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List of presidents of the Generalitat de Catalunya

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Title: List of presidents of the Generalitat de Catalunya  
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Subject: Catalonian parliamentary election, 2012, President of the Generalitat of Catalonia, Joan Terès i Borrull, Generalitat of Catalonia, September 21
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List of presidents of the Generalitat de Catalunya

The functions of the President of the Generalitat de Catalunya have varied considerably over history, in parallel with the attributions of the Generalitat itself.

Medieval Generalitat (1359–1716)

Fourteenth century

  1. Berenguer de Cruïlles, Bishop of Girona (1359–1366)
  2. Romeu Sescomes, Bishop of Lleida (1363–1364)
  3. Ramon Gener (1364 1365)
  4. Bernat Vallès, canon of Barcelona (1365–1367)
    Romeu Sescomes, Bishop of Lleida (1375–1376)
  5. Joan I d'Empúries (1376)
  6. Guillem de Guimerà i d'Abella, Grand Prior of the Hospitaller Order of St. John of Jerusalem (1376–1377)
  7. Galceren de Besora i de Cartellà, almoner of Ripoll (1377–1378)
    Ramon Gener (1379–1380)
  8. Felip d'Anglesola, canon of Tarragona (1380)
  9. Pere de Santamans, canon of Tortosa (1381–1383)
  10. Arnau Descolomer, cleric from Girona (1384–1389)
  11. Miquel de Santjoan, canon of Girona (1389–1396)
  12. Alfons de Tous, canon of Barcelona (1396–1413)

Fifteenth century

Sixteenth century

  1. Alfons d'Aragó, Bishop of Tortosa (1500–3)
  2. Ferrer Nicolau de Gualbes i Desvalls, canon of Barcelona (1503–4)
  3. Gonzalo Fernández de Heredia, Archbishop of Tarragona (1504–6)
  4. Lluís Desplà i d'Oms, canon of Barcelona (1506–9)
  5. Jordi Sanç, provost (paborde) of Valencia (1509–12)
  6. Joan d'Aragó, castellan of Amposta (1512–14)
  7. Jaume Fiella (1514–15)
  8. Esteve de Garret, archdeacon of Tortosa (1515–18)
  9. Bernat de Corbera, archdeacon of Tarragona (1518–21)
  10. Joan Margarit i de Requesens, archdeacon of Girona (1521–24)
  11. Lluís de Cardona i Enríquez, Abbot of Solsona (1524–27)
  12. Francesc de Solsona, canon of Lleida (1527–30)
  13. Francesc Oliver i de Boteller, canon of Tortosa (1530–33)
  14. Dionís de Carcassona, canon of Lleida (1533–36)
  15. Joan Pasqual, canon of la Seu d'Urgell (1536–39)
  16. Jeroni de Requesens i Roís de Liori (also known as Girolamo Doria), Archbishop of Tarragona (1539–42)
  17. Miquel Puig, Commedatory abbot of Serrateix (1542–45)
  18. Jaume Caçador, canon of Barcelona (1545–48)
  19. Miquel d'Oms i de Sentmenat, canon of Elna (1548–51)
  20. Onofre de Copons i de Vilafranca, cleric (1551–52)
  21. Miquel de Ferrer i de Marimon (1552)
  22. Joan de Tormo (1552–53)
  23. Miquel de Tormo (1553–54)
  24. Francesc Jeroni Benet Franc, archdeacon of Barcelona (1554–57)
  25. Pere Àngel Ferrer i Despuig, Abbot of Sant Cugat del Vallès (1557–59)
  26. Ferran de Lloaces i Peres, canon of Elna (1559–60)
    Miquel d'Oms i de Sentmenat, canon of Elna (1560–63)
  27. Onofre Gomis (1563–66)
  28. Francesc Giginta, Abbot of Amer (1566–69)
  29. Benet de Tocco (also known as Marco Antoni di Tocco), Bishop of Vic (1569 72)
  30. Jaume Cerveró, canon of Tortosa (1572–75)
  31. Pere Oliver de Boteller i de Riquer, canon of Tortosa (1575–78)
    Benet de Tocco (also known as Marco Antoni di Tocco), Bishop of Girona (1578–81)
  32. Rafael d'Oms, archdeacon of Tarragona (1581–84)
  33. Jaume Beuló, canon of Vic (1584)
    Pere Oliver de Boteller i de Riquer, canon of Tortosa (1584–87)
  34. Martí Joan de Calders (1587)
  35. Francesc Oliver de Boteller, Abbot of Poblet (1587–88)
  36. Jaume Caçador i Claret, Bishop of Girona (1590–93)
  37. Miquel d'Agullana, canon of Girona (1593–96
    Francesc Oliver de Boteller, Abbot of Poblet (1596–98
  38. Francesc Oliveres (1598–99)
  39. Jaume Cordelles i Oms, canon of Barcelona (1599–1602)

Seventeenth century

  1. Jaume Cordelles i Oms, canon of Barcelona (1599–1602)
  2. Bernat de Cardona i de Queralt, Abbot of Cuixà (1602–5)
  3. Pere Pau Caçador i d'Aguilar-Dusai, canon of Barcelona (1605–8)
  4. Onofre d'Alentorn i de Botella, canon of Lleida (1608–11)
  5. Francesc de Sentjust i de Castre, Abbot of Arles (1611–14)
  6. Ramon d'Olmera i d'Alemany, commander of the Hospitaller Order of St. John of Jerusalem (1614–16)
  7. Miquel d'Aimeric (1616–17)
  8. Lluís de Tena, Bishop of Tortosa (1617–20)
  9. Benet Fontanella, Abbot of Besalú (1620–23)
  10. Pere de Magarola i Fontanet, Bishop of Elna (1623–26)
  11. Francesc Morillo, Archdeacon of la Seu d'Urgell (1626–1629)
  12. Pere Antoni Serra, Bishop of Lleida (1629–32)
  13. Esteve Salacruz Abbot of Sant Pere de Galligants (1632)
  14. García Gil Manrique, Bishop of Girona (1632–35)
  15. Miquel d'Alentorn i de Salbà, Abbot of Amer (1635–38)
  16. Pau Claris i Casademunt, archdeacon of la Seu d'Urgell (1638–41)
  17. Josep Soler (1641)
  18. Bernat de Cardona i de Raset, archdeacon of Girona (1641–44
  19. Gispert d'Amat i Desbosc de Sant Vincenç,Abbot of Sant Pere de Galligants (1644–47)
  20. Andreu Pont, Abbot of Amer (1647–50)
  21. Pau del Rosso, deacon of Barcelona (1650–54)
  22. Francesc Pijoan (1654–56)
  23. Josep Jeroni Besora, deacon of Barcelona (1656–59)
  24. Pau d'Àger, canon of Lleida (1659–62)
  25. Jaume de Copons i de Tamarit, canon of la Seu d'Urgell (1662–65)
  26. Josep de Magarola i de Grau, Abbot of Camprodon (1665–1668)
  27. Joan Pagès i Vallgornera, canon (1668–71)
  28. Josep de Camporells i de Sabater, canon of la Seu d'Urgell (1671–74)
  29. Esteve Mercadal i Dou, archdeacon of Vic (1674–77
  30. Alfonso de Sotomayor, Bishop of Barcelona (1677–80)
  31. Josep Sastre i Prats, Abbot of Sant Pau de Camp (1680–83
  32. Baltasar de Muntaner i de Sacosta, provost (paborde) of Berga (1683–86)
  33. Antoni de Saiol i de Quarteroni, canon of Barcelona (1686–89)
  34. Benet Ignasi de Salazar, Bishop of Barcelona (1689–92)
  35. Antoni de Planella i de Cruïlles, Abbot of Besalú (1692–95)
  36. Rafael de Pinyana i Galvany, canon of Tortosa (1695–98)
  37. Climent de Solanell i de Foix, almoner of Àger (1698–1701)

Eighteenth century

Modern Generalitat (1932–Present)

From To Picture Holder Party Notes
122 14 December 1932 25 December 1933 Francesc Macià i Llussà ERC Died in office.
123 25 December 1933 15 October 1940 Lluís Companys i Jover ERC In exile from 1939 due to the advance of the Nationalists in the Spanish Civil War and the subsequent dictatorship. Arrested by the Gestapo in France in 1940, extradited to Spain and executed.
124 15 October 1940 7 August 1954 Josep Irla i Bosch ERC In exile.
125 7 August 1954 24 April 1980 Josep Tarradellas i Joan ERC In exile until 1977. Stepped down after the 1980 regional elections.
126 24 April 1980 16 December 2003 Jordi Pujol i Soley CiU
127 16 December 2003 28 November 2006 Pasqual Maragall i Mira PSC
128 28 November 2006 27 December 2010 José Montilla Aguilera PSC
129 27 December 2010 Incumbent Artur Mas i Gavarró CiU

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