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List of political parties in Nepal


List of political parties in Nepal

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The Constitution of Nepal provides for a multi-party system.


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The parties

Minor parties

  1. Bibeksheel nepali
  2. Communist Party of Nepal (United Marxist)
  3. Hariyali Nepal Party
  4. Hindu Prajatantrik Party
  5. Janamukti Party Nepal
  6. Liberal Samajbadi Party
  7. League Nepal Shanti Ekta Party
  8. Loktantrik Janata Party, Nepal
  9. Lok Kalyankari Janata Party Nepal
  10. Mongol National Organisation
  11. Muskan Sena Nepal Party
  12. Nawa Janabadi Morcha
  13. Nawa Nepal Prajatantrik Dal
  14. Nepal Bahudal Party
  15. Nepal Communist Party (Marxist)
  16. Nepal Communist Party (Marxist-Leninist-Maoist Center)
  17. Nepal Co-operative Party
  18. Nepal Dalit Shramik Morcha
  19. Nepal Jagriti Dal
  20. Nepal Janabhavana Party
  21. Nepal Janasangh Party
  22. Nepal Janata Party
  23. Nepal Jansangh Party
  24. Nepal Prajatantrik Yuba Party
  25. Nepal Rastriya Bikas Party
  26. Nepal Rastriya Janakalayan Party
  27. Nepal Rastriya Loktantrik Dal
  28. Nepal Samata Party
  29. Nepal Samyabadi Dal
  30. Nepal Shanti Kshetra Parishad
  31. Nepal Sukumbasi Party (Loktantrik)
  32. Nepali Congress (Rastrabadi)
  33. Nepali Janatantra Party
  34. Nepali Rastriya Janabhavana Party
  35. Prajatantrik Janamukti Party
  36. Prajatantrik Shanti Party
  37. Rastrabadi Ekta Party
  38. Rashtrabadi Milan Kendra Nepal Dal
  39. Rastrabadi Yuba Morcha
  40. Rastriya Bikas Party
  41. Rastriya Jana Prajatantrik Party
  42. Rastriya Janata Dal
  43. Rastriya Janata Dal Nepal
  44. Samajbadi Party Nepal
  45. Sa-Shakti Nepal
  46. Shanti Party Nepalbm,.bnm,nm,m
  47. Shivasena Nepal Party
  48. Tamsaling Nepal Rastriya Dal
  49. Nepal Gaurabshali Party
  50. jana unity co-parative party
  51. Rastriya Jana Bikas Party
  52. Madhesi Janadhikar Forum Madhesh
  53. Samyukta Rastriya Janaparishad Nepal
  54. Nepal Sadbhawana Party (Gajendrabadi)
  55. Nepal Rastra Sewa Dal
  56. League Nepal Shanti Ekta Party
  57. Nepal Samajbadi Party (Lohiyabadi)
  58. Shiva Sena Nepal
  59. Chure Bhawar Rastriya Party
  60. Deshbhakta Samaj
  61. Nepal Republican Unity Party
  62. Social Republican Party (Nepal)
  63. Nepal Samabesi Party
  64. Janajagaran Party
  65. Janatantraik Tarai Madhesh Mukti Tigers
  66. Rastriya Yatharthabadi Party Nepal
  67. Nepal Gauravshali Party
  68. Mangol National Organization
  69. Samyukta Rastrabadi Morcha Nepal
  70. Nepal Nyayik Dal
  71. Janauniti Co-operative Party Nepal
  72. Khumbuwan Rastriya Morcha, Nepal
  73. Rastriya Madhesh Samajbadi Party
  74. Nepal Nagarik Party
  75. Nawa Nepal Nirman Party
  76. Rastriya Sadbhawana Party
  77. Janata Dal United
  78. Federal Democratic National Front (Tharuhat)
  79. Federal Sadbhawana Party
  80. Madhesi Janadhikar Forum (Republican)
  81. Tarai Madhesh Democratic Party Nepal
  82. Madhesi Janadhikar Forum Nepal (Democratic)
  83. Chure Bhawar Rastriya Ekta Party Nepal
  84. Nepal Democratic Socialist Party
  85. Nepa Rastriya Party[1]

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