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List of tallest structures in Norway


List of tallest structures in Norway

A list of the tallest structures in Norway. This list contains all types of structures.

Name Pinnacle height Year Structural type Location Coordinates Remarks
Longwave transmitter Ingøy 360 m 1,181 ft 2000 Guyed mast Ingøya, Finnmark Tallest structure in Scandinavia
Hovdefjell transmitter 250 m 820 ft ? guyed mast Myra
Vigra transmitter 243 m 797 ft 1953 Guyed mast Vigra, Møre og Romsdal Height was reduced to 232 metres in 1999. Demolished 2011.
Hamnefjell transmitter 241 m 791 ft ? guyed mast Batsfjord
Høiåsmasten 231 m 758 ft 1980 Partially guyed tower Halden, Østfold Height above ground is 758 feet (231 m) according to official VFR chart of Southern Norway.
Kløfta transmitter 230 m 755 ft 1954 Guyed mast Kløfta, Akershus Longwave transmitter on 216 kHz, shutdown in 1995, dismantled (when?)
Værlandet LORAN-C transmitter 220 m 722 ft Guyed mast Værlandet, Sogn og Fjordane Insulated against ground
Berlevåg LORAN-C transmitter 219 m 719 ft Guyed mast Berlevåg, Finnmark Insulated against ground
Greipstad transmitter 218 m 715 ft 1958 Partially guyed tower Greipstad, Vest-Agder [1]
Tryvannshøyden TV Mast 209 m 686 ft Guyed mast Oslo close to Tryvannstårnet. Height above ground is 686 ft according to Norway VFR chart.
Gossen transmitter 200 m 656 ft ? guyed mast Gossen
Vassfjellet transmitter, large mast 200 m 660 ft 2001 Guyed mast Melhus/Klæbu, Sør-Trøndelag On the summit of Vassfjellet
Bø LORAN-C transmitter 192 m 630 ft Guyed mast , Nordland Insulated against ground
LORAN-C transmitter Jan Mayen 190 m 623 ft Guyed mast Jan Mayen, Arctic Ocean Insulated against ground, built as replacement of 190.5 metre tower collapsed in 1980 as result of icing.
Nordhue transmitter 182 m 597 ft Partially guyed tower Elverum, Hedmark lattice tower as basement
Bokn transmitter 168 m 551 ft Guyed mast Bokn
Grenland Bridge 166 m 545 ft 1996 Bridge Porsgrunn, Telemark
Skavlen transmitter 165 m 541 ft 1975 Guyed mast Mosvik, Nord-Trøndelag
Kongsvinger transmitter 163 m 535 ft Guyed mast Kongsvinger
Vealøs TV Tower 163 m 535 ft Tower Skien Tallest completely free-standing radio tower in Norway
Lyngdal transmitter 156 m 512 ft 1954 Partially guyed tower Lyngdal, Vest-Agder [2]
Gamlemsveten transmitter 154 m 505 ft ? Partially guyed tower Haram
Skarnsund Bridge 152 m 499 ft 1991 Bridge Mosvik, Nord-Trøndelag
Askøy Bridge 152 m 499 ft 1992 Bridge Bergen/Askøy, Hordaland
Steinfjellet transmitter 148 m 486 ft ? Partially guyed tower Bremanger
Old chimney of Sarpsborg Borregaard Works 147 m 482 ft 1976 Chimney Sarpsborg demolished in 2008
Karmsundet Powerline Crossing 143.5 m 471 ft Electricity pylon Karmsund, Rogaland ; ; ; ; ; 6 pylons
Bagn transmitter 140 m 459 ft Concrete Tower Bagn
Kattnakken transmitter 140 m 460 ft Concrete Tower Leirvik
Helgeland Bridge 140 m 459 ft 1991 Bridge Sandnessjøen, Nordland
Sotra Decca Transmitter 136 m 446 ft Guyed mast Ågotnes, Fjell, Hordaland Insulated against ground, demolished
Hodne Decca Transmitter 136 m 446 ft Guyed mast Hodne, Stavanger, Rogaland Insulated against ground, demolished 22 January 1997.[1]
Geitfjellet transmitter 131 m 430 ft 1962 Partially guyed tower Grong, Nord-Trøndelag [3]
Lakssvelafjellet transmitter 130 m 427 ft ? Partially guyed tower Bjerkreim
New chimney of Sarpsborg Borregaard Works 130 m 427 ft Chimney Sarpsborg
Tyholttårnet 124 m 407 ft TV tower Trondheim, Sør-Trøndelag Tallest observation tower in Norway (revolving restaurant included in tower)
Sognal transmitter 124 m 407 ft Concrete Tower Kaupanger ;
Stad Decca Transmitter, Site North 122 m 400 ft Guyed mast Stad, Selje, Sogn og Fjordane Insulated against ground, today mobile phone mast
Stad Decca Transmitter, Site South 122 m 400 ft Guyed mast Stad, Selje, Sogn og Fjordane Insulated against ground, demolished
Gullsvagfjellet transmitter 120 m 394 ft Concrete Tower Gladstad
Tryvannstårnet 118 m 387 ft 1962 TV tower Oslo
Kvitsøy Tower 117.5 m 385 ft 1982 Tower Kvitsøy, Rogaland Grounded tower with cage antenna for MF-broadcasting
Oslo Plaza 117 m 384 ft 1991 High-rise Oslo Oslo PlazaTallest high-rise building in Norway
Postgirobygget 110 m 361 ft 1975 High-rise Oslo Seven floors were added to the top of this building in 2003
Gjemnessund Bridge 108 m 354 ft 1992 Bridge Gjemnes, Møre og Romsdal
Vassfjellet transmitter, small mast 107 m 351 ft Guyed mast Melhus/Klæbu, Sør-Trøndelag On the summit of Vassfjellet
Gulen transmitter 107 m 351 ft Concrete Tower Lindes
Kongsberg transmitter 103 m 338 ft Concrete Tower Kongsberg
Reinsfjell transmitter 103 m 338 ft Concrete Tower Kvalveg ;
Nidarosdomen 98 m 322 ft 1090 Cathedral Trondheim, Sør-Trøndelag
Stord Bridge 97 m 318 ft 2000 Bridge Bergen/Fjell, Hordaland
Jetta transmitter Concrete Tower Lalm
Tron transmitter Concrete Tower Tron
Hol transmitter Guyed mast Al
Lonahorgi transmitter Concrete Tower Skulestadmoen
Nordfjordeid transmitter Concrete Tower Nordfjordeid
Ulriken Tower 1959 Concrete Tower Bergen


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