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Manitoba Sports Hall of Fame and Museum

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Title: Manitoba Sports Hall of Fame and Museum  
Author: World Heritage Encyclopedia
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Subject: Gerry James, Mark Berger (judoka), Steamer Maxwell, Jack Stewart (ice hockey), Andy Bathgate
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Manitoba Sports Hall of Fame and Museum

Manitoba Sports Hall of Fame and Museum
Established 1980
Location Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada
Type Sports Hall of Fame and Museum

The Manitoba Sports The Forks. After five years, the museum moved to The Bay store on Portage Avenue.

However, the museum has moved to the Sport Manitoba building, and had a grand opening on October 27, 2012.[1]

Exhibits of Manitoba's sports teams and honoured athletes are displayed in the museum.


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Year Member
2004 McKenzie, Bev (Hall)Bev (Hall) McKenzie
1984 Thompson, Vivian (King)Vivian (King) Thompson
1996 Robinson, Mary (Rutton)Mary (Rutton) Robinson
2006 Vergara, Joanne (Mucz)Joanne (Mucz) Vergara
1987 Neale, Janet (Maddin)Janet (Maddin) Neale
1996 Gallimore, Isny (Johnson)Isny (Johnson) Gallimore
1997 Netterfield, Merlene (Wach)Merlene (Wach) Netterfield
2010 Lindsay, Jo-Ann (Percy)Jo-Ann (Percy) Lindsay
2001 Richards, Eileen (Whaley)Eileen (Whaley) Richards
1984 Haight, Robina (Higgins)Robina (Higgins) Haight
1989 Olson, Betty (Mitchell)Betty (Mitchell) Olson
1992 Moroz, Evelyn (Wawryshyn)Evelyn (Wawryshyn) Moroz
1995 Botterill, Doreen (McCannell)Doreen (McCannell) Botterill
1984 Temple, Mary Rose (Thacker)Mary Rose (Thacker) Temple
1986 Levin, Elizabeth (Appleby)Elizabeth (Appleby) Levin
1981 Wood Sr., HowardHoward Wood Sr.
2004 Heindl Sr., BillBill Heindl Sr.
1999 McVey, Ward WoodWard Wood McVey
2007 St. Godard, EmileEmile St. Godard
2007 Straub, Angela (Johnson)Angela (Johnson) Straub
2011 Turnbull, Ronald G.Ronald G. Turnbull
1994 Tinsley, Robert "Bud"Robert "Bud" Tinsley
1992 Summers, Robert "Bobby"Robert "Bobby" Summers
1997 Rowland, GordonGordon Rowland
1988 Patrick, SteveSteve Patrick
2004 McCance, ChesChes McCance
2004 Henry, JimJim Henry
1993 Casey, TomTom Casey
1994 Berger, MarkMark Berger
1985 Hudson, GordonGordon Hudson
2012 Ball, TerryTerry Ball
1993 Johnson, TomTom Johnson
1991 Riley, MartinMartin Riley
1997 Stewart, JackJack Stewart
1981 Stack, FrankFrank Stack
1995 Gray, HerbHerb Gray
2004 James, EddieEddie James
2011 Cameron, BobBob Cameron
1989 Gardiner, CharlieCharlie Gardiner
2013 Simpson, Harold Edward Joseph "Bullet Joe"Harold Edward Joseph "Bullet Joe" Simpson
1984 Gowanlock, AbAb Gowanlock
1996 McDonald, AbAb McDonald
1996 Sparks, AlAl Sparks
1982 Wurr, AlfredAlfred Wurr
2004 Swanson, AlistairAlistair Swanson
1983 Boes, AllanAllan Boes
1993 Bathgate, AndyAndy Bathgate
2001 Chalmers, AngelaAngela Chalmers
1994 Tachan, AnneAnne Tachan
2000 Howard, ArmyArmy Howard
1990 Pratt, BabeBabe Pratt
2013 Hartman, BarneyBarney Hartman
2009 Szymkow, BenBen Szymkow
1983 Snart, BertBert Snart
2007 Cochran, BethBeth Cochran
1992 Bridgen, BillBill Bridgen
2001 Ceretti, BillBill Ceretti
2004 Ezinicki, BillBill Ezinicki
2007 Fairbairn, BillBill Fairbairn
1992 Juzda, BillBill Juzda
1980 Mosienko, BillBill Mosienko
1995 Pidlaski, BillBill Pidlaski
2004 Marquardt, BillyBilly Marquardt
2004 Dunbar, BobBob Dunbar
1991 Hamerton, BobBob Hamerton
2004 Harley, BobBob Harley
1996 McEachern, BobBob McEachern
2007 Town, BobBob Town
1987 Clarke, BobbyBobby Clarke
1989 Hull, BobbyBobby Hull
1986 Reith, BobbyBobby Reith
1992 Wittmeier, BonnieBonnie Wittmeier
1989 MacLaren, BrianBrian MacLaren
1987 Pirnie, BruceBruce Pirnie
1985 Hextall, BryanBryan Hextall
2004 Marquardt, BudBud Marquardt
1992 Goring, ButchButch Goring
1983 Ridd, CarlCarl Ridd
1985 Kerr, CatherineCatherine Kerr
1980 Browne, CecilCecil Browne
2004 Johnson, ChingChing Johnson
1999 McCubbins, ChrisChris McCubbins
2006 Walby, ChrisChris Walby
2010 O'Connor, ChristineChristine O'Connor
2002 Weber, ChrstianChrstian Weber
2012 Fitzpatrick, ClariceClarice Fitzpatrick
1998 Bishop, CliffCliff Bishop
2004 Roseborough, CliffCliff Roseborough
1982 Riley, ConradConrad Riley
1982 Coaffee, CyrilCyril Coaffee
2007 Iwanoczko, DaleDale Iwanoczko
2007 Smith, DallasDallas Smith
1981 Bain, DanDan Bain
2007 Halldorson, DanDan Halldorson
2004 Buckingham, DickDick Buckingham
1983 Irvin, DickDick Irvin
1998 Raleigh, DonDon Raleigh
2006 Starkell, DonDon Starkell
1993 Sewell, DonaldDonald Sewell
1990 Lalonde, DonnyDonny Lalonde
1999 Sewell, DoranDoran Sewell
1983 Groff, DougDoug Groff
1997 Turner, DylisDylis Turner
1995 Mazur, EddieEddie Mazur
1980 Coy, EricEric Coy
1985 Oland, ErickErick Oland
1991 Bieber, EthelEthel Bieber
1981 Fredrickson, FrankFrank Fredrickson
2010 Rigney, FrankFrank Rigney
1989 Dunsmore, FredFred Dunsmore
2000 Ingaldson, FredFred Ingaldson
1999 Shero, FredFred Shero
1980 Hanson, FritzFritz Hanson
1989 Pischke, GarthGarth Pischke
1999 Turk, GeneGene Turk
1988 Knudson, GeorgeGeorge Knudson
1982 James, GerryGerry James
2011 McWhinney, GlennGlenn McWhinney
1988 Audley, GordonGordon Audley
2005 Ledyard, GrantGrant Ledyard
2003 Skinner, GrantGrant Skinner
2009 Lacomy, GregGreg Lacomy
2004 Eidsvig, HaroldHarold Eidsvig
2004 Gerow, HenryHenry Gerow
2003 Olafsson, HerbertHerbert Olafsson
2004 Jacobs, JackJack Jacobs
1984 McCulloch, JackJack McCulloch
2004 Secter, JackJack Secter
1982 Smyth, JackJack Smyth
1982 Houldon, JamesJames Houldon
1990 Tettamanti, JamesJames Tettamanti
1986 Nutter, JanetJanet Nutter
2004 Nicklin, JeffJeff Nicklin
2004 McFadden, JimJim McFadden
1981 Trifunov, JimJim Trifunov
1997 Ursel, JimJim Ursel
1980 Ball, JimmyJimmy Ball
1984 Keeper, JoeJoe Keeper
2004 Poplawski, JoeJoe Poplawski
2011 Wiwchar, JoeJoe Wiwchar
2004 McCreedy, JohnJohn McCreedy
2001 Knudson, JoyJoy Knudson
1980 Moss, JudyJudy Moss
2000 Bagley, JuneJune Bagley
2004 Zabowski, KasKas Zabowski
1993 Minions, KayeKaye Minions
2004 Aseltine, KenKen Aseltine
1987 Ploen, KenKen Ploen
1996 Reardon, KenKen Reardon
1980 Watson, KenKen Watson
2011 Burtnyk, KerryKerry Burtnyk
1989 Cohen, LaurieLaurie Cohen
1981 Hersfield, LeibleLeible Hersfield
2005 Lewis, LeoLeo Lewis
1997 Gould, LindsayLindsay Gould
2004 Fraser-Gilmore, LisaLisa Fraser-Gilmore
1990 Gunnlaugson, LloydLloyd Gunnlaugson
1993 Johnston, LyndonLyndon Johnston
2005 Mangin, MarcelMarcel Mangin
1998 Homenuik, MargeretMargeret Homenuik
1984 Edey, MarjorieMarjorie Edey
2003 Dempster, MaryMary Dempster
1988 Dowds, MaureenMaureen Dowds
2004 Rogers, MaurielMauriel Rogers
2004 Kantor, MaxMax Kantor
2004 Hill, MelMel Hill
2004 Wilson, MelMel Wilson
1986 Deckert, MervMerv Deckert
1991 Goermann, MonicaMonica Goermann
2004 Mickoski, NickNick Mickoski
1994 Shanas, NormNorm Shanas
1985 Little, OliveOlive Little
1990 Hynduik, OllieOllie Hynduik
2006 Kawulia, PeterPeter Kawulia
1997 Leach, ReggieReggie Leach
2006 Watts, RickRick Watts
1994 Boucher, RobertRobert Boucher
2005 Savoie, RogerRoger Savoie
2002 Ford, RussRuss Ford
2000 Gibb, SandySandy Gibb
2010 Moffatt, ShaneShane Moffatt
2001 Greenfeld, ShermanSherman Greenfeld
1991 Trojack, SteveSteve Trojack
2003 Auch, SusanSusan Auch
1982 Sigfusson, SveinSvein Sigfusson
1983 Burka, SylviaSylvia Burka
2002 Dubnicoff, TanyaTanya Dubnicoff
2003 Green, TedTed Green
2006 Homenuik, TedTed Homenuik
1982 Sawchuk, TerryTerry Sawchuk
1981 Dubois, TheoTheo Dubois
2005 Brick, TheresaTheresa Brick
2001 McIssac, TimTim McIssac
1985 Town, TommyTommy Town
2003 Nocita, TonyTony Nocita
2000 Porritt, TrevorTrevor Porritt
1983 Broda, TurkTurk Broda
2007 Hoggan, VaillaVailla Hoggan
2004 Lindquist, VictorVictor Lindquist
2004 Stanowski, WallyWally Stanowski
2002 Reaves, WillardWillard Reaves
1986 Reid, BruceBruce Reid
2007 Wood, BryanBryan Wood
1990 Johnstone, CharlieCharlie Johnstone
1998 Miller, ColleenColleen Miller
1995 McKay, DavidDavid McKay
2001 Jones, ElaineElaine Jones
1981 Battaglia, FrankieFrankie Battaglia
2010 Phillips, GeorgeGeorge Phillips
2004 Murphy, GlennGlenn Murphy
1997 Gustafson, HughHugh Gustafson
1995 Doyle, JimmyJimmy Doyle
2002 Ingram, JoanJoan Ingram
2007 Carson, JohnJohn Carson
1987 Carter, KeithKeith Carter
1998 Little, KenKen Little


The Museum is affiliated with: CMA, CHIN, and Virtual Museum of Canada.


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