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Massachusetts House of Representatives elections, 2008

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Title: Massachusetts House of Representatives elections, 2008  
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Subject: List of elections in Massachusetts, Massachusetts general election, 1960, Massachusetts general election, 1962, Massachusetts general election, 1964, Massachusetts general election, 1966
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Massachusetts House of Representatives elections, 2008

The 2008 Massachusetts House of Representatives elections were held on November 4, 2008, the same date as the 2008 Massachusetts Senate election as well as Federal and Congressional elections. The term of Representatives elected is two years, January 2009 until January 2011.[1]

Contests in 2008

District Incumbent Competing candidates Result
  2nd Barnstable Demetrius Atsalis (Dem) Demetrius Atsalis (Dem)
Carl Yingling (Ind)
12,345 (68%)
5,901 (32%)
  3rd Barnstable Matthew Patrick (Dem) Matthew Patrick (Dem)
Carey Murphy (Ind)
12,863 (60%)
8,735 (40%)
  4th Barnstable Sarah Peake (Dem) Sarah Peake (Dem)
Donald Howell (Rep)
17,788 (68%)
8,419 (32%)
  5th Barnstable Jeffrey Perry (Rep) Jeffrey Perry (Rep)
Glenn Pare (Dem)
14,759 (69%)
6,776 (31%)
  Barnstable, Dukes & Nantucket Eric Turkington (Dem) Timothy Madden (Ind)
Daniel Larkosh (Dem)
Melissa Freitag (Unr)
Jacob Ferreira (Ind)
9,530 (41%)
7,507 (32%)
3,398 (14%)
3,008 (13%)
  1st Bristol Jay Barrows (Rep) Jay Barrows (Rep)
Devin Romanul (Dem)
11,316 (61%)
7,162 (39%)
  2nd Bristol John Lepper (Rep) Bill Bowles (Dem)
George T. Ross (Rep)
8,728 (54%)
7,439 (46%)
  7th Bristol Kevin Aguiar (Dem) Kevin Aguiar (Dem)
CJ Ferry (Rep)
9,148 (81%)
2,189 (19%)
  4th Essex Bradford Hill (Rep) Bradford Hill (Rep)
Donald Bumiller (Dem)
15,752 (71%)
6,365 (29%)
  8th Essex Lori Ehrlich (Dem) Lori Ehrlich (Dem)
John Blaisdell (Rep)
14,049 (68%)
6,706 (32%)
  15th Essex Linda Dean Campbell (Dem) Linda Dean Campbell (Dem)
Joseph Leone (Ind)
11,812 (70%)
5,016 (30%)
  18th Essex Barbara L'Italien (Dem) Barbara L'Italien (Dem)
Lawrence Brennan
11,952 (59%)
8,261 (41%)
  2nd Franklin Christopher Donelan (Dem) Christopher Donelan (Dem)
Robert Parks
13,914 (79%)
3,682 (21%)
  2nd Hampden Mary S. Rogeness (Rep) Brian Ashe (Dem)
William Scibelli (Rep)
12,069 (54%)
10,104 (46%)
  3rd Hampden Rosemary Sandlin (Dem) Rosemary Sandlin (Dem)
Nicholas Boldyga (Ind)
10,243 (52%)
9,457 (48%)
  4th Hampden Donald Humason (Rep) Donald Humason (Rep)
Brian Hoose (Dem)
11,482 (69%)
5,071 (31%)
  10th Hampden Cheryl Coakley-Rivera (Dem) Cheryl Coakley-Rivera (Dem)
George Vazquez (Rep)
6,733 (85%)
1,165 (15%)
  1st Middlesex Robert Hargraves (Rep) Robert Hargraves (Rep)
Virginia Wood (Dem)
Zachary Saboliauskas (Ind)
11,462 (53%)
8,797 (41%)
1,224 (6%)
  2nd Middlesex Geoffrey D. Hall (Dem) James Arciero (Dem)
Paul Avella (Rep)
12,072 (53%)
10,639 (47%)
  3rd Middlesex Patricia Walrath (Dem) Kate Hogan (Dem)
Sonny Parente (Rep)
David Goulding (Ind)
10,156 (48%)
9,281 (44%)
1,896 (9%)
  4th Middlesex Stephen LeDuc (Dem) Danielle Gregoire (Dem)
Arthur Vigeant (Rep)
Joseph Valianti (Ind)
9,031 (48%)
8,286 (44%)
1,480 (8%)
  8th Middlesex Paul Loscocco (Rep) Carolyn Dykema (Dem)
Dan Haley (Rep)
11,647 (52%)
10,756 (48%)
  13th Middlesex Thomas Conroy (Dem) Thomas Conroy (Dem)
Susan Pope (Rep)
12,126 (59%)
8,485 (41%)
  14th Middlesex Cory Atkins (Dem) Cory Atkins (Dem)
Richard McClure (Ind)
13,793 (65%)
7,285 (35%)
  18th Middlesex Kevin Murphy (Dem) Kevin Murphy (Dem)
Kenneth Patrician (Unr)
6,590 (84%)
1,288 (16%)
  20th Middlesex Bradley Jones, Jr. (Rep) Bradley Jones, Jr. (Rep)
Claire Paradiso (Dem)
16,388 (71%)
6,595 (29%)
  22nd Middlesex William Greene, Jr. (Dem) William Greene, Jr. (Dem)
Anthony Lucacio (Rep)
11,821 (65%)
6,491 (35%)
  31st Middlesex Paul C. Casey (Dem) Jason Lewis (Dem)
Brian O'Connor (Rep)
Chad Riley (Ind)
10,825 (52%)
5,131 (24%)
5,048 (24%)
  37th Middlesex James B. Eldridge (Dem) Jennifer Benson (Dem)
Kurt Hayes (Rep)
11,681 (56%)
9,257 (44%)
  4th Norfolk James Murphy (Dem) James Murphy (Dem)
Robert Thomas (GOP)
13,356 (75%)
4,556 (25%)
  5th Norfolk Joseph R. Driscoll (Dem) Joseph R. Driscoll (Dem)
Richard Moran (Unr)
15,271 (79%)
3,944 (21%)
  9th Norfolk Richard Ross (Rep) Richard Ross (Rep)
Thomas Roache (Ind)
12,681 (61%)
7,969 (39%)
  1st Plymouth Vinny deMacedo (Rep) Vinny deMacedo (Rep)
Jay Ferguson (Dem)
14,757 (68%)
7,101 (32%)
  4th Plymouth Frank M. Hynes (Dem) James Cantwell (Dem)
John Valianti (Ind)
13,951 (62%)
8,651 (38%)
  9th Plymouth Thomas P. Kennedy (Dem) Michael Brady (Dem)
Lawrence Novak (Rep)
10,794 (84%)
2,097 (16%)
  2nd Worcester Robert Rice (Dem) Robert Rice (Dem)
Carolyn Kamuda (Unr)
9,665 (56%)
  4th Worcester Jennifer Flanagan (Dem) Dennis Rosa (Dem)
Claire Freda (Unr)
9,665 (56%)
7,465 (44%)
  5th Worcester Anne Gobi (Dem) Anne Gobi (Dem)
Stephen Comtois (Rep)
13,639 (71%)
5,672 (29%)
  6th Worcester Geraldo Alicea (Dem) Geraldo Alicea (Dem)
Ronald Chernisky (Rep)
11,040 (60%)
7,216 (40%)
  7th Worcester Paul Frost (Rep) Paul Frost (Rep)
Daniel Carpenter (Dem)
12,608 (65%)
6,671 (35%)
  8th Worcester Paul Kujawski (Dem) Paul Kujawski (Dem)
Kevin Kuros (Rep)
9,806 (53%)
8,576 (47%)
  16th Worcester John Fresolo (Dem) John Fresolo (Dem)
Mathew Taylor (Ind)
7,347 (69%)
3,307 (31%)


  1. ^ Constitution of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, Article LXXXII.

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