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List of pols in Ahmedabad

A pol (pronounced as pole) is a housing cluster which comprises many families of a particular group, linked by caste, profession, or religion.[1][2] This is a list of Pols in the walled (old) city of Ahmedabad[1] in Gujarat, India. Heritage of these Pols [3] has helped Ahmedabad gain a place in UNESCO's Tentative Lists, in selection criteria II, III and IV.[4] The secretary-general of EuroIndia Centre quoted that if 12000 homes of Ahmedabad are restored they could be very helpful in promoting heritage tourism and its allied businesses.[5] The Art Reverie in Moto Sutharvado is Res Artis center. The first pol in Ahmedabad was named Mahurat Pol.[6]


The list of Pols in Ahmedabad is given below:

Some of Pols in Ahmedabad
  1. Aaka Sheth Kuva Ni Pol
  2. Ambli Ni Pol
  3. Amrutlal Ni Pol
  4. Arjunlal Ni Khadki
  5. Bangla Ni Pol
  6. Bapa Shastri Ni Pol
  7. Baua Ni Pol
  8. Bhadva Pol (Bado Pol)
  9. Bhanderi Ni Pol
  10. Bhau Ni Pol
  11. Bhavanpura Ni Pol
  12. Boabadiya Vaidh Ni Khadki
  13. Bukhara Ni Pol
  14. Chagan Daftar Ni Pol
  15. Chipa Mavji Ni Pol
  16. Dabgarvad
  17. Derdka Ni Pol
  18. Desai Ni pol
  19. Dev Ni Sheri
  20. Devji Saraia Ni Pol
  21. Deydi Ni Pol
  22. Dhal Ni Pol
  23. Dhanashuthar Ni Pol
  24. Dhanpipla Ni Khadki
  25. Dhinkva Pol
  26. Dhobi Ni Pol
  27. Durgamata Ni Pol
  28. Fafda Pol
  29. Fatasa Pol
  30. Gangadhiya Ni Pol
  31. Gangadhiya Ni Pol
  32. Gatrad Ni Pol
  33. Ghanchi Ni Pol
  34. Ghasiram Ni Pol
  35. Gojaria Ni Pol
  36. Golwad
  37. Goti ni Sheri
  38. Habib Ni Golvad
  39. Haja Patel Ni Pol
  40. Hajira Ni Pol
  41. Halim Ni Khadki
  42. Hanuman Ni Khadki
  43. Hanuman Pol
  44. Haran Ni Pol
  45. Hari Bhakti Ni Pol
  46. Harikarsandas Sheth Ni Pol
  47. Hathikhana
  48. Haveli Ni Pol
  49. Hira Gandhi Ni Pol
  50. Jadav Bhagat Ni Pole
  51. Jalkukdi Ni Pol
  52. Jani Ni Khadki
  53. Jati Ni Pol
  54. Jethabhai Ni Pol
  55. Jivan Pol
  56. Kachariya Pol
  57. Kadva Pol
  58. Kaka Baliya Ni Pol
  59. Kaljug Ni Khadki
  60. Kalumiya No Takyo
  61. Kalushi Ni Pol
  62. Kameshwar ni Pol
  63. Kansara Ni Pol
  64. Kavishvar Ni Pol
  65. Khatri Pol
  66. Khichda Ni Pol
  67. Khijada Ni Pol
  68. Khijda Ni Pol
  69. Khijda Sheri
  70. Kokadia Ni Pol
  71. Kokadiya Ni Pol
  72. Kothari Ni Pol
  73. Kuvavalo Khancho
  74. Lakha Patel Ni Pol
  75. Lakhiya Ni Pol
  76. Lala Vasa Ni Pol
  77. Lalabhai Ni Pol
  78. Lamba Pada ni Pol
  79. Limbu Pol
  80. Limda Sheri
  81. Mahajanwado
  82. Mahalaxmi Ni Pol
  83. Mahalaxmi No Khancho
  84. Mahurat Pol
  85. Makeriwad
  86. Mamani Ni Pol
  87. Mamunayak Ni Pol
  88. Mandavi Ni Pol
  89. Maniyasa Ni Khadki
  90. Mankodi Ni Pol
  91. Marchi Pol
  92. Mehta Ni Pol
  93. Modhwada Ni Pol
  94. Morlidhan No Vero
  95. Moti Rangila Pol
  96. Motibhai Ni Khadki
  97. Moto Sutharwado
  98. Nadavada Ni Pol
  99. Nagar Bhagat Ni Pol
  100. Nagarbodi Ni Pol
  101. Nagarvado
  102. Nagina Pol
  103. Nagjibhudar Ni Pol
  104. Nagorivad
  105. Nagu Master No Delo
  106. Naiwado
  107. Nani Hama Ni Pol
  108. Nani Rangila Pol
  109. Nano Sutharwado
  110. Nansha Jivan Ni Pol
  111. Navdhani Ni Pol
  112. Nisha Pol
  113. Pada Pol
  114. Padi Pol
  115. Pagathiawalo Khancho
  116. Pakhali Ni Pol
  117. Panchbhai Ni Pol
  118. Panditji Ni Pol
  119. Panjara Pol
  120. Parabdi Ni Pol
  121. Parekh Ni Khadki
  122. Patasa Ni Pol
  123. Pipla Sheri
  124. Pipardi Ni Pol
  125. Rabarivas
  126. Raja Mehta Ni Pol
  127. Ranchhodji Ni Pol
  128. Ratan Pol
  129. Rugnath Bamb Ni Pol
  130. Sadmata Ni Pol
  131. Sai Baba Ni Pol
  132. Salvi Ni Pol
  133. Sambhavnath Ni Pol
  134. Samet Shikhar Ni Pol
  135. Sankdi Sheri
  136. Sarkhedi Ni Khadki
  137. Sarkivad
  138. Sathwara No Khancho
  139. Shamalji Thavar Ni Pol
  140. Shamla Ni Pol
  141. Sheth Ni Pol
  142. Shevka Ni Wadi
  143. Shriramji Ni Sheri
  144. Sodagar Ni Pol
  145. Soni Ni Khadki
  146. Soni Ni Pol
  147. Soni No Khancho
  148. Surdas Sheth Ni Pol
  149. Sutariya Ni Pol
  150. Taliya Ni Pol
  151. Temla Ni Pol
  152. Tokarsha Ni Pol
  153. Vaghan Pol
  154. Vagheshvarimata Ni pol
  155. Verai Pada Ni Pol
  156. Vinchi Ni Pol
  157. Wadigaam
  158. Zumkhi Ni Pol
  159. Zupdi Ni Pol


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