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Mac Gargan

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Title: Mac Gargan  
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Subject: List of Spider-Man enemies, Eddie Brock, Spider-Man, Rhino (comics), J. Jonah Jameson
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Mac Gargan

Mac Gargan
Publication information
Publisher Marvel Comics
First appearance As Mac Gargan:
The Amazing Spider-Man #19 (December 1964)
As Scorpion:
Amazing Spider-Man #20 (January 1965)
As Venom:
Marvel Knights Spider-Man #10 (March 2005)
As Spider-Man:
Dark Avengers #1 (March 2009)
Created by Stan Lee
Steve Ditko
In-story information
Alter ego MacDonald "Mac" Gargan
Team affiliations Dark Avengers
Sinister Twelve
Masters of Evil
Notable aliases Scorpion, Venom, Spider-Man, "Kilgore Trout"
Abilities As Scorpion:
Superhuman strength, speed, agility, stamina, durability and reflexes
Precognitive Scorpion Sense
Wears scorpion-like armor with a cybernetic tail that has projectile weapons
Ability to cling to most surfaces
As Venom and Spider-Man:
Symbiote grants:
All of Spider-Man's powers
Limited shapeshifting
Immunity to Spider-Sense

MacDonald "Mac" Gargan is a fictional character that appears in comic books published by Marvel Comics. During his career as a villain of Spider-Man's, the character originally appeared as the most well-known incarnation of Scorpion, bonded with the symbiote to become the third incarnation of Venom, and takes a serum to control the symbiote to pose as the third incarnation of Spider-Man.


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      • "Siege" 2.2.4
    • Return as Scorpion 2.3
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Publication history

The character was created by Stan Lee and Steve Ditko. Gargan first appeared in The Amazing Spider-Man #19 (December 1964) and first appeared as the "Scorpion" in Amazing Spider-Man #20 (January 1965).[1] Years later, he became the third "Venom" in Marvel Knights: Spider-Man #10 (2005) and the third "Spider-Man" in Dark Avengers #1 (2009).

He appeared as a regular character in the Dark Avengers series from issue #1 (March 2009) through issue #16 (June 2010). Mac Gargan appeared in the character's first own 4-issue limited series, Dark Reign: Sinister Spider-Man. The comic was released in June 2009 and was written by Brian Reed, with art by Chris Bachalo.[2]

Writer Dan Slott revealed that Mac Gargan would return as the original Scorpion,[3] in an upcoming arc of The Amazing Spider-Man.[4]

Fictional character biography


Mac Gargan as the Scorpion. Art by Sal Buscema.

Mac Gargan was a private investigator initially hired by J. Jonah Jameson to find out how Peter Parker is able to obtain incredible pictures of Spider-Man.[5] Gargan's efforts set off Peter's spider-sense and the teen was able to easily evade the detective. Jameson then decided to hire Gargan as the subject of a barely tested process that would endow him with the useful characteristics of a particular animal with the help of Dr. Farley Stillwell. Dr. Stillwell also outfitted him with a club-like mechanical tail. In this case, a scorpion was the base for the purposes of creating a powerful agent capable of defeating Spider-Man. The Scorpion proved to be more than a match for the wall-crawler, defeating him twice, but the mutagenic treatment seriously affected Gargan's mind, driving him insane. He promptly turned on his benefactor but Spider-Man intervened, and managed to finally defeat the Scorpion in their third battle. Jameson was struck with the irony that he was saved by the man he tried to destroy from the thing he created to destroy him.[6] Since then, the Scorpion became a professional criminal and would return to indulge in his deadly vendetta against Spider-Man and Jameson, only to be defeated again.[7]

He was later hired by a spy ring to follow S.H.I.E.L.D. agent Sharon Carter, but was defeated by Captain America.[8] Scorpion was acquired by Mr. Kline, who created android duplicates of the Scorpion and Mr. Hyde to dispatch against Daredevil.[9] The real Scorpion and Mr. Hyde then launched a campaign of terror against S.H.I.E.L.D. agents, but were defeated by Captain America and the Falcon.[10] After being released from prison for good behavior, the Scorpion resumes his criminal career and encounters and defeats Spider-Man again. After realizing that the wall-crawler survived the encounter, he receives help from the Jackal who gives him Spider-Man's location. The Scorpion arrives at a hospital room finding Peter Parker and his Aunt May. Not realizing that he had Spider-Man right there, he threatens May and demands to know where Spider-Man is and, after she faints, Scorpion rampages through the hospital. A furious Spider-Man beats the Scorpion and forces him to apologize to May.[11]

The Scorpion, through the course of his career, acquired a few items: a new costume, and several new tails: one that spurted acid, another that spurted tear gas, and one that can deliver electric blasts from the stinger. He also fought Ms. Marvel after a botched revenge attempt against Jameson; the Scorpion became more psychotic than usual after his battle with Ms. Marvel, resulting in his being dumped in acid.[12] In the sewers, his sanity deteriorating, Scorpion came to believe that his costume couldn't come off. However, after a quick encounter, Spider-Man proved to him that his belief of being a monster was in his mind.[13] He formed an extortion racket to sabotage the Daily Bugle, but was thwarted by Spider-Man and Captain America.[14] He was freed from prison by agents of Egghead, who wanted him as a member of the third Masters of Evil alongside Whirlwind and Moonstone. The team fought the Avengers but were defeated.[15] Scorpion would make another attempt to ruin Jameson's life by kidnapping his bride Marla Madison on their wedding day but she is rescued by Spider-Man.[16] Jonah does appreciate the irony from his relationship with the Scorpion and eventually decided to publicly confess to his role in creating the supervillain when the original Hobgoblin tried to use that secret to blackmail him.[17] Despite his encounters with other foes, Scorpion has always had a special hatred for Spider-Man and Jameson, which extended when he attempted becoming a mercenary for Justin Hammer, who had the Scorpion's battlesuit modified. Namely, he ruined his prospects on his first mission, to capture a war hero, when he could not resist creating a hostage situation simply to bring Jameson to him for revenge. In reaction, Hammer sent Blacklash and Rhino to subdue Gargan and confiscate the tail enhancement equipment for abrogating his contract.[18]

During the Acts of Vengeance, he tried to enter Canada to avoid the Super Power Registration Act. The Tinkerer met him at the airport and provided him with a modified scorpion tail for his costume. He, Asp, Nekra, and Owl (who were under the control of Llan the Sorcerer) were repelled by Alpha Flight and Gamma Flight.[19] He was then hired by the Chameleon to kill a de-powered Spider-Man. He was defeated by the Black Cat.[20] At one point, the Scorpion's constant defeats at the hands of Spider-Man drove him to depression. He wandered the sewers, his mind becoming clearer than it had been since his transformation and decided to quit being the Scorpion. He encountered a depressed and crisis-ridden Spider-Man. Ignoring Gargan's plea that he had changed, the wall-crawler beat him savagely.[21] In his next appearance, Gargan was back to being psychopathic. He battled and was defeated by Spider-Man's clone Ben Reilly.[22]

Scorpion temporarily worked for Nick Fury against Latveria. He was among the supervillains who had been supplied with enhanced technology by Latverian dictator Lucia von Bardas and sent to attack the heroes who had been involved in Fury's Secret War. The villains' technologies were then hijacked by von Bardas, supplying her with power, potentially at the cost of the villains' lives, but the assembled heroes defeated von Bardas and apprehended Scorpion and the others.


Panel from Marvel Knights: Spider-Man #10, first appearance of Mac Gargan as Venom. Art by Terry Dodson.

Later on through circumstances yet to be revealed, Norman Osborn reveals Spider-Man's true identity to Gargan and gives him orders to kidnap Peter's Aunt May should Osborn ever be captured and imprisoned. When Spider-Man defeats Osborn, he is imprisoned and Gargan carries out Osborn's orders in kidnapping Aunt May. Gargan eventually summons Peter and tells him the only way he can see his aunt again is to break Norman out of jail. Shortly thereafter, the Venom symbiote approaches Gargan,[24] offering him new abilities, and Gargan becomes bonded with the creature. This would later give him an extra edge as part of Norman Osborn's Sinister Twelve.[25] Even with these additional powers he is still swiftly defeated by Spider-Man, as the Avengers deal with the rest of the Twelve.[26] So far he remains bonded with the symbiote. Though incarcerated,[27] Gargan is unfazed, as with his new powers came the respect of becoming an "A-list" villain.

Alongside Spider-Man and other villains and heroes, Venom is kidnapped by other-dimensional forces. He succeeds in killing Spider-Man, who is really the original Space Phantom in disguise.[28] For his crimes, the Inhumans matriarch Medusa orders his execution and almost carries it out herself. Later, he tries to kill the other participants for the "Beyonder's" wish fulfillment prize for the winner[29] but fails and is returned to Earth alongside the rest of the group.[30]


Gargan later becomes a member of a sub-group of the Thunderbolts,[31] which has been drafted by the Avengers to hunt down the members of the fugitive Secret Avengers and is currently run by the Commission for Superhuman Activities.[32] It is then revealed that he has been outfitted with electrical implants by the government to keep the symbiote in check.[33] As a Thunderbolt, he is seen as a hero by the general public and has his own action figures.[34] Gargan displays his new raw power as Venom in a battle with Jack Flag, after pummeling Flag for a bit, the hero manages to stab Gargan, who is protected by his symbiote. Gargan becomes enraged and ferociously man-handles Flag, and is about to eat him when his electrical implants kick in and temporarily subdue him, allowing Flag to live.[35] Gargan expresses fear of the control the symbiote possesses over him, yet he has become addicted to the raw unearthly power it brings to him, and cannot begin to imagine life without it, similarly to a drug addict.[36] An attack from Steel Spider and Sepulchre makes him lose control again, briefly becoming a huge monster once more, while Moonstone is incapacitated and thus cannot coordinate control of his electrical implants.[37] Afterwards, however, he returns to a normal form with no ill effects. He also bites off and devours Steel Spider's arm during a fight.[38]

Gargan is later ordered by Norman Osborn to hunt down Namor. After shooting him with a Thunderbolts-supplied weapon, Gargan disables Namor by ripping off his feet-wings. However, the Sub-Mariner manages to render Gargan unconscious and then rips out the symbiote's tongue,[39] although the symbiote easily makes a new one. Gargan begins to hallucinate that the symbiote is speaking to him, telling him to "feed (it)". He later attacks and devours a guard and declares that "the only way out of Thunderbolts Mountain is when I decide to let you die".[40] It is later revealed that the psychic criminal Bluestreak is controlling Gargan's actions, although it is uncertain whether the symbiote was actually speaking to him.[41] Venom goes up against the Swordsman, who stabs Gargan through the chest, using his powers to force the symbiote away from his sword. Gargan is wounded, but lives.[42] After healing, he retains his monstrous form, rarely returning to his usual size.

New Ways to Die

Gargan reappears during the "New Ways to Die" arc of The Amazing Spider-Man, no longer possessing the knowledge of Spider-Man's secret identity.[43] Gargan and the Thunderbolts are called back to New York to capture Spider-Man. While on a search for the wall-crawler, Gargan's symbiote senses a former host at the F.E.A.S.T center. Gargan suspects that it's Spider-Man and searches the place only to find Eddie Brock. The Venom symbiote attempts to leave Gargan to re-bond with Brock, much to Gargan's (and Brock's) dismay. However, upon making contact with Brock, his skin is shown to be caustic to his former symbiote, and as a white substance seeps out of his pores covering his body, Brock becomes Anti-Venom and battles Gargan. With some help from Spider-Man, Anti-Venom subdues Venom and nearly destroys the symbiote.[44] Norman Osborn uses a sample of Anti-Venom's DNA from Mac Gargan and creates a poisonous counter to its healing powers by combining the sample with the immune system of Freak. Mac Gargan is injected with the "cure" and is given a new Scorpion battlesuit, which contains the venom, until the symbiote can recover.[45] Anti-Venom tracks down Gargan at Oscorp. After a grueling battle "Ven-orpion" injects the toxin into Anti-Venom and seemly kills the suit. He then attempts to kill Brock but the symbiote tries holding him back, still feeling love for its former host. The symbiote gains its strength and breaks though the Scorpion suit. Gargan gives up but promises that he will get past this problem and will someday finish Brock.[46]

Secret Invasion

Gargan was seen being thrown from Thunderbolt Mountain by Captain Marvel.[47] Gargan was later seen with the other Thunderbolts in Washington. The Skrulls attempt to trick him into killing normal humans to find out which of them are Skrulls.[48] Osborn attempted to prevent the symbiote from killing anyone by threatening to kill Mac Gargan and promising to help satisfy his "urges" later, only for Gargan to reveal that the threat he appeared to pose to civilians was a ruse in order to draw out a disguised Skrull. Venom played a huge part in fighting the Skrulls. He was seen slashing and eating the Skrulls all at once.[49] He soon joins the Thunderbolts and the remaining heroes for the final battle against the Skrulls. During the battle, he was a force to be reckoned with.[50]

Venom, along with most of the Thunderbolts team, attempts to kill partner Songbird on the orders of Osborn. Facing Venom, Songbird was defeated and almost eaten by Venom, but escaped with help from the Swordsman.[51]

"Dark Reign"

Mac Gargan as Spider-Man. Art By Mike Deodato Jr.

Norman Osborn forms his Dark Avengers, providing new identities to some of his former Thunderbolts. After feeding a Skrull to a hungry Venom that has become more bestial than human, Osborn gives him a medication that resets the symbiote to the size it was when it possessed Spider-Man originally. However, Gargan can transform into his Venom form at will.

Norman introduces Gargan and the symbiote as the Amazing Spider-Man in his new Avengers.[52] During their first mission against

  • Mac Gargan at
  • Mac Gargan at

External links

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  • The Mac Gargan incarnation of Venom appears in Marvel: Avengers Alliance. He is featured in the 11th Spec-Ops Missions. In the 12th Spec-Ops mission, Venom is a member of Dell Rusk's Dark Avengers.
  • A version of Scorpion appears in The Amazing Spider-Man video game (based on the 2012 The Amazing Spider-Man film reboot). This version is a scorpion-human hybrid, described as one of the results of OsCorp using Dr. Curt Conners's cross-species research to make super-humans, led by Alistaire Smythe. It is also explained that Oscorp physicist Otto Octavius made Scorpion who he was including a mix of a "black goo", and calls him MAC (My Astonishing Creation). He goes berserk when he senses Peter Parker on a tour with Gwen Stacy. He stings Smythe, and escapes Oscorp, along with the other cross-species (Iguana, Rhino, Vermin and game exclusive Nattie). He fights Spider-Man when he returns to Oscorp, and Spider-Man defeats him again at a construction site before taken in by police.[95][96]
  • The character appears in Marvel: Ultimate Alliance 2, with Venom voiced by Walter Bernet and Scorpion voiced by Jim Cummings. Venom appears as a playable character (with Eddie Brock's Venom form as an alternate appearance) and can be on either the pro-registration side or anti-registration side.[94] In the Geffen-Meyer Chemicals cutscenes, he is present with the Thunderbolts. In the second cutscene there, Venom, Bullseye, Green Goblin and Lady Deathstrike end up attacking S.H.I.E.L.D. agents and setting up bombs when the Control Nanites end up taking a mind of their own. In the PS3 and Xbox 360 versions, the heroes end up fighting Venom and Green Goblin while Nick Fury LMD tries to disarm some of the bombs. In the cutscene depicted at Prison 42, Venom ends up attacking Nanite Control Officer Swanson and the S.H.I.E.L.D. agents with him while the other nanite-controlled supervillains attack both sides. When in Wakanda following a transmission from a nanite-controlled Fury, Green Goblin and Venom attack the heroes in Black Panther's palace. After being defeated and cured, Venom and Green Goblin are unlocked. In the PSP, Wii, and PS2 versions, the players fight Venom in Prison 42 after the cutscene there. Scorpion appears as a boss in the game's Wii, PS2, and PSP versions. Scorpion is among the supervillains taken over by the Fold. Scorpion and Green Goblin fights the heroes in Prison 42.
  • The Mac Gargan incarnation of Scorpion appears in Spider-Man: Friend or Foe, voiced by Fred Tatasciore. He is one of several enemies under Mysterio's mind control. Spider-Man encounters Scorpion in a lava-filled area within the Sea Caves on Tangaroa Island. After he is freed from the Control Amulet, Scorpion joins up with Spider-Man.
  • The Mac Gargan incarnation of Scorpion appears as one of the villains in the Spider-Man 3 video game, voiced by Dee Bradley Baker. In it, his appearance is like the costume worn at the time that Mattie Franklin was posing as Spider-Man, referred to by Chris Archer to be similar to what he would look like should he have been in a movie. This incarnation of Scorpion is portrayed as a tortured victim rather than a villain, being used as an apparent 'bounty hunter' by cybernetics corporation MechaBioCon to break the Rhino out of an armored van on his way to prison, and occasionally subjected to mind control to make him cooperate (although his handlers note that his work is better when he is in control of his mind). Although he is briefly used to attack Spider-Man when the wall-crawler arrives to rescue him (having seen Scorpion in action and subsequently making contact with Doctor Andrews, a member of the team that gave Gargan his implants who appears to have feelings for him), Spider-Man is able to 'trick' him into destroying the device that is controlling him, subsequently working with Scorpion to attack MechaBioCon and defeat Rhino. After Rhino is defeated, Scorpion goes after Dr. Stillwell and tries to kill her only for Spider-Man and Dr. Andrews to invervene. Scorpion escapes as Spider-Man leaves Dr. Stillwell for the police.
  • The Mac Gargan incarnation of Scorpion appears in Marvel: Ultimate Alliance, voiced by Beau Weaver. Scorpion is one of the many supervillains that Doctor Doom sends to take over the Helicarrier, but is easily defeated by Captain America, Spider-Man, Thor and Wolverine. He later returns during the heroes' trip to Asgard. He is shown guarding Tyr along with Lizard, but both are eventually defeated. Scorpion has a special dialogue with Spider-Man during the Asgard mission. He is the only villain to change his costume, as during the Helicarrier mission his costume his green and during the Asgard mission his costume is blue and green like the one he wore in the late 90's. A simulation disk has Spider-Man protecting Dum Dum Dugan from Scorpion. During the simulation disk, he makes a reference to J. Jonah Jameson being partially responsible for his creation. The character's Venom design is also an alternate costume for the Eddie Brock version of Venom from the villain pack.
  • The Mac Gargan incarnation of Scorpion appears in the 2002 multiple platform Spider-Man game, voiced by Mike McColl. Scorpion makes an appearance in two of the levels. He wears his short-lived blue and green armored suit from 1998 Spider-Man comics. In the game, Mac Gargan was the test subject for the Scorpion project, as a prototype to create super soldiers. In the project, he was given Scorpion-like powers and a mechanical tail stuck to his spine and he escaped from the labs. After Gargan escapes from the labs, he donned a cyberconic scorpion suit. Later on, Mendel Stromm tells Norman Osborn that now two individuals with arachnid DNA are at large in Manhattan, and Osborn orders the capture of both with spider-shaped robots. The robots pursue Scorpion through the sewers. Peter goes down to the subways to take pictures of his battle site with Shocker, when he runs into Scorpion. As it is revealed, Scorpion has an intense fear of spiders. He encounters Spider-Man who saves him from the spiders. Spider-Man and Scorpion afterwards have an intense battle. Spider-Man wins the battle and Scorpion flees.
  • Mac Gargan also appears in the Neversoft Spider-Man, voiced by Daran Norris. He is shown in his short lived 1998 costume and appears as the first boss. Here, he is hunting down Daily Bugle Editor J. Jonah Jameson because he blames him for his becoming the Scorpion. However, Spider-Man eventually defeats Scorpion at the Daily Bugle. This version of Scorpion says that he can't remove his armor suit, and Jameson confirms it.

Video games

  • The character is alluded in The Spectacular Spider-Man. In the series finale "Final Curtain", Norman Osborn is heard thanking a private investigator named Mac Gargan on the phone for investigating Donald Menken's address. Scorpion was originally set to appear had the series been renewed for another season.[91][92][93]
  • The Mac Gargan version of Scorpion appears in Spider-Man: The Animated Series, voiced initially by Martin Landau (until his Academy Award win and subsequent lack of availability) and later by Richard Moll. In his debut episode "The Sting of the Scorpion", Mac Gargan is a neurotic, plump, and balding private eye working for J. Jonah Jameson. In an attempt to discover Spider-Man's real identity, Jameson convinces Gargan to be transformed into a capable superhero by Dr. Stillwell using the Neogenic Recombinator. As Scorpion, he is able to defeat Spider-Man by pulling a water tower onto him, but before he can unmask the wall-crawler, Gargan is overcome with pain as he undergoes further uncontrolled mutations that give him green skin, yellow eyes, and talon-like fingers which also drives him insane. Believing more radiation may stop his transformation and return him to normal, he attempts to gain access to a nuclear reactor (his plans to release it would have destroyed all of New York City) but is found and defeated by Spider-Man, resulting in Scorpion being sent to jail. Scorpion reappears as a member of the Kingpin's Insidious Six, a supervillain team created to kill Spider-Man though he is again defeated by Spider-Man. Desperate to find a cure to his condition, Scorpion kidnaps Dr. Stillwell but Stillwell destroys the Neogenic Recombinator to prevent the creation of other beings like Scorpion. After meeting the Vulture, Scorpion kidnaps him from an exploding building and holds him hostage, believing him to be smart enough to undo the Scorpion transformation. Eventually, Alistair Smythe, requiring Scorpion's genetic code to further his own experiments, holds Black Cat hostage to coerce Spider-Man into bringing Scorpion to him. Scorpion eventually manages to escape Smythe's clutches due to the Vulture attacking and attempts to stay away from crime for the sake of his fiancée. Scorpion's final appearance is again as a member of the Insidious Six who attempt to locate the Red Skull's doomsday device for Kingpin. At the end of the episode, he is shown to have escaped the police.
Scorpion in the 1990s Spider-Man animated series.
  • The Mac Gargan version of Scorpion appears in the Spider-Man and His Amazing Friends episode "Attack of the Arachnoid". He was thwarted by the Spider-Friends at the beginning of the episode. When Spider-Man ends up in jail for Zolton's actions to frame the real Spider-Man, Scorpion took this opportunity to deliver payback to Spider-Man only to be defeated.
  • The Mac Gargan version of Scorpion appears in Spider-Man, voiced by Carl Banas. He is introduced in the episode "Never Step on a Scorpion" in which his creation is shown. It is revealed that his villainy is apparently due to the experiment making his evil nature increase. He returns in the episode "Sting of the Scorpion" where he breaks out of prison to wreak revenge on J. Jonah Jameson by kidnapping him. Scorpion accidentally takes a formula which makes him grow to 20 feet tall while breaking into Stillwell's home and trying to find the formula that gave him his superhuman strength, but Spider-Man gives him the antidote and he is jailed again.


In other media

In the Spider-Verse, the Earth-001 version of Scorpion is a member of Verna's Hounds. Alongside the Earth-001 version of Rhino, Scorpion accompanied Verna to Earth-21205 to hunt Hobgoblin (who was the identity of that world's Peter Parker). They were stopped by the Spider-Woman of Earth-65.[90]


Gargan appears as the Scorpion (in a highly advanced costume) in Spider-Man: Reign as a member of the Sinner Six. He dies when he is punted from an Empire State Building window by Spider-Man.[89]

Spider-Man: Reign

A zombified Scorpion appears in Marvel Zombies: Dead Days and Marvel Zombies 3. He is a member of the Kingpin's undead alliance. As such, he searches New York and the surrounding areas for food of any kind. He is on friendly terms with the zombie Diablo. He is eventually killed by Machine Man.[88]

Marvel Zombies

In the last issue of JLA/Avengers, Scorpion is among the enthralled villains defending Krona's stronghold, and is defeated by Sandman.[87]


The Ultimate Marvel incarnation of Scorpion debuted in Ultimate Comics Spider-Man vol 3. #6. This one is Maximus Gargan, a tattoed, Mexican mob boss that worked with the Prowler (Aaron Davis).[85] He is shown to have very resistant skin, but may have other powers as well.[85] Once he arrived at New York, Gargan set his sights on becoming the new "Kingpin of New York", but was stopped by the efforts of an un-easy alliance of Prowler and the second Spider-Man.[86]

Ultimate Marvel

In one of the many realities visited by the Exiles, Mac Gargan is one of the many superhumans that form the Heroes for Hire, and is part of the Avengers Package, which also includes the Black Widow and the Black Knight. After being hired to protect Tokyo from Moses Magnum and Namorita, Scorpion is killed by the murderous, teenage counterpart of Magik.[84]


Other versions

After Smythe breaks him out of the Raft, Gargan is fitted with a new Scorpion suit. The suit is larger than its predecessor, and cybernetically wired into Gargan, making him a [70] The armor leaves Mac's jaw unprotected, which Dr. Octopus (in Spider-Man's body) exploited to punch his jaw clean off.[82] Following his employment by Alchemax, he has gained a new jaw.[83]

Return as Scorpion

A special "medication" provided by Norman Osborn allowed Venom to assume a smaller, more human-looking form similar to when Spider-Man had control of the symbiote. From this form, he is able to switch back to his larger, more feral form whenever he pleases. As Spider-Man, Mac seems to be even more agile than when he was as Venom. He also still has all of Venom's powers, minus the claws, tongue, and teeth, which he can regrow at will.[60] However, his "medication" has also been shown to decrease his will to fight, making him more sympathetic.[64]

As Spider-Man

When injured or enraged, Venom now has the ability to increase its mass and physical strength in order to meet whatever threat it is facing with equal force, an ability inconsistently hinted in the past, such as when Venom battled the Juggernaut. During these times it is not clear that Gargan has any control over the symbiote, for had it not been for the technology restraining Venom, he would have eaten Jack Flag. Also, during a battle with the Steel Spider, Gargan attacks innocent bystanders.[35]

With the Venom symbiote, Mac Gargan retains his superhuman abilities, some of which have increased substantially beyond the original levels. The costume can even emulate the tail of Gargan's scorpion costume. It can also be used as a fifth limb. As Venom, Gargan has gained the ability to shoot webbing and climb walls like Spider-Man, and can disguise himself as other people or blend in with his background. He is undetectable by Spider-Man's "spider-sense". His skill as a hand-to-hand combatant has increased due to the influence of the alien symbiote, which has superior instincts and fighting experience. The costume can also heal grave injuries suffered by the host with incredible speed. Mac (as Venom) has claws on his fingers which can be used as weapons to slash his foes. He can also create tendrils to incapacitate his enemies.

As Venom

Mac Gargan, as the Scorpion, was given superhuman powers through chemical and radiological treatments, which produced mutagenic effects. He has superhuman strength, speed, agility, reflexes, stamina, and durability, and also can scale walls (he also punches holes in walls as a way to climb). He also has an exceptionally strong grip, reminiscent of a real scorpion's pincers. He wears a full-body battlesuit composed of two layers of light steel mesh separated by a thin layer of insulated rubber. In addition to his superhuman physique, he was traditionally armed with a cybernetically-controlled, seven-foot mechanical tail, with a tool steel articulated framework which can whip at 90 miles per hour. The tail has in the past been equipped with projectile weapons, usually an electric generator, although it has also been equipped with a spike at its tip, which can squirt an acidic spray, and a low-density plasma energy projector. The Scorpion can use his tail as an extra leg, or he can coil it behind him to spring himself a distance of at least 30 feet. The Scorpion is substantially stronger and more durable than Spider-Man, though is a much less skilled hand-to-hand combatant.

As Scorpion

Powers and abilities

calling herself the Scorpion, Gargan-Venom attacked her to protect his trademark while it still lasted. Also, for a brief time, Gargan wore a new Scorpion suit while the symbiote regenerated after Anti-Venom's attack, although initially he was hesitant about wearing it alongside the symbiote. new hero once sprouted a scorpion tail, although he hasn't had it since. Also when he learned there was a symbiote hasn't been completely degraded. His previous identity, any inhibitions Gargan had about harming innocent bystanders has been eliminated with his bonding to the symbiote, most likely because he had such little regard for others to begin with. Gargan's Eddie Brock Unlike [81] The years of being outsmarted and beaten, despite his physical superiority over Spider-Man, complement the similar hatred possessed by the symbiote, and has allowed it to almost completely control Gargan. Unlike the other Venoms, Mac very seldom refers to himself as "We" instead of "I". Gargan has even engaged in

However, as he is emotionally disturbed as a result of the procedure in which he acquired his powers, Mac retains little of his former rationality. He is typically easily outsmarted by Spider-Man and is not very good at cooperating with other supervillains or following instructions as Justin Hammer learned. His most prominent weakness is his explosive temper and irrational hatred toward J. Jonah Jameson, to the point where he has been known to ignore the orders of whomever he is working for, in order to attack the Daily Bugle's publisher. None of this has changed with his bonding to the Venom symbiote, or with his new career serving under Norman Osborn with the Thunderbolts or the Dark Avengers: In fact, the symbiote seems to have only made him even more irrational, and his new career as a "hero" has done nothing to curtail his lingering hatred of Jameson. He nearly blew his cover as Spider-Man when he started a drug war and photographs of him engaging in cannibalism wound up in J. Jonah Jameson's hands, putting his employer Norman Osborn's plans and the "heroic" status of his entire Dark Avengers team in jeopardy, just to pursue vengeance against Jameson (now the mayor of New York) yet again. His ill-conceived and poorly thought-out plan failed, and he was forced to publicly make peace with Jameson in his Spider-Man guise, greatly embarrassing him, though he secretly fantasized about killing Jameson the whole while they were shaking hands.

Before he assumed the identity of the Scorpion, Mac Gargan was a skilled, if somewhat greedy and unscrupulous private investigator, who admitted that he'd go through anything "just so long as the pay is good!"[6] His greed still motivated him as a super-villain, albeit in a twisted way: while awaiting an official "offer" from the Thunderbolts, Gargan squeezed his agent for financial details on a proposed book, TV and movie deal ("How many back points? And residuals? Fantastic. That foreign and domestic?"), demanded certain talent for the writing (including the screenwriting brother of the comic's writer) and, finally, Gargan killed six "capekiller" S.H.I.E.L.D. agents sent to bring him in - because while he intended to cooperate, his agent had told him that the rights to his life story would be "worth a little more" if Gargan "goosed up the body count" before joining the Thunderbolts.[80]


During the Secret Wars storyline, Scorpion is among the villains at Kingpin's viewing party of the incursion between Earth-616 and Earth-1610.[79]

While trapped in the present and employed by Alchemax, Miguel O'Hara is roped into accompanying Tiberus Stone to sell Spider-Slayers to a foreign country. While investigating the Spider-Slayers after Stone is captured by local rebels, Miguel encounters the Scorpion, his having been hired by Alchemax to further test the Spider-Slayers.[77] Thinking that Miguel is the present Spider-Man in a new costume, the Scorpion attacks him with the aid of the Spider-Slayers, but Miguel manages to defeat him by using his holographic assistant, to project the image of the present Spider-Man's costume over the Scorpion, causing the Spider-Slayers to attack him until he manages to turn them off.[78]

Scorpion was later seen in the Raft's infirmary with Boomerang and Vulture. Alistair Smythe's mini Spider-Slayers heal and enhance them, and Smythe gives them an offer to kill Spider-Man.[75] While Boomerang fights Spider-Man, Scorpion is convinced by Smythe to go after Mayor Jameson again.[76]

During the Dying Wish storyline, Scorpion hears the call-to-arms from Peter Parker (while trapped in Doctor Octopus' dying body) to save him and apprehend Doctor Octopus (occupying Spider-Man's body) in order to save his loved ones from Doctor Octopus' final sinister scheme.[73] Scorpion and Hydro-Man accompany Peter Parker in Doctor Octopus' body to Stark Industries to look for Tony Stark only to end up in a trap set by Doctor Octopus in Spider-Man's body. When finding a safe area containing Spider-Man's friends and relatives, Scorpion plans to have his final revenge on J. Jonah Jameson. Upon accessing the memories of Spider-Man loving Aunt May - and the times Scorpion threatened her - Doctor Octopus in Spider-Man's body retaliates by punching Scorpion so hard in the jaw (the only unprotected part of his body) that it breaks off from his head.[74]

During the Ends of the Earth storyline, Scorpion is seen guarding one of Doctor Octopus' facilities. Titanium Man enters it and ends up fighting Scorpion. Titanium Man is defeated by Scorpion despite his best efforts.[72]

During the "John Jameson's latest space mission, where they sabotage the launch and hold John Jameson for ransom.[71]

Return as Scorpion

During the "Siege" storyline, Mac Gargan is with the Dark Avengers when Norman Osborn makes plans to invade Asgard. Mac Gargan and the rest of the Avengers protest. For fighting alongside the Initiative, Osborn promises to give the team their freedom from servitude. As a result, Gargan is among the mass of soldiers to launch an attack on Asgard following Loki's setup. He and the rest of the Avengers manage to overwhelm Thor.[66] While fighting Ms. Marvel and Spider-Man after they arrive, Gargan is forcefully removed from the Venom symbiote, which takes over Ms. Marvel until Spider-Man defeats it.[67] He along with the other Dark Avengers were arrested after Norman Osborn fell from power.[68]


Gargan later begins to show signs that his medications are making him emotionally unstable. On a mission with the Dark Avengers, Osborn takes Gargan off the case when he notices Gargan's outbursts.[64] Molecule Man turns Gargan and his symbiote into an inert pile of goo.[65] He is later restored by the Sentry.

During the opening chapter of Utopia, the Dark Avengers are sent into San Francisco to quell the mutant riots and battle any X-Men they can find. Tension is shown to exist between the Avengers and Osborn's own Dark X-Men. When Namor and Emma Frost are revealed to be double agents on Cyclops' side and defect with Cloak and Dagger, an irate Osborn gathers the Dark Avengers and the remaining Dark X-Men, Gargan included, ordering them to bring him Namor's head and Emma Frost's heart and to make sure that Cyclops sees them do it.[62] The Dark Avengers and Dark X-Men attack Utopia and battle the X-Men, with Venom facing off against Colossus. However, due to the sheer number of X-Men, Osborn is forced to retreat when informed that the only way to win would be to kill all the mutants on the island, an option which is not politically viable.[63]

However, Gargan continues to instigate the gang war and aggravate Jameson in person. A bomb threat is placed by Redeemer to lure Spider-Man into an intervention, though Gargan instead devours Hippo and Eleven, badly injures Dementoid, and beats Doctor Everything into submission before turning him over to the police. He then eats Redeemer's limbs. With Redeemer, Wolfram, and Dementoid the only ones still remaining of the group (albeit hospitalized), Redeemer sends photos of Gargan's actions to Jameson in an attempt to expose him as a cannibalistic psychopath to the world.[60] Jameson first goes to Osborn, who decides to cut Gargan loose by sending Bullseye and Daken (in their old costumes) to kill him. At the Big Apple Festival, the two attack him, with Dementoid, General Wolfram, and both gangs involved in the turf war entering the fray to try to kill Spider-Man. Gargan ends up defeating all of them, and J. Jonah Jameson shoots a gun in the air to stop the fight. As a result, everyone credits Jameson and Spider-Man with successfully working together to stop criminals and save the festival. Gargan later returns to Avengers Tower, where he is visited by Norman Osborn. Osborn informs him that Bullseye and Daken will get over being hurt, but warns Gargan that if he goes out of control again, he will suit up as the Iron Patriot and take care of him personally.[61]

Against Osborn's wishes, Gargan is seen heading out into the city to "fight crime" solo. At one point, he is seen defeating a bank robber called General Wolfram. After making out with two girls at once and getting cheered by a large crowd, he takes the robber to an abandoned roof top and consumes his arm. He then takes the money Wolfram stole and swings away. Gargan is then seen at a strip club with the money and discovers his new favorite stripper. After getting reprimanded by Norman Osborn for eating Wolfram's arm, Gargan kills the stripper and places her dead body in J. Jonah Jameson's bed while he is gone in an attempt to frame him for her murder. At the same time, Redeemer visits the injured General Wolfram and recruits him alongside other villains who have had limbs bitten off by Gargan (namely Dementoid, Doctor Everything, Eleven, and Hippo) in a plan to take down "Spider-Man" (who is believed to be the root of their problem).[58] In another attempt to antagonize Jameson, Gargan instigates a turf war between two rival street gangs, hoping to wear Jameson down through stress and exhaustion from continuously putting out stories to cover the crime wave. At the same time, the Redeemer arms his group with cybernetic limbs to defeat Spider-Man. J. Jonah Jameson goes to Osborn for help and is given Spider-Man to help solve the city's gang problem.[59]

Later, attempting to find out Norman Osborn's plans for his son Harry, the real Spider-Man, with the aid of the Invisible Woman, manages to capture Gargan by using a sonic generator and takes his place to infiltrate the Dark Avengers. Gargan is thrown into the Negative Zone,[57] but is later seen back with the Dark Avengers.

[56] Once they arrive home, he is seen arguing with Hawkeye.[55]

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