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Matilda of Brunswick-Lüneburg


Matilda of Brunswick-Lüneburg

Matilda of Brunswick-Lüneburg (Polish: Matylda Brunszwicka-Lüneburga, German: Mechthild von Braunschweig-Lüneburg) (1276 – 26 April 1318) was a German princess and member of the House of Welf. By birth, she was a duchess of Brunswick-Lüneburg and by marriage Duchess of Glogów, Ścinawa, etc.

She was the seventh child and only daughter of Albert I, Duke of Brunswick-Lüneburg by his second wife Alessina, daughter of Margrave Boniface II of Montferrat.


In March 1291 Matilda married Duke Henry III of Glogów. With this union, Henry III gained an important ally in his fight against Henry V the Fat, Duke of Legnica.

During her marriage, Matilda gave birth to nine children, five sons and four daughters. After Henry III's death in 1309, and despite the fact that her eldest son Henry IV the Faithful was of legal age to rule by himself, Matilda became the regent of her late husband's Duchies (except Glogów, which was given to her by Henry III in his will as her Oprawa wdowia) until 1312.


  1. Henry IV the Faithful (b. ca. 1292 – d. 22 January 1342).
  2. Konrad I (b. ca. 1294 – d. 22 December 1366).
  3. Bolesław (b. ca. 1295 – d. bef. 23 April 1321).
  4. Agnes (b. ca. 1296 – d. 25 December 1361), married firstly on 18 May 1309 to Otto III, Duke of Bavaria and secondly in 1329 to Alram, Count of Hals.
  5. Salome (b. ca. 1297 – d. bef. 9 December 1309).
  6. Jan (b. ca. 1298 – d. by 19 May 1365).
  7. Katharina (b. ca. 1300 – d. 5 December 1323/26), married firstly bef. 24 March 1317 to John V, Margrave of Brandenburg-Salzwedel and secondly by 27 January 1319 to John III, Count of Holstein-Plön.
  8. Przemko II (b. ca. 1305 – d. 11 January 1331).
  9. Hedwig (b. ca. 1308 – d. bef. December 1309).

On her death, Glogów was inherited by her sons Henry IV and Przemko II as co-rulers until 1321, when they divided their domains and Przemko II retained Glogów as sole ruler.



  • Genealogical database by Herbert Stoyan
Matilda of Brunswick-Lüneburg
Born: 1276 Died: 26 April 1318
Preceded by
Henry III
Duchess of Glogów
Oprawa wdowia

Succeeded by
Henry IV the Faithful
and Przemko II
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