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List of surviving veterans of the Spanish Civil War

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Title: List of surviving veterans of the Spanish Civil War  
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Subject: List of last surviving veterans of military insurgencies and wars, List of last survivors of historical events, Columbia, California, Longevity, ERIBA
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List of surviving veterans of the Spanish Civil War

The following is a list of known surviving veterans of the Spanish Civil War (17 July 1936 – 1 April 1939). The total number of participating personnel is unknown, but an estimated 35,000 foreigners fought on the Republican side in what was known as the International Brigades. In addition, Adolf Hitler of Nazi Germany sent as many as 20,000 soldiers (not all at the same time) and Benito Mussolini of Italy sent as many as 60,000 soldiers to fight alongside the soldiers of Spanish General Francisco Franco.

Veterans, for this purpose, are defined as people who were members of the armed forces of one of the combatant forces up to and including the date recognized as the end of the War, which was 1 April 1939.

Republican Forces–9 veterans

Nationality Name Date of Birth Age Residence Force served Notes
Argentina Quesada, Luis Alberto 19 August 1919 96 Argentina Republican Army Enlisted at age 16. Fought at the battle of Sierra de Guadarrama[1]
Czechoslovakia Dufek, Karel 24 January 1916 99 Czech Republic International Brigade Joined in January 1937. Lieutenant-Colonel in Republican Army. Czechoslovak Ambassador to Brazil from 1968–1972.[2]
France Piñol, Antoine 1915 101 France International Brigade [3]
Spain Fernandez del real, Virgilio 26 December 1918 97 Mexico International Brigade [4][5]
Spain Gallego-Nicasio, Manuel 1914 101 Spain Second Spanish Republic Last "La quinta del biberón" fighter. Affiliated with PSOE.[6]
Spain Gonzalez Francisco, Luis 1920 96 United Kingdom International Brigade Volunteered in 1936. Was captured on 2 November 1938 in "Puebla de Masaluca" at 20:30 and was a prisoner of war until 1 April 1939.
Spain Macarro Castillo, Fernando (known as Marcos Ana) 20 January 1920 96 Spain Second Spanish Republic Mobilized in 1936. Secretary general of JSU of Alcala in Peguerinos's zone in 1936. Affiliated to Communist Party of Spain.[7]
United Kingdom Hilton, Stanley 31 December 1918 97 Australia International Brigade Jumped ship in Alicante in November 1937 and trained with the British Battalion. Left Spain in March 1938.[8][9][10]
United States Berg, Delmer 20 December 1915 100 United States Abraham Lincoln Brigade Volunteered in 1938. Served in anti-aircraft. Served in the U.S. Army during World War II. Lives in Columbia, California.[11][12]

Nationalist Forces—3 veterans

Nationality Name Date of Birth Age Residence Force served Notes
Spain Álvarez Limia, José 4 August 1919 96 Spain Nationalist Army Served in Barcelona. Writer.[13]
Spain Gárate Córdoba, José María 8 September 1918 97 Spain Nationalist Army Promoted to captain in 1942. Awarded four medals. Military historian, author, and teacher.[14][15]
Spain Olivera, Faustino 1919 97 Spain Nationalist Army Volunteered in 1937. Wounded on 11 November 1938. Had a bullet removed from his shoulder after 70 years. Lives in Barbastro.[16]

World Totals–12 veterans

  • Verified claims of Republican Forces (incl. International Brigades): 9
  • Verified claims of Nationalist Forces: 3

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