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List of the oldest buildings in New York


List of the oldest buildings in New York

This article attempts to list the oldest extant buildings in the state of New York built by Europeans (English, Dutch, French) and Native Americans.

Beacon, Dutchess County, New York1709oldest building in Dutchess County, first house on Rombout Patent, on National Register
Building Image Location First Built Notes
A Carpenter's Shed Gardiners Island 1639 Possibly oldest building in New York
Old House Cutchogue 1649 One of the oldest houses in the state; moved in 1661 to present site from Southold
Pieter Claesen Wyckoff House Brooklyn 1652 Oldest surviving structure in New York City
Old Halsey House Southampton, New York 1660 1660 build date according to the local historical society in Southampton
John Bowne House Flushing 1661 Oldest surviving structure in Queens; once hosted a well-known Quaker meeting
Billou-Stillwell-Perine House Staten Island 1662 Oldest surviving structure in Staten Island
Bronck House Coxsackie 1663 Oldest house in upstate New York
The Old 76 House Tappan 1668 Oldest surviving building in Rockland County; third oldest public house in America; Maj. John Andre held before trial and hanging in Tappan
Cubberly-Britton Cottage Staten Island 1670
Manee-Seguine Homestead Staten Island 1670
Timothy Knapp House Rye 1670 Listed on National Registry of Historic Places
Conference House Staten Island 1675 Listed on National Historic Landmark
Jans Martense Schenck house Brooklyn 1675 located within the Brooklyn Museum
Old Senate House Kingston, New York 1676 New York State Constitution written and signed here
Van Nostrand-Starkins House Roslyn 1680 Main Street Historic District (Roslyn, New York)
Philipse Manor Hall Yonkers 1682 Oldest surviving structure in Westchester County.
Old Dutch Church of Sleepy Hollow Sleepy Hollow 1685 Possibly the oldest surviving church in the state. May date only to 1697, which would place it 2nd to Flushing Meeting House, Queens.
Alice Austen House Staten Island 1690 Built by a Dutch merchant then remodeled in the Gothic Revival Style in 1844
Jeremiah Conklin House Amagansett 1690 Built by Jeremiah Conkling and his wife Mary, daughter of Lion Gardiner, first English settler of New York colony
Friends Meeting House Queens 1694. If Sleepy Hollow Church is correctly dated to 1697, this is the oldest religious building in NY State. It is the oldest in New York City in any case.
Abraham Manee House (Manee-Seguine Homestead) Staten Island 1600s Built by Abraham Manee
Voorlezer's House Staten Island 1695 Oldest school house in America
Tobias van Steenburgh House Kingston 1700 One of the few buildings in Kingston not burned in 1777 by British troops
Lispenard-Rodman-Davenport House New Rochelle 1700
Tysen-Neville House Staten Island 1700
Treasure House Staten Island 1700
De Wint House Tappan 1700 Washington Revolutionary headquarters; one of the oldest surviving buildings in Rockland County
Beekman Arms Inn Village of Rhinebeck 1700 Oldest surviving inn in America and oldest structure in the village
Crailo 100px Rensselaer, New York 1704 Residence of Hendrick van Rensselaer
Jan Van Loon House Village of Athens 1706 one of the oldest houses in Greene County
Gomez Mill House Town of Newburgh 1712 Oldest known extant residence of a Jewish American
Ariaanje Coeymans House 100px Coeymans, New York 1716 There is another Coeymans house a mile south of this one, on the Hannacroix Creek. Date unknown.
Lewis Pintard House New Rochelle 1710 Home of Revolutionary War patriot Lewis Pintard
Fraunces Tavern Lower Manhattan 1719 Etienne "Stephen" DeLancey built the current building as his house; tavern since 1762
Bull Stone House Hamptonburgh 1720s Property also contains the oldest intact Dutch barn in the state
Hendrick I. Lott House Brooklyn 1720
Jan Van Hoesen House Claverack c. 1720
Kreuzer-Pelton House Staten Island 1722
Albertus Van Loon House Village of Athens 1724 Possibly the second-oldest house in Greene County
Abraham Yates House Schenectady ca. 1725 Possibly the oldest house in Schenectady
French Castle at Fort Niagara Youngstown, New York 1726 Oldest building on the Great lakes and one of the longest continuously run military bases in the United States, 1726–present-day
48 Hudson Avenue Albany 1728 Oldest stand-alone structure in Albany
Lent Homestead Queens 1729 The western portion of the house may date to 1654
Benner House Village of Rhinebeck 1730 Oldest house in the village; a rare example of German vernacular architecture, and the sole remaining house in Dutchess County with a one-room floorplan built to German traditions rather than Dutch. Here was held the first Methodist church services in the town conducted by the Rev. Freeborn Garrettson from 1791-1793.
King Mansion Queens 1730 The rear section of the house dates to 1730, the left section to 1755, the main structure (right section) to 1806.
Cornelius Van Wyck House Queens 1735
Lake-Tysen House Staten Island 1740
Stoothoff-Baxter-Kouwenhoven House Brooklyn 1747
Van Cortlandt House Van Cortlandt Park 1748 Oldest building in the Bronx
Creedmoor (Cornell) Farmhouse Queens 1750
Steenburgh Tavern Rhinebeck, New York 1750 German vernacular stone house built into a hillside with an unusual sweeping Dutch roof
The Christopher House Staten Island 1756
Valentine-Varian House Norwood 1758 Second oldest house in the Bronx
Strawberry Hill Rhinebeck, New York 1762 The National Register of Historic Places called this the most monumental stone farmhouse in Northern Dutchess County. Built by Henry Beekman in 1762.
St. Paul's Chapel Manhattan 1764 Third oldest surviving church in New York City, after the Flushing Friends Meeting House (1694) and St. Andrew's Church, Staten Island (1709).
Morris-Jumel Mansion Manhattan 1765
Wyckoff-Bennett Homestead Brooklyn 1766
Indian Castle Church Danube 1769 Only colonial Indian missionary church surviving in the state, and the only Iroquois building surviving from its time[1]
Boehm-Frost House Staten Island 1770
Kingsland Homestead Flushing 1774
Lefferts Homestead Brooklyn 1777 Moved to Prospect Park from its original location at 563 Flatbush Avenue
Dyckman House Inwood, Manhattan 1784 Only remaining original farmhouse in Manhattan
Edward Mooney House Manhattan 1785 Oldest surviving row house in Manhattan
Joost Van Nuyse House Flatlands, Brooklyn 1793
Bridge Cafe Manhattan 1795 Oldest wooden building in Manhattan
Flatbush Dutch Reformed Church Flatbush, Brooklyn 1796
Van Nuyse-Magaw House Brooklyn 1800 1041 East Forty Second Street [1]
Anshe Slonim Synagogue 100px New York City 1849 Oldest surviving synagogue building in New York City


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