List of twin towns and sister cities in Thailand

This is a list of "twin towns" or "sister cities" in the continent of Asia - that is, pairs of towns or cities in different countries which have town twinning arrangements. Where known, the date of formation of the twinning agreement is included in parentheses.

A searchable, interactive list is maintained by Sister Cities International.


Uzbekistan Bukhara, Uzbekistan
  • Bamyan
United States Gering, Nebraska, United States[1]
United States Hayward, California, United States [1]
Russia Kazan, Russia
Tajikistan Dushanbe, Tajikistan
Canada Saskatoon, Canada
Australia Alice Springs, Northern Territory, Australia


Greece Agios Ioannis Rentis (municipality in Athens), Greece (2007)
Georgia (country) Kobuleti, Georgia
France Saint-Raphaël, France (1994)
United States Glendale, California, United States
France Font-Romeu-Odeillo-Via, France
United States Pasadena, California, United States
France Bagneux, France (1968)
Georgia (country) Batumi, Georgia
Russia Podolsk, Russia
United States Alexandria, Virginia, United States
Georgia (country) Kutaisi, Georgia
Brazil Osasco, Brazil
Bulgaria Plovdiv, Bulgaria
Italy Nardò, Italy


Russia Derbent, Dagestan, Russia (2008)
Ukraine Dnepropetrovsk, Ukraine (2005)
United States Newark, New Jersey, United States
Georgia (country) Rustavi, Georgia
Russia Tolyatti, Russia (2005)
Turkey Iğdır, Turkey (2006)
Bulgaria Gabrovo, Bulgaria
Ukraine Cherkassy, Ukraine
Germany Ludwigshafen am Rhein, Germany
Northern Cyprus Akanthou, Northern Cyprus since 2005 [5]
Hungary Gyöngyös, Hungary
United States Monterey, California, United States (2011)
  • Yasamal
Northern Cyprus Rizokarpaso, Northern Cyprus since 2005 [5]
Northern Cyprus Ayios Seryios, Northern Cyprus since 2005 [5]


Uzbekistan Bukhara, Uzbekistan
United Kingdom Rochdale, Greater Manchester, United Kingdom
Myanmar Yangon, Myanmar
India Ludhiana, India
China Kunming, China
Laos Vientiane, Laos
China Guangzhou, China
India Kolkata, India
Norway Kristiansand, Norway
  • Rangpur
Netherlands Dordrecht, Netherlands
Poland Bytom, Poland
Austria Bregenz, Austria
Jordan Amman, Jordan
United Kingdom Luton, United Kingdom
United Kingdom St Albans, United Kingdom
United Kingdom Tower Hamlets, United Kingdom


United States Stockton, California, United States

United States Seattle, Washington, United States
United States Miami, Florida, United States


East Timor

Australia Canberra, Australia


United States Philippi, West Virginia, United States (2006)
Armenia Gyumri, Armenia
United Kingdom Newport, United Kingdom (1989)
France Leuville-sur-Orge, France (2001)


Andhra Pradesh

  • Hyderabad


Colombia Armenia, Colombia



Russia Astrakhan, Russia
United States Jersey City, United States
South Korea Ulsan, South Korea
United Kingdom Loughborough, United Kingdom
United Kingdom Leicester, United Kingdom


United States Columbus, Indiana, United States


Belarus Minsk, Belarus
United States Cleveland, United States
United States San Francisco, United States
United States Silicon Valley, United States
United States New York City, United States
Canada Hamilton, Canada
Turkey Istanbul, Turkey
United States Loma Linda, California, United States (1982)[7]


United States Galveston, Texas, United States[8]
Spain Barcelona, Spain[9][10]


Germany Berlin, Germany
United Kingdom London, United Kingdom
United States Los Angeles, California, United States
Russia Saint Petersburg, Russia
Germany Stuttgart, Germany
Japan Yokohama, Japan
Venezuela Caracas, Venezuela
United States San Jose, California, United States (1992)
Germany Bremen, Germany
Indonesia Martapura, Indonesia
Norway Tromsø, Norway (1966)
Japan Toyota, Aichi
Mauritius Vacoas-Phoenix, Mauritius


United Kingdom Birmingham, United Kingdom
Canada Abbotsford, Canada


Canada Calgary, Canada
United States Fremont, California, United States

Tamil Nadu

United States Denver, Colorado, United States
Egypt Cairo, Egypt
Germany Frankfurt, Germany
United States San Antonio, United States
Russia Volgograd, Russia
United States Toledo, Ohio, United States
United States Salem, Oregon, United States

Union Territory

Portugal Loures, Portugal (1998)

Uttar Pradesh

Canada Montreal, Canada (2000)[11]

United States Stamford, United States
United States Pasadena, United States
Canada Regina, Canada
Japan Kasukabe, Japan
Australia Rockingham, Australia
Japan Nichinan, Miyazaki, Japan
United Kingdom Yorkshire, United Kingdom
Spain Granada, Spain
United Kingdom Sneinton, United Kingdom
United States Haysville, Kansas, United States
United Kingdom Abbeymead, United Kingdom
Japan Koshigaya, Japan
  • South Kanpur
United Kingdom Bournemouth, United Kingdom
United States Barksdale, Wisconsin, United States
  • West Kanpur

West Bengal

United States Dallas, United States
Bangladesh Dhaka, Bangladesh
South Korea Incheon, South Korea
United States Jersey City, United States
United States Long Beach, California, United States
Italy Naples, Italy
Ukraine Odessa, Ukraine
Greece Thessaloniki, Greece



Sweden Umeå, Sweden

Spain Santiago de Compostela, Spain


Mexico Monterrey, Mexico
Egypt Cairo, Egypt
Jordan Amman, Jordan
Lebanon Beirut, Lebanon
Yemen Sana'a, Yemen
United States Denver Regional Council of Governments, United States





Romania Constanţa, Romania
Georgia (country) Poti, Georgia
Iran Gorgan, Iran
Azerbaijan Sumqayit, Azerbaijan
Russia Astrakhan, Russia
Kazakhstan Aktobe, Kazakhstan
Kazakhstan Aktau, Kazakhstan
Kazakhstan Uralsk, Kazakhstan
Israel Ashdod, Israel

South Korea Songpa-gu, South Korea
United States Waukesha, Wisconsin, United States
United States Arvada, Colorado, United States
Turkey Bursa, Turkey
Russia Omsk, Russia
Russia Omsk, Russia
Russia Pushkin, Russia

Turkey Antalya, Turkey
United States Fresno, California, United States
Bosnia and Herzegovina Zenica, Bosnia and Herzegovina (1982)
Romania Ploieşti, Romania
Russia Orenburg, Russia
Russia Orenburg, Russia


United States Colorado Springs, Colorado, United States (1994)



Italy Bari, Italy
Italy L'Aquila, Italy
Greece Thrace, Greece

Monaco Monaco
Brazil Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
France Gustavia, France
United States Las Vegas, Nevada, United States
Romania Constanţa, Romania
Bulgaria Sofia, Bulgaria
Ukraine Odessa, Ukraine
Russia Sochi, Russia
Italy Naples, Italy
Syria Damascus, Syria
Cyprus Larnaca, Cyprus
Portugal Faro, Portugal
France Orléans, France
Algeria Algiers, Algeria
Tunisia Tunis, Tunisia
Spain Málaga, Spain
Tunisia Carthage, Tunisia
Argentina Rosario, Argentina
France Champagne, France


Main article: List of twin towns and sister cities in Malaysia


United States Irving, Texas, United States
Hungary Kaposvár, Hungary
Russia Ulan Ude, Russia
Russia Ulan Ude, Russia


United States Eugene, Oregon, United States
Japan Matsumoto, Nagano, Japan
China Xi'an, China

North Korea

China Shanghai, China
Moldova Bălţi, Moldova
Peru Cusco, Peru
Iraq Najaf, Iraq (29 August 2011)
Russia Ryazan, Russia
Nepal Kathmandu, Nepal
Russia Moscow, Russia
  • Nampho
Mexico Chiautempan, Mexico
Russia Saint Petersburg, Russia
China Tianjin, China
Pakistan Lahore, Pakistan
Hungary Székesfehérvár, Hungary
Russia Vladivostok, Russia


Iraq Karbala, Iraq (2011)
Turkey Bursa, Turkey
Vietnam Bà Rịa–Vũng Tàu Province, Vietnam (24 July 2011)
United Arab Emirates Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates (16 July 2011)
  • Syaifa
Saudi Arabia Makkah, Saudi Arabia
Indonesia Bengkulu City, Indonesia
Peru Lima, Peru
Turkey Afyon, Turkey
Germany Aachen, Germany


Palestinian territories

Mexico Monterrey, Mexico
Italy Milan, Italy
Italy Florence, Italy
Germany Cologne, Germany
Portugal Lisbon, Portugal
United Arab Emirates Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates
Russia Saint Petersburg, Russia
Spain Barcelona, Spain
Italy Turin, Italy
Norway Tromsø, Norway (2001)
United States Camden, New Jersey, United States
Israel Tel Aviv, Israel



Saudi Arabia

Mexico Acapulco, Mexico


Indonesia Batam, Indonesia
Malaysia Johor Bahru, Malaysia

South Korea

Sri Lanka

United Kingdom Reading, United Kingdom
China Shanghai, China
Maldives Malé, Maldives
Russia Saint Petersburg, Russia
United Kingdom Leeds, United Kingdom
China Guangzhou, China




Turkey Ankara, Turkey
United States Boulder, Colorado, United States


China Shanghai, China
Indonesia Yogyakarta, Indonesia
China Kunming, Yunnan, China
Singapore Singapore, Singapore
Kazakhstan Shymkent, Kazakhstan
France Nice, France
Russia Nakhodka, Russia
United States Las Vegas, Nevada, United States
United States Reno, Nevada, United States


United Arab Emirates

Palestinian territories Bethlehem, Palestine [63]
Spain Madrid, Spain (2007)[64]
United States Houston, United States (2002)[65]
Australia Brisbane, Australia (2009)[66]
Belarus Minsk, Belarus (2007) [67]
Pakistan Islamabad, Pakistan (July 2011)


United States Seattle, Washington, United States
Peru Cusco, Peru


Russia Sverdlovsk Oblast, Russia
Oman Muscat, Oman (29 September 2011)
Turkey İzmir, Turkey
Russia Nizhny Novgorod, Russia
Russia Yaroslavl, Russia
United States Seattle, Washington, United States
Russia Saint Petersburg, Russia
Russia Vladivostok, Russia
Russia Moscow, Russia
South Korea Seoul, South Korea
Thailand Bangkok, Thailand
Indonesia Jakarta, Indonesia (August 2011)
Russia Moscow, Russia
Russia Saint Petersburg, Russia
United States San Francisco, California, United States
  • Nghe An Province
Russia Ulyanovsk Oblast, Russia
South Korea Namyangju, South Korea


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