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List of newspaper columnists

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Title: List of newspaper columnists  
Author: World Heritage Encyclopedia
Language: English
Subject: Michael Reagan, Pauline Phillips, Mike Royko, Jeffrey Simpson, Mary Schmich, Thomas Sowell, David Frum, Dennis Prager, Robert Fulford (journalist), John Stossel
Publisher: World Heritage Encyclopedia

List of newspaper columnists

This is a list of notable newspaper columnists. It does not include magazine or electronic columnists.

English language



  • Teodor Spasov (1990–),




Shobhaa De


New Zealand


  • Jahangir Wasim (2005– ), Daily Public, Daily Awam
  • Ali Moeen Nawazish (2012--), The News, Daily Jang

South Africa

United Kingdom

United States


Listed chronologically by birth date

  • E.V. Durling (1953-1957), King Features Syndicate
  • Harry Carr, (1877–1936), Los Angeles Times
  • Will Rogers (1879–1935), New York Times, McNaught Syndicate
  • O. O. McIntyre (1884–1938), Gallipolis Tribune, Bridgeport Post, New York Journal-American, Scripps-Howard, McNaught
  • Lee Shippey, (1884–1969), Kansas City Star, Los Angeles Times, San Diego Union, Del Mar Surfcomber
  • Hedda Hopper (1885-1966), Los Angeles Times, Syndicated Columnist
  • Walter Winchell (1897-1972), Vaudeville News, New York Evening Graphic, New York Daily Mirror
  • Drew Pearson (1897-1969), Washington Post
  • Ward Morehouse (1899–1967), New York Sun
  • Ed Sullivan (1901-1974), New York Evening Graphic, New York Daily News
  • Lucius Beebe (1902–1966), San Francisco Examiner, New York Herald Tribune
  • Matt Weinstock (1903–1970), Los Angeles Daily News, Los Angeles Times
  • C.H. Garrigues (1903–1974), Los Angeles Illustrated Daily News, San Francisco Examiner
  • Red Smith (1905-82), New York Times
  • Ruth Montgomery (1912–2001), Hearst Headline Service, United Press International
  • Irv Kupcinet (1912-2003), Chicago Sun-Times
  • Charles McCabe (1915-1983), San Francisco Chronicle
  • Parke S. Rouse, Jr. (1915–97 ), Newport News Daily Press
  • Herb Caen (1916–1997), San Francisco Chronicle
  • Sydney J. Harris (1917–1986), Chicago Daily News, Chicago Sun-Times
  • Tom Braden (1917–2007 )
  • Sylvia Schur (1917–2009), PM
  • Emmett Watson (1918–2001), Seattle Times, Seattle Post-Intelligencer
  • Eppie Lederer (Ann Landers) (1918–2002), Chicago Sun-Times
  • Pauline Phillips (Abigail van Buren or Dear Abby) (1918–2013), San Francisco Chronicle, McNaught Syndicate, Universal Press Syndicate
  • Jim Murray (1919-1998), Los Angeles Times
  • Andy Rooney (1919–2011), Tribune Media Services
  • Dick Kleiner (1921–2002), Newspaper Enterprise Association
  • Army Archerd (1922–2009), Daily Variety
  • Jack Anderson (1922-2005), Syndicated Columnist
  • Art Buchwald, (1925–2007), Washington Post, International Herald-Tribune, Tribune Media Services
  • Erma Bombeck (1927–1996), Dayton Journal Herald, Kettering-Oakwood Times, Newsday Newspaper Syndicate
  • L.M. Boyd (1927–2007 ), Seattle Post-Intelligencer, San Francisco Chronicle, Crown Syndicate
  • William Safire (1929–2009), New York Times
  • Robert Novak (1931–2009), "Inside Report", Chicago Sun-Times
  • Mike Royko (1932–1997), Chicago Daily News, Chicago Sun-Times, Chicago Tribune
  • Hunter S. Thompson (1937–2005), The Playground News, San Francisco Examiner, Rolling Stone
  • Roger Ebert (1942–2013), Chicago Sun-Times
  • Molly Ivins (1944–2007), Dallas Times-Herald, Fort Worth Star-Telegram, Creators Syndicate
  • Lewis Grizzard (1946–1994), Atlanta Journal-Constitution
  • Mike McAlary (1957-1998), New York Daily News

French language


Italian language


Polish language


Portuguese language


  • Carlos Eduardo Novaes (1940- ), Jornal do Brasil


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