Lytham (Station Road) railway station

Place Station Road, Lytham St Annes
Area Fylde

53°44′18″N 2°57′24″W / 53.7384°N 2.9566°W / 53.7384; -2.9566Coordinates: 53°44′18″N 2°57′24″W / 53.7384°N 2.9566°W / 53.7384; -2.9566

Original company Preston and Wyre Joint Railway
Pre-grouping Lancashire and Yorkshire Railway / London and North Western Railway
Platforms 2
16 February 1846 Opened
1 July 1874 Closed to passengers
Unknown date Closed to goods
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The original Lytham railway station was the Lytham terminus of a branch of the Preston and Wyre Joint Railway from Kirkham in Lancashire, England. It opened, along with the branch, on 16 February 1846; the road it was located in became known as Station Road. It was built in a Renaissance style from Longridge stone. A branch was also built to the dock at Lytham Pool.

In 1863, the Blackpool and Lytham Railway opened a separate line to its own station in Ballam Road, Lytham.

By 1874, both lines were owned jointly by the Lancashire and Yorkshire Railway and the London and North Western Railway. Ballam Road station was rebuilt as a through station and a connecting line was built to join the other line east of Lytham. The original station in Station Road was then closed to passengers, but continued to be used as a goods station for many decades, and was still in use in the 1960s.

A fire station now occupies the site.


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Lytham (old) Station
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53°44′18″N 2°57′24″W / 53.7384°N 2.9566°W / 53.7384; -2.9566

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