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Major national historical and cultural sites (Tibet)

This list is of Major Sites Protected for their Historical and Cultural Value at the National Level in the Autonomous Region of Tibet, People's Republic of China.[1][2][3][4][5][6]

Site Chinese name Location Designation Image
Gyantse Dzong 江孜宗山抗英遗址 (Jiangzi Zongshan kang Ying yizhi) Gyantse County 1-5
Jokhang 大昭寺 (Dazhao si) Lhasa 1-81
Tradruk Temple 昌珠寺 (Changzhu si) Nêdong County 1-82
Sakya Monastery 萨迦寺 (Sajia si) Sa'gya County 1-95
Potala Palace 布达拉宫 (Budala gong) Lhasa 1-107
Ganden Monastery 噶丹寺 (Gadan si) Dagzê County 1-108
Tashilhunpo Monastery 扎什伦布寺 (Zhashilunbu si) Shigatse 1-109
Ruins of the Guge Kingdom 古格王国遗址 (Guge wangguo yizhi) Zanda County 1-161
Graves of the Tibetan Kings 藏王墓 (Zangwang mu) Qonggyai County 1-174
Drepung Monastery 哲蚌寺 (Zhebang si) Lhasa 2-27
Sera Monastery 色拉寺 (Sela si) Lhasa 2-28
Norbulingka 罗布林卡 (Luobulinka) Lhasa 3-96
Shalu Monastery 夏鲁寺 (Xialu si) Shigatse 3-118
Karuo Site 卡若遗址 (Karuo yizhi) Qamdo County 4-19
Samye 桑耶寺 (Sangye si) Zhanang County 4-90
Toling Monastery 托林寺 (Tuolin si) Zanda County 4-110
Zhatang Temple 扎塘寺 (Zhatang si) Zhanang County 4-111
Palcho Monastery 白居寺 (Baiju si) Gyantse County 4-160
Lhagyili Palace 拉加里王宫遗址 (Lajiali wanggong yuzhi) Qusum County 5-109
Lieshan Tombs 烈山墓地 (Lieshan mudi) Nang County 5-181
Gyidui Tubo Tombs 吉堆吐蕃墓群 (Jidui Tubo muqun) Lhozhag County 5-182
Landgut Nanseling 朗色林庄园 (Langselin zhuangyuan) Zhanang County 5-407
Qoide Temple, Zhuoma Monastery, Stele of the Tang Embassy to India 曲德寺 (Qude si), 卓玛拉康 (Zhuoma lakang), 大唐天竺使出铭 (Da Tang Tianzhu shi chu ming) Gyirong County 5-408
Sekhar-Guthog Temple 色喀古托寺 (Sekagutuo si) Lhozhag County 5-409
Khorzhak Monastery 科迦寺 (Kejia si) Burang County 5-410
Ramoche Temple 小昭寺 (Xiaozhao si) Lhasa 5-411
Keru Lhakhang 吉如拉康 (Jirulakang) Nêdong County 5-412
Chamuqin Tombs 查木钦墓群 (Chamuqin muqun) Lhatse County 6-283
Sumkar Stone Stupa 松卡石塔 (Songka shita) Zhanang County 6-762
Nyethang Drolma Lhakhang 聂塘卓玛拉康 (Nietang Zhuoma lakang) Qüxü County 6-763
Chagyima Great Hall 查杰玛大殿 (Chajiema dadian) Qamdo County 6-764
Mindrolling Monastery 敏竹林寺 (Minzhulin si) Zhanang County 6-765
Phuntsok Ling Monastery 平措林寺 (Pingcuolin si) Lhatse County 6-766
Bangna Temple 邦纳寺 (Bangna si) Sog County 6-767
Kangsong Sengalin 康松桑卡林 (Kangsong sengkalin) Zhanang County 6-768

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