List of minor active Air Force Bases

List of minor active United States Air Force Bases with major commands, telephone numbers, size, location and web site link:

(Abbreviation codes: Air Base (AB), Air Force Station (AFS), Air Station (AS), Royal Air Force (RAF)

  • Avon Park AS, Fla., AMC, DSN 968-1110, commercial (813) 828 -1110. Operator service through MacDill AFB, Fla.
  • Bellows AFS, Hawaii, PACAF, commercial (800) 437-2607 or(808)259-8080.
  • Cape Canaveral AFS, Fla., AFSPC, DSN 467-1110, commercial (321)853- 1110.
  • Cape Cod AFS, Mass., AFSPC, DSN 557-2244, commercial (508)968-3301.
  • Cavalier AFS, N.D., AFSPC, DSN 330-3292, commercial (701)993-3292.
  • Cheyenne Mountain AFS, Colo., AFSPC, DSN 268-1110, commercial (719) 474-1110.
  • Clear AFS, Alaska, AFSPC, DSN 317-585-6110, commercial (907)585-6110.
  • Duke Field AS, Fla., AFSOC, DSN 872-1110, commercial (850)883-1110. Air Force Reserve; operator service through Eglin AFB, Fla.
  • Galena Airport, Alaska, PACAF, DSN 317-446-3311, commercial (907)446-3311.
  • Ghedi AB, Italy, USAFE, DSN 314-632-7301, commercial 011 (39-0434) 66-7301.
  • Gila Bend Air Force Auxiliary Field, Ariz., AETC, DSN 896-1110, commercial (623) 856-7411. Operator service through Luke AFB, Ariz.
  • Istres AB, France, USAFE, DSN 314-496-6009, commercial 011 (33-442)11-0511 (at tone, dial 511).
  • Izmir AS, Turkey, USAFE, DSN 314-675-1110, commercial 011 (90-232) 484-5360.
  • King Salmon Airport, Alaska, PACAF, DSN 317-552-1110, commercial (907) 552-1110. Operator service through Elmendorf AFB, Alaska.
  • Maxwell AFB Gunter Annex, Ala., AETC, DSN 596-110, commercial (334)416-1110.
  • Moron AB, Spain, USAFE, DSN 314-722-1110, commercial 011 (34-95)584-8111.
  • New Boston AFS, N.H., AFSPC, DSN 489-2210, commercial (603)471-2210.
  • CFB North Bay, Canada, ACC, DSN 319-628-6011, commercial (705)494-2011.
  • Onizuka AFS, Calif., AFSPC, DSN 561-3000, commercial (408)752-3000.
  • RAF Croughton, England, USAFE, DSN 314-236-1110, commercial 011 (44-1280)70-8000.
  • RAF Fairford, England, USAFE, DSN 314-247-1110, commercial 011 (44-1285)71-4000.
  • RAF Menwith Hill, England, USAFE, DSN 314-262-1110, commercial 011 (44-1423)77-0421
  • RAF Molesworth, England, USAFE, DSN 314-268-1110, commercial 011 (44-1480)84-3000.
  • Thule AB, Greenland, AFSPC, DSN 268-3840, commercial (719)474-3840.
  • Tuzla AB, Bosnia-Herzegovina, USAFE, DSN 314-762-2000, commercial 011 (387-35)302-000.


  • November 2003, by Master Sgt. Lance Cheung
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