2011 Scoreloop Social gaming  Germany $71 Million [17]
2 May 2011 Ubitexx Mobile device management  Germany Undisclosed [18]
22 July 2011 Jaycut Video editing  Sweden Undisclosed [19]
7 October 2011 NewBay Content provider  Ireland $100 Million [20]
8 March 2012 Paratek RF multi-band handsets  United States Undisclosed [21]
29 July 2014 Secusmart GmbH Voice and Data Encryption  Germany Undisclosed [22]
11 September 2014 Movirtu Virtual SIM solutions  India Undisclosed [23]


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