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List of people from Lexington, Kentucky


List of people from Lexington, Kentucky

Following are notable people who were either born/raised or have lived for a significant period of time in the Lexington, Kentucky metropolitan area:

Name Description
David Akers National Football League kicker[1]
James L. Alcorn Lexington deputy sheriff, United States Senator from Mississippi[2]
Henry Bidleman Bascom editor, U.S. Congressional Chaplain, Methodist Bishop, President of Transylvania University 1842-1849
Kent Blazy songwriter[3]
John Breckinridge U.S. Senator[4]
John B. Breckinridge U.S. Representative[5]
John C. Breckinridge U.S. Vice President, U.S. Senator[6]
Belle Brezing brothel madam[7]
Laura Bell Bundy actress[8]
LaVerne Butler clergyman and college president[9]
Elizabeth Pickett Chevalier silent film director, screenwriter, and best-selling author
Thomas D. Clark historian and author[10]
Henry Clay statesman, US Representative and Senator, Secretary of State[11]
George Clooney actor, producer, film director
Joyce Compton actress
Drew Curtis businessman and founder of Fark[12]
Guy Davenport author[13]
Jefferson Davis politician, President of the Confederate United States of America[14]
Dermontti Dawson NFL player[15]
Major Carl H. Dodd Medal of Honor recipient for his service during the Korean War
Charlotte Dupuy slave who sued Henry Clay for freedom in 1829[16]
Peter Durrett slave; with his wife formed First African Baptist Church of Lexington by 1790, the first black congregation west of Allegheny Mountains and third oldest black Baptist church in United States[17]
Farah Fath soap opera actress, known for roles Mimi Lockhart on Days of Our Lives and Gig Morasco Balsom on One Life to Live
Henry Faulkner artist[18]
London Ferrill second preacher of First African Baptist Church, served city during 1833 cholera epidemic; by 1850 he had attracted 1,820 members to the church, the largest in Kentucky; his funeral procession in 1854 was the second largest, after Henry Clay's[17][19]
Ralph Foody actor
Steve Gabbard NFL player[20]
Gatewood Galbraith author, lawyer, hemp advocate, and personal rights defender[21]
Marvin Gay, Sr. Pentecostal minister; father and murderer of R&B singer Marvin Gaye
Tyson Gay sprinter, 2007 World Champion at 100 and 200 meters[22]
Rayna Gellert bluegrass fiddler
Troy Gentry musician[23]
Vince Gill musician
James Baker Hall Poet, photographer, novelist, teacher
Joe B. Hall Hall of Fame basketball coach[24]
Tom Hammond NBC sportscaster
Han Kuo-Huang ethnomusicologist
Haydar Hatemi painter
Thomas E. Hayden mayor of Flower Mound, Texas; reared in and graduate of the Sayre School in Lexington[25]
Richard Hell punk-rock godfather
Josh Hopkins actor
B. Wayne Hughes billionaire founder of Public Storage
Martin Huston actor
Kevin Jarvis Major League Baseball player[26]
Ashley Judd actress
Naomi Judd musician
Gregory Kaidanov chess grandmaster
Austin Kearns Major League Baseball player with Cleveland Indians
Paul Levy writer
Abraham Lincoln 16th President of the United States
Mary Todd Lincoln First Lady, wife of Abraham Lincoln
William Lipscomb Nobel Prize in Chemistry
Brian Littrell musician
Shirley Ardell Mason a.k.a. Sybil
Tucker Max author
Les McCann jazz musician and painter
Shug McGaughey Thoroughbred trainer
Ralph Eugene Meatyard photographer
Irene Moon also known as Katja Chantre Seltmann, musician
Charles Chilton Moore
Jessica Moore journalist
John Hunt Morgan Civil War General
Thomas Hunt Morgan geneticist
Gurney Norman author, University of Kentucky professor
Natalie Novosel basketball player; 2012 first-round draft pick of WNBA's Washington Mystics
J. Peterman businessman
H. Foster Pettit state representative, 1965-1970; mayor of Lexington, 1972-1978, lawyer in Lexington[27]
Rick Pitino Hall of Fame basketball coach
Sarah Rice singer, musician, actress and artist
Kevin Richardson musician
Charles P. Roland historian
Adolph Rupp Hall of Fame basketball coach
Alfred Francis Russell 10th President of Liberia
Robert Schneider musician
Michael Shannon actor
Eric Shelton NFL running back
Tubby Smith basketball coach
Harry Dean Stanton actor
Walter Tevis author of The Hustler and The Color of Money
Tinashe singer and actress
David Tolliver musician, Halfway to Hazard
John Tuska artist
Jim Varney actor and comedian
Adalin Wichman sculptor and artist, designer of the Eclipse Award Trophy[28][29]
Steve Zahn actor

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