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Martinique Championnat National

Martinique Championnat National
2014–15 Martinique Championnat National
Relegation To
Martinique Promotion d'Honneur
Number of Teams
International Qualification
CFU Club Championship
Current Champions (2014/15)
Golden Lion

Martinique Championnat National is the top association football league in Martinique.

It was created in 1919 and is headed by the Ligue de Football de Martinique. 14 Teams participate in this league. Despite being a league competition in CONCACAF since 2002 any of the Martinique teams ever played in CFU Club Championship or CONCACAF Champions' Cup. The last 4 placed teams are relegated to the Martinique Promotion d'Honneur.


  • Martinique Championnat National - 2014/15 1
    • Relegated in 2013/14 1.1
    • Relegated in 2012/13 1.2
    • Relegated in 2011/12 1.3
    • Relegated in 2010/11 1.4
    • Relegated in 2009/10 1.5
    • Relegated in 2008/09 1.6
  • Previous winners 2
  • Performance By Club 3
  • Top scorers 4
  • References 5

Martinique Championnat National - 2014/15

Relegated in 2013/14

Relegated in 2012/13

Relegated in 2011/12

Relegated in 2010/11

Relegated in 2009/10

Relegated in 2008/09

Previous winners


Performance By Club

Club City Titles Last Title
Club Colonial Fort-de-France 19 2011
Golden Star Fort-de-France 16 1986
Club Franciscain Le François 16 2014
Assaut Saint-Pierre 5 1973
Gauloise La Trinité 5 1980
RC Rivière-Pilote Rivière-Pilote 5 2012
Aiglon du Lamentin Le Lamentin 4 1998
Intrépide Fort-de-France 3 1933
Renaissance Sainte Anne 3 1979
Stade Spiritain Saint Esprit 3 1961
Excelsior Schoelcher 2 1989
Aigle Sportif Fort-de-France 2 1947
Good Luck Fort-de-France 2 1957
US Marinoise Le Marin 2 1995
Samaritaine Sainte-Marie 2 1981
CS Vauclinois Le Vauclin 2 1974
Eclair Rivière Salée 1 1969
Olympique du Marin Le Marin 1 1985
US Robert Le Robert 1 1993
Golden Lion Saint-Joseph 1 2015

Top scorers

Year Best scorers Team Goals
1991/92 Eric Jean-Louis Aiglon du Lamentin 16
2005/06 Patrick Louis Samaritaine 25
2007/08 Patrick Louis Samaritaine 18
2008/09 Patrick Louis
Léonel Palméro
Club Franciscain


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