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List of twin towns and sister cities in the Palestinian territories


List of twin towns and sister cities in the Palestinian territories

Map of central Israel, the West Bank, and the Gaza Strip.

This is a list of places in the Palestinian territories having standing links to local communities in other countries. In most cases, the association, especially when formalised by local government, is known as town twinning (though other terms, such as "partner towns", "sister cities" or "brother cities" are sometimes used instead), and while most of the places included are towns, the list also comprises villages, cities, districts, counties, etc. with similar links.


  • East Jerusalem 1
  • Abu Dis 2
  • Bethlehem 3
  • Gaza City 4
  • Jabalia 5
  • Jericho 6
  • Khan Yunis 7
  • Nablus 8
  • Rafah 9
  • Ramallah 10
  • Zababdeh 11
  • References 12

East Jerusalem

  • Fes, Morocco (1982)[1]

Abu Dis


Bethlehem is twinned with:[3][4][5]

Gaza City



Khan Yunis


Nablus is twinned, or has sister city relationships with:[21]





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