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List of parks and gardens in Hamburg

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Title: List of parks and gardens in Hamburg  
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Subject: List of bridges in Hamburg, Geography of Hamburg, Lists of parks, Hamburg Wallring, Eimsbüttel (quarter)
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List of parks and gardens in Hamburg

List of parks and gardens in the Free and Hanseatic City of Hamburg.

Hamburg is one of Europe's greenest metropolises, with parks and gardens alone making up eight percent of the city's land area,[1][2] in addition to even larger percentages for nature reserves and agricultural land areas. In 2011, the city was voted "European Green Capital", in 2013 Hamburg hosted the International Garden Show (IGS) on the island of Wilhelmsburg.


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Public parks

List of public urban parks in Hamburg. The list does not include protected areas such as forests or nature reserves, nor Hamburg's many park-like cemeteries.

Altona Balkon, overlooking Hamburg Harbour at a height of 27 meters (89 ft) above the Elbe.
Lohsepark, one of the new inner city urban parks developed within the new HafenCity district.
Jenisch Park, one of Hamburg's many 18th-century English landscape parks along Elbchaussee.
Sternschanzenpark, with the iconic Schanzenturm (de).
name area[1][2] est.[Note 1] location[Note 2] notes
Alster Park[Note 3] 169.0 ha 1680 (1952) several districts
The Alstervorland on the lake's western shore.
Alter Elbpark 4.2 ha 1869 Neustadt
Altona Balkon ("Balcony") 5.4 ha 1638 (1952) Altona-Altstadt
Altona Volkspark 205.0 ha 1918 Bahrenfeld
Amsinckpark 5.7 ha 1868 (1956) Lokstedt
Antonipark (Park Fiction) 0.8 ha 2002 St. Pauli
Astronomiepark 1912 Bergedorf
BallinPark 3.1 ha 2007 Veddel
Baur's Park 8.7 ha 1810 (1927) Blankenese designed by French landscape architect Joseph-Jacques Ramée
Baur's Park in 1810
Bergedorf Rathauspark 1.5 ha Bergedorf
Bergedorf Schlosspark 5.0 ha 1805 (1896) Bergedorf
Berner Gutspark 7.2 ha 1880 Farmsen-Berne
Blohm's Park 4.0 ha 1875 (1934) Horn
Bolívarpark 1.1 ha Harvestehude
City-Nord-Park 13.8 ha 1965 Winterhude
Donner's Park 4.3 ha 1676 (1984) Ottensen
Domplatz 0.5 ha 2009 Altstadt
Eichtalpark 8.5 ha 1830 (1926) Wandsbek
Eimsbüttel Park 1.9 ha 1875 Eimsbüttel
Eppendorfer Park 8.0 ha 1890 Eppendorf
Gorch-Fock-Park 2.6 ha Finkenwerder
Große Wallanlagen 1869 Neustadt
Gustav-Mahler-Park 1869 Rotherbaum
Goßler's Park 8.4 ha 1795 (1924) Blankenese
Hamburg Stadtpark 148.0 ha 1914 Winterhude
Hammer Park 15.9 ha 1773 (1914) Hamm
Harburg Schlosspark 1.5 ha 2013 Harburg
Harburg Stadtpark 90.0 ha 1913 (1926) Harburg
Hans-Christian-Andersen-Park 14.7 ha 2009 Osdorf
Hayn's Park 4.8 ha 1873 (1931) Eppendorf
Heine Park 3.4 ha 1790 (1984) Ottensen
Henneberg Park 3.2 ha 1855 (1930) Poppenbüttel
Hesse Park 3.8 ha 1799 (1926) Blankenese
Hindenburg-Park 1827 (1927) Othmarschen
Hirschpark 24.5 ha 1620 (1927) Blankenese
Horner Park 6.0 ha 1909 Horn
Innocentiapark 4.5 ha 1884 Harvestehude
Jacobi Park 6.0 ha 1954 Eilbek
Jenfeld Moorpark 5.0 ha 2003 Jenfeld
Jenisch Park 42.0 ha 1785 (1927) Othmarschen
Kellinghusenpark 2.3 ha 1842 (1929) Eppendorf
Kleine Wallanlagen 1869 Neustadt
Lindenpark 2.0 ha 2003 Eimsbüttel
Lise-Meitner-Park 14.3 ha 1975 Nienstedten
Lohbekpark Lokstedt
Lohsepark 4.2 ha 2018 HafenCity
Lunapark Altona-Nord
Lutherpark 8.4 ha 2003 Bahrenfeld
Moorweide 4.3 ha Rotherbaum
Reclining Figure by Henry Moore (1979)
Neuer Elbpark Entenwerder 16.0 ha 1997 Rothenburgsort
Ohlendorff's Park 1.7 ha 1878 (1928) Volksdorf
Öjendorfer Park 140.0 ha 1968 Billstedt
Planten un Blomen 47.0 ha 1821 Neustadt
Rüschpark 21.0 ha 1996 Finkenwerder
Saseler Park 2.1 ha 1830 (1962) Sasel
Schinckel's Park 7.0 ha 1850 (1937) Blankenese
Schleidenpark 1.3 ha 1904 Barmbek-Süd
Schwarzenbergpark 16.0 ha 1904 Heimfeld
Seelemannpark 0.7 ha Eppendorf
Sternschanzenpark 12.0 ha 1866 Sternschanze
Sven-Simon-Park 5.4 ha 1952 (1980) Blankenese
Thörl's Park 5.0 ha Hamm
Von-Eicken-Park 2.3 ha 1819 (1899) Lokstedt
Wacholderpark 1.0 ha 1910 Fuhlsbüttel
Wehber's Park 2.0 ha 1852 (1926) Eimsbüttel
Wilhelmsburg Inselpark 100.0 ha 2013 Wilhelmsburg
Legend:       Alster park       Elbe park       Wallanlagen park

Photo impressions of Hamburg parks:

Eimsbüttel Park 

Public gardens

List of public gardens in Hamburg. In some cases, a strict distinction between park or garden may be difficult.

Italianized Römischer Garten
Altona Dahliengarten
Hammer Park's Topiary Garden
Wilhelmsburg Inselpark
name area[1][2] est.[Note 1] location[Note 2] notes
Altona Dahliengarten 1.5 ha 1920 Bahrenfeld Europe's oldest dahlia garden, features ca. 850 dahlia species
Altona Rosengarten 4.5 ha 1793 (1890) Ottensen
Apothekergarten Neustadt
Arboretum Lohbrügge 10.0 ha 1965 Lohbrügge
Botanical Garden (Old) 1821 Neustadt
Botanical Garden (New) 24.0 ha 1979 Osdorf Loki-Schmidt-Garten since 2012
Botanischer Sondergarten 5.5 ha 1926 (1956) Wandsbek
Garten de l'Aigle 0.8 ha 1888 Eppendorf
Hamm Kräutergarten 1986 Hamm
Hamm Rosengarten 1957 Hamm
Harburg Schulgarten 8.5 ha 1931 Harburg
Japanischer Garten 1988 Neustadt Europe's largest garden of its kind, designed by Japanese landscape architect Yoshikuni Araki
The tea house
Planten un Blomen[Note 4] 47.0 ha 1821 Neustadt
Römischer Garten 0.7 ha 1890 (1951) Blankenese
Rosa-Luxemburg-Garten 1926 Eimsbüttel
Rosengarten 0.5 ha 1993 Neustadt features ca. 300 rose species
Volksdorf Bauerngarten 1969 Volksdorf part of Volksdorf open-air museum
Wilhelmsburg Rosenboulevard 0.3 ha 2013 Wilhelmsburg
Legend:       Alster park resp. garden       Elbe park resp. garden       Wallanlagen park resp. garden

Photo impressions of Hamburg gardens:

Planten un Blomen 
Altona Rosengarten 

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  1. ^ a b Creation or opening date. If two dates are given the first date is for a preceding park or garden.
  2. ^ a b Hamburg district.
  3. ^ The area given for Alsterpark includes the Außenalster's water surface area; the land area alone is somewhat around 5.0 ha.
  4. ^ The area given for Planten un Blomen includes Alter Botanischer Garten, Japanischer Garten and Rosengarten.


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  • Blankau, Jutta. "Hamburgs Grün zwischen Tradition und Trends" (PDF). (in German). Free and Hanseatic City of Hamburg. Retrieved 23 June 2015.  (German)
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