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Martha Williamson

Martha Williamson
Born Denver, Colorado, United States
Residence Southern California, United States
Occupation Executive Producer, Writer
Partner(s) Jon Andersen

Martha Williamson is the host and voice of A Touch of Encouragement on She is best known as the head writer and Executive Producer of the long-running hit CBS television series Touched by an Angel

She was named in 2007 by her publisher as one of the "12 Most Powerful Christians in Hollywood."[1] She became the first woman to solely produce two network television dramas simultaneously.

Touched by an Angel was nominated for nine Emmy Awards and was inducted into the Museum of Television and Radio Hall of Fame. It has been translated into more than sixty languages and continues to be broadcast around the world.

Martha began her career in television working on musical variety programs for Carol Burnett, Walt Disney Television, and others. She wrote and produced for half-hour comedies such as the long-running The Facts of Life and The Family Man with Gregory Harrison. She made the transition to one-hour drama as producer of Jack's Place for ABC Television and Co-Executive Producer of the CBS series Under One Roof, which starred James Earl Jones. And in 1994 she became the Executive Producer of the Touched By An Angel.

Her numerous awards include the Freedom Works Award from the U.S. Congress, the Edward R. Murrow Responsibility in Television Award, the Producers Guild Nova Award, the Templeton Prize, as well as honors from the Anti-Defamation League, the NAACP, the Salvation Army, Catholics in Media. She was appointed to the President's White House Council on Service and Civic Participation.

A popular speaker, Martha frequently addresses organizations and companies, using humor and behind-the-scenes show business anecdotes to illustrate the power of positive storytelling and the importance of incorporating ethics and values into business management. Most recently, she has appeared onstage on both coasts performing her musical one-woman show "Martha At Risk" with Tony-Award-winning composer Larry Grossman.

A native of Colorado, Martha lives in Southern California with her husband, Jon Andersen,[2] and their two children. She is a graduate of Williams College.

Television series

Series/Title Name Title Network Years
Touched by an Angel Executive Producer (203 Episodes) CBS/CBSP 1994–2003
"The Southbound Bus" (Pilot Episode) Writer CBS/CBSP 1994
"Fallen Angela" Writer CBS/CBSP 1994
"An Unexpected Snow" Writer CBS/CBSP 1994
"There, But For The Grace Of God" Writer CBS/CBSP 1995
"In the Name of God" Writer CBS/CBSP 1995
"Interview With An Angel" Writer CBS/CBSP 1995
"Operation Smile" Writer CBS/CBSP 1995
"Unidentified Female" Writer CBS/CBSP 1995
"Til We Meet Again" Writer CBS/CBSP
"Jacob's Ladder" Writer CBS/CBSP 1996
"Random Acts" Writer CBS/CBSP 1996
"The Homecoming, Part 1" Writer CBS/CBSP 1996
"Amazing Grace, Part 1" Writer CBS/CBSP 1997
"My Dinner With Andrew" Writer CBS/CBSP 1997
"The Spirit of Liberty Moon" Writer CBS/CBSP 1998
"What Are Friends For" Writer CBS/CBSP 1998
"Beautiful Dreamer" Writer CBS/CBSP 1998
"Psalm 151" Writer CBS/CBSP 1998
"Family Business" Writer CBS/CBSP 1999
"Black Like Monica" Writer CBS/CBSP
"Such a Time as This" Writer CBS/CBSP 1999
"The Compass" Writer CBS/CBSP 1999
"Millennium" Writer CBS/CBSP 2000
"Mother’s Day" Writer CBS/CBSP 2000
"The Face on the Bar Room Floor" Writer CBS/CBSP 2000
"The Empty Chair" Writer CBS/CBSP 2000
"The Sign of the Dove" Writer CBS/CBSP 2001
"Netherlands" Writer CBS/CBSP 2001
"Shallow Water, Part 1" Writer CBS/CBSP 2001
"Shallow Water, Part 2" Writer CBS/CBSP 2001
"Holy of Holies" Writer CBS/CBSP 2001
"The Last Chapter" Writer CBS/CBSP 2002
"A Winter Carol" Writer CBS/CBSP 2001
"For All the Tea in China" Writer CBS/CBSP 2002
"A Rock and a Hard Place" Writer CBS/CBSP 2002
"As It is in Heaven" Writer CBS/CBSP 2003
"At the End of the Aisle" Writer CBS/CBSP
"I Will Walk with You, Part 1" Writer CBS/CBSP 2003
"I Will Walk with You, Part 2" Writer CBS/CBSP 2003
Promised Land Creator/Executive Producer CBS/Paramount 1996–1999
Pilot Episode Writer CBS/Paramount
"Leap of Faith, Part 2" Writer CBS/Paramount
"Amazing Grace" Writer CBS/Paramount
Under One Roof Co-Executive Producer CBS 1994
Jack's Place Supervising Producer ABC/ABCP 1992–1993
"An Affair to Vaguely Remember" Writer ABC/ABCP 1993
"Play It Again, Jack" Writer ABC/ABCP 1993
"The Pipes Are Calling" Writer ABC/ABCP 1993
"The Hands of Time" Writer ABC/ABCP 1993
Secret Adventures:Snap Writer Taweel-Loos 1993
McGee and Me! Writer Taweel-Loos 1991–1992
"In the Nick of Time" Writer Taweel-Loos
Fish Police Supervising Producer CBS 1991
The Family Man Supervising Producer CBS 1990–1991
"Making Babies" Writer CBS 1990
"My Little Runaway" Writer CBS 1991
"Jack and Jill, Part 1" Writer CBS 1991
Living Dolls Supervising Producer ABC 1989–1990
"The Flash is Always Greener" Writer ABC
"Guess Who’s Not Coming To Dinner" Writer ABC
Raising Miranda Producer CBS/GTG 1988–1989
The Facts of Life Story Editor NBC/Columbia 1985–1988
"Concentration" Writer NBC/Columbia 1986
"Another Room" Writer NBC/Columbia 1986
"Off-Broadway Baby" Writer NBC/Columbia 1986
"A Star Is Torn" Writer NBC/Columbia 1987
"This is Only A Test" Writer NBC/Columbia 1987
"Down And Out In Malibu, Part 1" Writer NBC/Columbia 1987
"Less Than Perfect" Writer NBC/Columbia 1988
"Big Apple Blues" (pilot spin-off) Writer NBC/Columbia 1988

Television specials

Name Title Network Year
True Stories from Touched By An Angel Executive Producer CBS 1998
More True Stories Touched By An Angel Executive Producer CBS 1998
Disneyland's 30th Anniversary Special Writer NBC/Disney 1985
The Homemade Comedy Special Writer NBC 1985

Television pilots

Name Title Network Year(s)
Untitled Martha Williamson Project Executive Producer, Writer CBS/Paramount 2006–2007
Untitled Hawaii Project Executive Producer, Writer CBS/Paramount 2003–2004
Just Desserts Executive Producer, Writer CBS/CBSP 1994
The Promised Land/The 'Hood Executive Producer, Writer CBS/CBSP 1993


Title Publisher Date Published
In the Words of Angels Fireside 2000
Inviting God to Your Wedding Harmony 2000
When Angels Speak Fireside 1997
True Stories of Touched By An Angel Zondervan 1997
Raging Hormones Doubleday 1990


Soundtrack Title Title Label Year
Touched by an Angel: The Album Executive Producer Sony Music 1998
Touched by an Angel: Christmas Album Executive Producer Sony Music 1999


Award Date
President's Council on Service and Civic Participation 2003
Steve Allen Award for Entertainment Excellence 2001
NAACP Image Award 2000
Salvation Army Awards 1999
Good Samaritan Institute Award 1999
Governor’s Award of Excellence 1999
Family Program Award 1999
Imagen Awards 1999
Golden Globes – 2 nominations 1999
Gabriel Award 1998
Voices of Hope Award from Herbert G. Birch 1998
Hollywood Impact Award 1998
Induction of Touched by an Angel into Museum of TV and Radio 1998
Gabriel Award 1998
Epiphany Prize (The Templeton Foundation) 1997
Christopher Award 1997
Edward R. Murrow Responsibility in Television 1997
H.E.L.P Group Spirit of Hope Award 1997
Freedom Works Award from United States Congress 1997
Emmy Awards (A.T.A.S) – 5 nominations 1997
Johnson & Johnson Safe Kids Award 1997
Daughters of the American Revolution Award 1997
Producers’ Guild of America Nova Award 1997
Gabriel Award 1996
Catholics in Media Associates Award 1996
Anti Defamation League’s Deborah Award 1996
Covenant Awards 1996
Excellence in Media Awards 1995
Swiss American Faith and Values Award 1995

Appearances as herself

Show Date
60 Minutes 1997
Larry King Live (multiple) 2006
The Oprah Winfrey Show 1997
CBS Today Show 2000
The 700 Club 2000
FOX News 1999
The Late Late Show with Tom Snyder 2000
Entertainment Tonight and Access Hollywood Multiple appearances between 1996–2003


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