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List of rulers of Tibet

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Title: List of rulers of Tibet  
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Subject: History of Tibet, Dalai Lama, Ganden Phodrang, Tibetan Empire, List of modern political leaders of Tibet
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List of rulers of Tibet

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Below is a list of rulers of Tibet from the beginning of documented history. Included are regimes with their base in Central Tibet, that held authority over at least a substantial portion of the country.

The Yarlung Dynasty[1]

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Sakya lamas[2]

  • Sakya Pandita Kunga Gyaltsen 1216–1251 (Mongol protégé 1240)
  • Phagpa Drakpa Gyaltsen 1251–1280 (nephew)
  • Dharmapala Raksita 1280–1282 (nephew)
  • Jamyang Rinchen Gyaltsen 1286–1303 (of Sharpa lineage)
  • Zangpo Pal 1306–1323 (nephew of Phagpa Drakpa Gyaltsen)
  • Khatsun Namkha Lekpa Gyaltsen 1325–1341 (son)
  • Jamyang Donyo Gyaltsen 1341–1344 (brother)
  • Lama Dampa Sonam Lotro Gyaltsen 1344–1347 (brother)
  • Lotro Gyaltsen 1347–1365 (nephew)

Sakya imperial preceptors[3]

  • Phagpa Drakpa Gyaltsen 1270–1274
  • Rinchen Gyaltsen 1274–1279 (brother)
  • Dharmapala Raksita 1282–1286 (nephew)
  • Yeshe Rinchen 1286–1291
  • Drakpa Odzer 1291–1303
  • Jamyang Rinchen Gyaltsen 1304–1305 (brother of Yeshe Rinchen)
  • Sangye Pal 1305–1314 (brother of Drakpa Odzer)
  • Kunga Lotro Gyaltsen 1314–1327 (great-nephew of Phagpa Drakpa Gyaltsen)
  • Kunga Lekpa Chungne Gyaltsen 1328–1330 (brother)
  • Kunga Gyaltsen 1331–1358 (brother)

Phagmodrupa Dynasty[4]

Rinpungpa Dynasty[5]

Tsangpa Dynasty[6]

Khoshut protector rulers[7]

  • Gushri Khan 1642–1655
  • Dayan Khan 1655–1668 (son)
  • Tenzin Dalai Khan 1668–1696 (son)
  • Tenzin Wangchuk Khan 1696–1697 (son)
  • Labzang Khan 1697–1717 (brother)

Phola princes[7]

  • Pholanas (Sonam Tobgye) 1728–1747
  • Gyurme Namgyal 1747–1750 (son)

Dalai Lamas[7]

Image Name Date of birth Dalai Lama From Dalai Lama Until Date of death
1st Dalai Lama
Gedun Drub 1391 N/A 1474
2nd Dalai Lama
Gedun Gyatso 1475 1492 1542
3rd Dalai Lama
Sonam Gyatso 1543 1578 1588
4th Dalai Lama
Yonten Gyatso 1589 1601 1617
5th Dalai Lama
Ngawang Lobsang Gyatso 1617 1642 1682
6th Dalai Lama
Tsangyang Gyatso 1683 1697 1706
7th Dalai Lama
Kelzang Gyatso 1708 1720 1757
8th Dalai Lama
Jamphel Gyatso 1758 1762 1804
9th Dalai Lama
Lungtok Gyatso 1805 1810 1815
10th Dalai Lama
Tsultrim Gyatso 29 March 1816 1826 1837
11th Dalai Lama
Khedrup Gyatso 1 November 1838 1842 31 January 1856
12th Dalai Lama
Trinley Gyatso 26 January 1857 1860 25 April 1875
13th Dalai Lama
Thubten Gyatso 12 February 1876 1879 17 December 1933
14th Dalai Lama
Tenzin Gyatso 6 July 1935 17 November 1950 Alive

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