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Memorial Gates (University of Saskatchewan)

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Title: Memorial Gates (University of Saskatchewan)  
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Subject: University of Saskatchewan, University of Saskatchewan Physical Activity Complex, Museum of Antiquities (Saskatoon), Lutheran Theological Seminary, Saskatoon, Peter MacKinnon Building
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Memorial Gates (University of Saskatchewan)

Memorial Gates
University of Saskatchewan
U of S Memorial Gates
For World War I
nearĀ Saskatoon
Burials by nation
U of S Memorial Gates Saskatoon
FallenU of S Memorial Gates Saskatoon
Listing of those who gave their lives in the great war U of S Memorial Gates Saskatoon
U of SListing of those who gave their lives in the great war Memorial Gates Saskatoon
U of S Erection date Memorial Gates Saskatoon
U of SListing of those who gave their lives in the great war Memorial Gates Saskatoon

Memorial Gates are a military memorial which are part of the University of Saskatchewan, City of Saskatoon, Saskatchewan. These Gates were first planned as the entrance gates to the University Campus. Due to expansion, and high traffic flow, they now serve as a westerly pedestrian entrance closer to the Royal University Hospital portion of the University Campus.

Memorial Gates

University of Saskatchewan

Listing of those alumni who gave their lives in the Great War

These are they who went forth from this University to the Great War 1914-1918 and gave their lives that we might live in freedom

Hugh Carter Allingham William Mansell Codling
Renwick William Anderson John Stewart Cowan
Reginald John Bateman James Douglas cumming
Charles McVicar Boyne John Kenneth Dawson
Harold John Blair M.C. Reginald James Dillan
Charles Bremner William Drysdale
James Brydon Henry Egar
Frederick Burd Lorne Burton Elliott
Thomas Caldwell Wilfred John Evans
Gordon Mortimer Channell John Pisher
Ernest R. Gilmer Perry Dennington Kisbey
James Donald Graham M.M. Reginald A. Lovers M.M.
Robert Carlion Grant Shuli Gudbrandur Lindal
Arthur Gordon Gruchy Arthur Stephen K. Lloyd
Cyril N. Harrington Clifford McConnell
James Gordon Hill Robert Peveral McClordick
Lawrence Homer Louis James McCuien
Grenville Carson Hopkins Michael Allan McMillan
Willis George Hunt J. Ross McPherson D.S.O.
William Yrides Hunter Auned Yuil Mathews
Franklin Mager Keffer Enoch Andrew Mitchell
James Shirley Heathcote
John James Moore Ronald Charles Spence
Fred Nesbitt Arthur George Slarkings
Joseph Lees Nicholls George Swift
Angus Nicholson Robert Sifton Turriff
George Irving Paterson Wellesley Wesley-Long
Arthur Edward Parlett Edward West
Elwyn Robert Reid Frank West
Thomas Ritchie Walter Ray Whittingham
Robert Rensay Paul P Wiklun
Roy E. Shuttleworth M.M. Geoffrey Wilson
Hugh A. Silcox Wilfrid Grant Wilson
  • Ypres
  • Somme
  • Vimy
  • Paschendale

Erection Date

Memorial Gates erected 1927 a.d.


The ashes of Frederick W. A. G. Haultain were scattered at the gates.


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This article uses the primary source images as documentation for this article. The memorial gates etch the University of Saskatchewan alumni who have fallen in the great war into the stone work. Click on an image for more detail.


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